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Blood tests ???

Hi all hope this finds you having a good !

My bloods keep coming back all ok with is grate but I've got arthritis am got the MRI an Xray to prove it . But its not showing up also the rumie said hes more than certain that ive got B12 dafishancy because of all the cramp an pins an needles i get plus other things.

But yet again came back clear .

Their are all being dun at my GP 's has anyone ells had this when trying to get all diagnoses sorted an treated ?

Kugagirl xx

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Hi Kuga,

Osteo- arthritis may not show up in a blood test, tho' rheumatoid arthritis usually does. Sometimes in the early stages the blood results come back clear, even with RA.

I can't explain the B12 deficiency not showing up - that's usually very noticeable!

Maybe you could get some more bloods done? They do so many thousands of tests each week, that it would be surprising if an occasional result didn't get mixed up.


It might be helpful to get the actual results. Different hospitals can actually have different "acceptable" levels, plus if your levels are borderline or good but worsening, they may still tell you they are "fine".

It is not uncommon for inflammatory conditions to not show up in all blood tests early on. For some people this continues for a long-term - this is then called "sero-negative ..."


Hello Kugagirl

A while ago my results for B12 came back and the GP said they were borderline low therefore no need to treat as per protocol. I informed FMS clinic London of the results and they said because I was symptomatic I should have B12 tablets as a treatment.

I wonder what your levels are and maybe you should mention the levels to the Rheumatologist he/she may or may not advise treatment depending on your individual situation.

Best Wishes



Thanks for all the advice !

ladymoth : I've had Arthritis since i was 10 just wasn't treated my mom always said you'll grow out of it lol so i was never told what kind i had or anything my GP says well it doesn't matter what kind all we can do is painkillers he's not very helpful .

Lindseymid : that might b me then i was told i had to b in a flare to show up but can never get in GP when i have one as once a month he disappears on holiday or wherever he goes an you can Guarantee its when i have a flare ive tride changing Gp but all the good ones r full with waiting lists around were i live . But it might just b it wont show up ever then

Mdaisy : i haven't got a follow up appointment with the Rheumatologist i finely saw him in january this year for 6 min he said ye you have probably got fibro ill refer you to the pain clinic then he hasn't . I found out he rights to your GP asking him to an my GP keeps saying hes not getting anything from them . Well som thing he does some things he doesn't I've spent this week chasing it only to get his Secretary to fax it through in 10 minutes gggrrrr i saw min in jan ??an for insoles witch I've had the appointment come through for.

I have bloods dun at GP so ill ask the Receptionist if she can give me a copy or see what it says because the more i read about this condition the more i think its linked to B12 Deficiency .

Thanks every one for explaining a bit more my Gp just looks at me like well you have fibro go away an deal with it . Not that hes told me what that is without this sight id still b in the dark an I'm still learning new stuff every day so really thanks , im learning to navigate it a bit beter on my phone to so thats good i can see more blogs an stuf ,

Kugagirl xx


Hello Kugagirl,

If you get a chance to take a look there is lots of helpful information on Fibro, it's treatments etc on the FibroAction website and an excellent Expert Patient range which may be of help to you also.

Here are the links;

and of course you can continue to post your blogs & questions on here and we will answer to the best of our ability or post a link to where you can find the advice you need.

All the best



Thank you ill look x


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