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Been on ESA for over a year,to find out that I hadn't been referred to assessment team,but cut a long story short I've filled out sent back I have fibro arthritis and celerbellar ataxia read a lot of story's on fb I have widespread pain also shakes of my head legs hands basiclly my whole body now scared they going to stop my money by reading the story's on fb about pip ESA

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I was on ESA for over a year and have not been assessed so I rang them and I have had a paper assessment until 2017 they had enough information on my application form

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Hello and sorry I cannot help with your question as I had my benefits sorted out years ago...but have you tried contacting our Benefits Advisor who may I am sure give you some useful information....Good Luck x


Hi chris69 I have been on contribution esa for 11 months now I got letter 3 weeks ago calling me into job centre which I did the ladies who was very nice told me my money runs out in Nov she then said as long as is sent esa50 off I'd be OK I explained I had no esa50, which now left me with 6 weeks to get form fill it in send it off and wait for medical she said oh well they've had back log 2 days later I received esa50 and letter to say stopping my money in Nov (what back log) so I'm now waiting for a appointment medical and to see if I will get esa again they say your on esa for 12 months after 13 weeks you'll be assessed but it's anywhere between 13 weeks and a year fingers crossed it goes OK for both of us ☺

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It's really stressful waiting when I've been over looked what the woman said on the phone and couldn't give me a reason why😡 But my daughter called assessment team they told her my esa50 now in the hands of medical people so now a waiting game


Hi chris69

I am so genuinely sorry that you are so worried about this and I have pasted you a link about exemptions from work form the Child Action Poverty website. It is quite a read though:


I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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