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Went to the dentist this morning for appointment with hygienist and for a check up which revealed a chipped tooth ( filling to be redone ) . The dentist also mentioned that the right bottom teeth are being worn down quite considerably and that this will have to be addressed. This is due to TMJ , a problem I have been aware of and have had for years. Often I wake up in the morning with face ache, tooth ache and head ache . It could be causing my tinnitus . She said she could make a tooth guard for me or that I could be referred to a private clinic in the next county along from me ( I live in Dorset ) or I could be referred to my local hospital to see an NHS consultant who deals with this sort of problem . My dentist is private but I don't contribute to any sort of scheme , it is a sort of pay as you go and hope for the best strategy that has served me OK so far !I have been unemployed for a long time so finances are tight. Trouble is, when I had orthodontic treatment as a child and wore any kind of night appliance this would get taken out in my sleep and end up somewhere in the bed. Basically , anybody out there who can give me some advice please ? Have tooth guards worked well for any of you ? I have until Monday of next week to decide and discuss my options further when this filling is done. Thanking you in advance.

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  • Hi,I have same problem but my nhs dentist won't touch these unless to replace fillings ect .I had to beg for a false tooth as it was classed as cosmetic yet near front?I had top and bottom guards when young but like you they always wound up far away from me in the night.i NOW JUST GRIND AND BEAR IT LOL X

  • Hello

    My daughter had the same problem, earache and jaw ache. She now wears a special brace at night that keeps her teeth slightly apart. It actually has to be clicked into place up into her mouth and so wouldn't be easy to get out in the night unlike a shield. I might work.

    Piggie hugs xxxx

  • Morning following being in Traction for a neck injury I ground my teeth mercilessly. About 6 years later I had gum sheils made to try and prevent any further damage.- Brilliant it stops head aches and face pain. Wore them for about 4 years and then I was abroad and something funny happened and I laughed so much I put my jaw out result I have never needed them since. So if they think you will be helped go for it - it is only strange for first week and then it becomes natural- I do not grind any more.

    Good luck I wish I could remember what was so funny xgins

  • My dentist sorted out my mouth guard and it was ready in a week on the NHS.

    I was previously told by another dentist that I could go to a local hospital which would have been a hassle to go to, so I'm glad I changed dentists.

  • Thanks everyone for your advice, suggestions and anecdotes ! Hope everyone here is having a reasonably good day, best wishes to you all , Frances.

  • I clamp down on my jaws, and have just been diagnosed with TMJ on friday. My doctor agrees with the diagnosis. Its not always down to anxiety or stress, as in my case its severe pain, prolonged pain. I have been offered a referral to a hospital, not sure if I shoud take it,m will have a guard made and if that doesnt ease the problem then I will go to hospital.

  • Yes I clamp down with my teeth as well and even find myself doing it during the day time ! Not sure if it is stress related or not . I expect some of it is. I do not get popping when I open my mouth and shut it again ( the dentist checked that yesterday ) but my jaws did ache a bit afterwards and when I am having work done on my teeth it is an effort to keep my mouth open wide for any length of time.

  • I chew even harder when wearing a guard. I chewed right through a soft one in a couple of weeks and can't tolerate the harder ones so just have to put up with it. A previous dentist put a gold crown on one tooth I broke, current dentist said he'd never seen anyone grind a gold crown down as far as I had, then a few months ago I managed to snap the gold crown off altogether along with part of the tooth.

    I think that if you can find a suitable guard you should give it a try as it'll save a lot of damage. Good Luck.

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