ESA the two groups...and the truth you need to know

don't know if you all know as i've come in half way through the conversation..... it's all well and good passing the esa medical but don't think all is well.... you have to be in the esa support group or there is big trouble ahead... going into the esa workplace group only entitles you to the benifit for 365 days.... all well and good if thats the only income you have and your only worry is to do the medical again.... now if you get another kind of benefit or income besides DLA they take it off your esa.... and you could be left with nothing depending whats coming in... say a woman gets esa placed in the workplace group for 365 days and her partner works or gets income support or any other kind of pension your esa is wiped out..... you need to be in the esa support group... ring them up and find out cos normally you only have 30 days to appeal ... up to one year in special circumstances... so people not knowing the truth about this goverment scam are unaware until their money suddenly stops have lost the right to appeal as the one year appeals process has run out... so find out quick and if your not in esa support group ....appeal quick.... the goverment have deliberately set this underneath and complicated trap.... i hope you understand this ..and sorry if you all already are on about esa support group .. good luck to all... i stand to lose £120 a week which is a lot to me.... sorry if you all know about this goverment scam have copied this reply to a group earlier... but reading some posts a lot of people dont realise the sneaky truth of how this goverment cheated us all...

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  • I knew about this and it horrifies me . I know some people on here have been relieved to be given ESA in the WRAG group and I'm not sure they realise it's time limited and that if they have a partner who is working they will only receive it for a year .

    To expect a partner to keep you is a disgrace. This is 2012 not 1902 and it takes away the dignity of disabled people. If your partner is on a low income how the hell are they supposed to keep 2 people on it ?

    I'm up for ESA assessment in January and I will be pushing for the support group. My husband is self employed and on a low income. There is no way he could afford to feed us both and pay all the bills on his income alone , and that's without the extra costs of me being disabled.

    This government is a joke - except they are NOT funny .

  • i'm with you all the way Helen... it's bad enough them doing it but the way they have done it is a disgrace.... i wrote to Ann Begg and was just told they were outnumbered... oh great i thought.. i was paying £30 a week NI in 1992 when i had an industrial injury and coming out with £500 a week and have paid my dues but am really incapable of work as i have multiple illnesses and to top it all off is just about to be diagnosed with fibro... none of that lot at work and pensions has helped me a jot.. i found out by chance.. i have put my appeal in but even when i did that as i rung and asked for an appeal form they did thier best to put me off... no help whatsoever... i was on transitional protection but the sneaks got the top lawyers to draught this law in.... talk about being cheated.. i was always fair lawabiding but it makes you wonder.. through no fault of my own i've been sent into poverty.... i knew this goverment would take it out on the poor they always do... but what i want to know where are the campaigners who should be highlighting our plea... it's just a case of i'm alright Jack with them all.... those that passed it in the House of Lords.. the ones who are on £300 a DAY expences didn't think twice about us... i tell you i now understand why Guy Fawkes went through with what he did.... Regards and best wishes to you Helen.. i hope things work out for you......

  • I agree about the £300 a day in expenses or whatever the figure is they get as I have no idea at all....but how did you manage to get £500 a week in benefit ???

    if that was for Industrial injuries disablement benefit they that shouldn't be taking that into account for the purposes of contributory based ESA unless it was fir a set period only,

    I would love to have had £500 in bebefit just for one week, never have been able to earn that amount when i coukd work, my OH too. Aqplthough I disagree with the system as it is at the moment, I think it's very unfair at the way benefits are being distributed.

    sorry, I am not picking on you individually, but in my mind, one benefit one payment, why are there all these different rates . personally it's making it inequality amongst the disabled! I was a bit shocked to see you got £500. I too paid all my 'dues' but never got that amount and never will even though fibro is not my sole medical condition. maybe if we all throw ourselves off a cliff it would save paying out even more...

    im even struggling getting help from the mental health team.... they dont do home visits so if you cant get out and cant deal with phone calls because they are too stressful, the only way you get help is if you just tell them you are going to kill yourself. but being the stupid sensible person that i am i told them wouldnt know how to kill myself, but i fell like i no longer want to be alive.

    the system stinks and the only departments that are having money thrown at them are alcohol or drug abuse....... anyone fancy sharing my pills? sorry moan over xx

  • sorry i think you read it wrong and to be fair i never explained it correctly.. i was earning £500 in my hand a week after tax in 1992 working on a gas plant paying NI of £30 a week.. i had an industrial injury meaning i could not earn or carry on in my trade due to the accident which was the firms fault... so i now recieve industrial injuries benefit topped up with reduced earnings allowance.. now this benefit is my compensation of £136 a week.... because i can't work at my trade or any other work because of 40% dissability of my R arm and damage to both because i get that i will no longer be able to recieve esa after 365 days... ok i was getting £256 a week but that is my only income... i cant go out and do overtime and i'm only getting half of what i would have been earning in my job... and may i say i get no housing benefit or help with my council tax... i pay all my mortgage and council tax in point is how can they take my esa off me because my reduced earning allowance is compensation benefit because the injury took away my livelihood... i paid my £30 national insurance a week which should entitle me to them both.... if i was paying that much money in a private pension i would have been entitled to more...

  • Hi I have just list my appeal for esa my appeal took 12 months so now don't get any thing to live on only my industrial injuries benefit of £96 per wk ' hight care component dla £300 per month I have just put in 4 new claim for esa ' but by sounds of what I have read on here won't get anything ' I have had industry injuries benefit for around 30 yrs so will they still take it in to account when working esa out ???? At the mo I don't claim housing or council tax benefit & I'm single person living on my own in x partners house he has mortgage on this property so I have to pay him rent not sure if housing benefit will pay tho I 4 t the law said single pepole can have £350 per wk ????? Can anybody help me please sorry if it sounds all bit mixed up but not to good at explains things help needed Marie

  • I think Davlad meant he was earning £500 a week when he suffered an industrial injury and had to stop work fibro.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong Davlad.

  • your right thanks Helen...i replied back to explain it better...

  • I think this part of the welfare reforms is one of the cruellest . I fail to see why a disabled person who happens to be part of a couple should be discriminated against . This rule will take a lot of people off ESA altogether and save the government a lot of money , but at what human cost ?

    Why should a couple with only one person able to work be penalised in this way ? It's an outright disgrace.

    For the last 22 years I haven't paid N.I because I stayed home to care for my disabled son, when I could in theory have taken advantage of the help available and left him in respite care while I built my career. Now I'm being penalised for that . How is that fair ?? I've already saved the government a fortune by caring for a disabled person myself , now I'm to be punished for that .

    it makes my blood boil.

    My husband works long hours at his business but in this recession he makes very little profit , but apparently it will be the amount of hours he works rather than the money he earns which will determine what we can or can't claim. As well as this he has to care for me and my son and also cares part time ( along with his brother ) for his 84 year old dad. His quality of life is zilch , he has no time to himself at all.

    Thank you Mr Cameron .

  • its a bloody disgrace what there doing.. so sorry for that bad word.. but to be honest there is a worst word than that i would like to say x

    i would love to work.. have a normal life.. no money worries even with disablility allowance as i could prob earn more working,, my husband works long hours and take care of me.. good care i must admit... but it makes me so angry and very upset what there doing to people.. i will fight till i die... ( sounds good eh lol) i would prob cry lol.. anyway my dear friends.. lets keep fighting this... our illness is a unfair illness, not understood by others, but one day it will all come out how bad this illness is... please take care.. hugs.. diane x

  • They just get dirtier at every revelation. Where are our champion do gooders, nowhere in sight.

    I worked so hard like every fibro person I have met. Was just about to reap my rewards bu having a good wage and money to spend. Then ZAP fibro comes on top of all other problems I had managed to stay at work with. This shitty Gov was my employer and they sacked me for becoming disabled. Now they want me to work again. Will they give me my old job back?

    I was not aware of the 365 day benefit cap. Maybe they would like to set up the old workhouses for us with a care home attached. They could force us to work every day and would not have to pay as they were housing us. Nearly there Cameron...

  • My daughter worked as a domestic cleaner at the NHS hospital. Her regular duty was cleaning stairs which was playing havoc on her body. Eventually she was placed on sick for 2 months then was awarded ESA. Together with painkillers, she decided that she needed to work and told ESA that she was now working. ESA told her that she was still entitled to receive ESA because her total income was only £104 per week. She was not on any other benefits and struggled to pay her utilities council tax and rent. I had to help her each month with her rent out of my state pension. Eventually with help from CAB, the council is helping her with part of her rent. She needed to visit her dentist for a filling and told them that she was in receipt of ESA, the dentist never asked her which ESA and she didn't know that there were different types. She was then asked to attend a medical and they wrote to tell her that she was no longer entitled. Since she has received a bill for £20 for the dental treatment & a fine of £100 for making a false declaration.

  • thats what i mean... where are all the disability rights organisations?? i e-mailed Ann Begg the disabled MP who chairs the dissability rights organisation.... and the reply i got was the Conservatives and Liberals outnumbered them..... and voted it through... even our Queen signed the declaration passing it through as law.... she should have read it and threw it in the bin.... cos i tell you half the MPs out there don't even know about the 365 day cut off time limit... i asked for an appointment at my MPs surgery and he/his team didn't want to know.... he/they are more interested in saving bowling greens... i ask you???? blood boil i tell you... i give them via e-mail a piece of my mind and soon had a representative at my door apologising... saying if my appeal failed they would help.... he should flippin well help from the start.. thats why i voted for him !!!!... nobody is bothered about us... we have to fight... i urge you all to get your friends family yourself to bombard Ann Begg with your/our outrage at whats being done... what we need is someone who would take up the fight in our name.. surely there is a case for taking this to the European Court of Civil Rights.... i watched the Olympics with sheer dismay and upset knowing we are part of society paying for the rich to have thier good times while i have to be thrown into poverty through initially an industrial injury building Trident Submarines scant compensation for losing the use of my arm and hands which Duncan Smith now deems it fit to take away from me.... and now fibro...shocking isn't the word... i'm on Guy Fawkes side... he should have been sucsessful..... in the meantime go to Ann Beggs parliamentry page and e-mail her with your feeling of discontent.... i will always remember Duncan Smith just before addressing parliament with this bill camera full on him picking the fillet steak (subsidised i may add) from his teeth.... condeming the disabled of this country to a life of poverty.... i hate that man with a passion....can we fight shall we's up to us... who can get the ball rolling...

  • I so agree with everything said above and am about to be called for re assessment - one other thought for some of us it will also involve where we live - if we are living in sheltered housing on health grounds if DLA is withdrawn and you are given esa does that mean you are no longer entitled to live in a so called supported property for disabled?..... Thankfully I do not have that problem but out there among us all there is probably people who this could affect - hopefully I am wrong. Good luck to all - just feel totally unrepresented by the whole thing no one with any clout seems to want to do anything and take up the challenge!!!! SharonD.

  • I totally agree that what's been done by this government is a disgrace. I watched all the debates in parliament about it. Dame Ann Begg tried her hardest and The Lords House voted AGAINST the Welfare Bill. However, because it's all to do with finance, the Condems could ignore the Lords, and it went through.

    What people need to do is to bombard Ed Miliband. Ask him what Labour are going to about it, and does he care about the sick and disabled. Tell him your own story, and ask him to reply to you.

    Labour were starting the ESA fiasco before they got voted out, but would they have gone as far as the Condems have? I can't see it.

    So find Ed Miliband's email address, twitter name, or old fashioned snail mail. Do whatever it takes to get Labour to stand up and and tell everyone what's going on.

    Also, if your own MP and Councillor are Labour, let them know how you feel too.

    Don't worry about what to say or how to write it, as you've said it perfectly here. Speak from the heart.

  • i will do Tendo.... thank you..i tried with my own Labour MP and was ignored so i went for help to Age Concern...that still didn't stop me giving my MPs office a rollocking... for which i got a visit and apology...i think the point is this is a very hot political potato..but the conservatives had every opportunity to give a little leniency to people with recognised illnesses but the detail they have gone to in the way they have blocked all escape routes is beyond belief and proves they intentionally went out to hit everyone on incapacity... even to the point of changing the name so people could not claim transtional protection.... instead of weeding out the blaggers only as they said they would they've intentionally gone out to get us all.... genuine or not... and as i've said previously the house of lords can claim up to £300 a Day in allowances... as well as their monthly income..... were all ***ing against the wind i'm afraid unless we can somehow get some sort of european court of human rights ruling to overturn the inhuman law.... which only the Conservatives could take this far without lenience to the genuinely ill... and give £40,000 back to the typical millionaire in this country.. we certainly not all it this together.... i'm annoyed beyond belief.... take care all and fight back... we'll get nowhere talking amongst ourselves here in this forum we need a plan of action from somewhere... where are our civil rights i ask??

  • We have no civil rights . The Tories have whipped the country up into a frenzy against benefit cheats . It suits their purpose and that's what makes me so angry.

    I'm a member of quite a few groups on FB , including some that have journalists in them and they are lobbying hard. They print lots of information on Face Book and links to different newspapers.

    There are people out there fighting , but so many people just seem apathetic about it all.

    I write regularly to my MP ( he's a Tory ) , I get the occasional reply . He has to toe the party line but I know his personal feelings on the welfare reforms are that they are unfair to the majority of people. I've also written to Cameron direct and to Miliband but had no reply from either .

    However there is a journalist called Sonia Poulton who has written a letter to Miliband and it has thousands of signatures on it, asking what his parties take is on the reforms . She's in the process of arranging a meeting with him to hand over the petition and get some answers directly.

    it's hard when you're so fatigued , and feeling ill but we do need to fight and to stick together .

  • thanks Helen... i may well write to Sonia Poulton about my case which hopefully she may ask Miliband to address on my behalf... which i hope helps us all in some way... we all have our tale to tell... this lady sounds as though she has as much influance at this time as we can muster and its a start... i'll let you know how i go on....

  • Simply benefits were first to be attacked, then police, fire services, social services council community services, education & schools, Nursing bursaries, the NHS A&E's & closures to hospitals and the selling off to private health companies. A freeze on nurses, doctors & all other health workers pay for the last 6 years. resulting in doctors & senior nurses moving abroad. This government is simply trashing this country of everything. Yet the Tories get re-elected over & over again. --WHY?

  • The only way to avoid the 365 day cap is to be placed in the support group, and from what I've been told less than 20 % of disabled people are placed in the support group.

    The cap came into effect from April 2012 but I'm not sure if it will effect those who were in the WRAG group previous to this, or what date the cap will start from. The literature available on this is very confusing .

    Basically the Tory government want to stop long term sickness pay of any kind except for those that are totally paralysed or totally mentally incapacitated . Which means anyone suffering from a variable condition ( such as we do with Fibro ) will be expected to be capable of some type of work after 365 days.

    They have yet to explain where these jobs will come from, or what employer is going to employ someone who is only capable of working an hour a day or a day a week and may spend lots of time off sick because they are unable to work at all.

    SharonD , I don't think even they know the answers to your question. The were supposed to be simplifying things but in fact have made things so complicated that even the benefit office are struggling to get to grips with things.

    It's a shambles.

    The main points are though that if you are assessed and put into the WRAG group you will be entitled to ESA for 12 months , after 12 months if you're not entitled to non contributory ESA ( for instance if you have a partner who is working or has savings or other income , such as income support ) you will no longer be entitled to ESA. The only people who will continue to receive ESA with no time limit are those in the Support group.

    The future for disabled people looks very bleak .

  • Omg ! I'm so worried :0(( x

    I had to stop work @ the beginning of this month

    My Gp has signed me as unfit to work @ the moment which my consultants agree with x

    My problems are fibro and CFS x

    These were diagnosed about 18 months ago but I've been unwell for longer than that x

    I'm on tons of meds - just last week been commenced on morphine by my pain consultant x

    I struggle every day with every aspect of living :0(

    I've applied for contribution based EsA as well as DLA

    I have 2 young children and a mortage - my husband is self employed x

    This is all completely new to me and I'm so so worried about getting the help we need x

    What do I need to do ????? X

    Any help appreciated x many thanks x T x

  • well your in the right place as were all out to help each other... look for links that tell you ESA SUPPORT GROUP conditions you need to have to get into that group... there are quite a few about good luck to you... anything you need to know just ask.. someone will advise you on here x

  • can't seem to reply to te posts above where I wrote before, I apologise I misunderstood about the amounts. sorry xxxxx

  • no worries Fibro.... everything about this ESA lark seems to make everything complicated... like i said to Bumblebee if they want a fight they can have one i've put it all onto social services to assess me....take care and fight the good fight x

  • thanks x

    I have been on to social services today GP said it would be quicker to refer myself. don't know when but they are coming to assess me. if only all these departments spoke to each other life would be so much easier,

    also found out today I have to pay for the assessment report made by mental health department because i need to remember what i said on it. they didnt say it at the time:(

    take care and don't be like me... today was another I wished away and wished I weren't here any more.... don't worry I won't do anything silly, but they are making us worse xxx

  • yes i referred myself.... had the visit and assessment helped me with prescription for aides which were a great help but had 2 bad falls since so they are happy to come out again.... it gets us all down Fibro.. i go to bed at night and think..well there goes another day.. sad i know but as you say coping is a full time job as it is without Coco the Clown Duncan Smith making life unbearable.... never mind what comes round goes around... mark my words... bad luck shall haunt that man... xx

  • AAAARRRGGHHHHH, Im totally confused by all this and totally disgusted about the way we are being treated. We are the least likely people to be able to work and yet we are the biggest target.I agree with Helen,who is going to employ us fibromites? The illness is so unpredictable. I am in a predicament where I was shuffled from long term sick Income support (since 2005)that came via Incapacity benefit,onto ESA, then came the medical,which I didnt get enough points for,so I appealed,got 6 extra points but still 3 short.I was then bulldozed onto JSA because they stopped my ESA from the appeal date.I only went along with that because I need something to live on (I live alone). I am constantly being asked at the job centre "are you fit for work or to look for work?". If I say yes, I have to sign on fortnightly, attend interviews for jobs I wont get, attend courses, attend the jobcentre to see a personal adviser etc etc. If I say Im NOT fit, I lose my benefit. But Im not entitled to ESA either. My Dr signed me off for 2 months last week. How do I stand with that? (Throw my hands up in the air and look skyward.....). Where do I come in this grand sceme of nastyness and cruelty. I have had several suicidal thoughts and how the hell Im still here, I dont know.I didnt ask for this illness and disability, like all of you. I feel so helpless and hopeless. We DO need to fight but how do we go about it? THIS IS NOT ON CAMERON.

  • i'm sorry to hear your plight Bumblebee... first and foremost i would ring up social services and tell them of your plight....put the onus on them...dont be afraid to tell them how you feel.. let them deal with this rotten aftermath of what must be one of the cruelest laws ever passed by a British Goverment.. they should at least send you in the right direction .. you never know they may well help with your illness they have with me... your not on your own i felt suicidal for the first 24 hours after finding out what i'm likely to lose... the same ghastly feelings i had when i lost my Mother i didn't know what day it was for weeks...and was sick down to my bootstraps... i've never owed a penny in my life to anyone... and now my name will go on the debt blacklist through no fault of my own... these bigwigs who think these horrid rules up must be truly heartless... i hope voters never forget what they've done to us...i just wish someone knew how to organise a petition so we could get everyone to sign it... take care bumble and fight on... never give in...

  • I have read all your comments and am really disgusted on behalf of all of you, i was on incapacity benefit when my husband had a bike accident, I couldnt carry on with long term IB because he couldnt claim without me , it was complicated and frustrating, I lost my IB was at my wits end lost my dignity of being independent. Then someone explained to me how being self employed on tax credits works, being disabled you only work for yourself for 16 hours, so i set up my own little business i could do at home, started an ebay shop and applied for tax credits with my husband as a dependant, its worked for 3 years now, its not a fortune nothing is but it beats the worry of the interviews and medicals, and im only just on the bread line but im worry free as far as the job centre.

  • do you mean your disgusted with us soo19 ??

  • no not at all !! Im disgusted at the system, its awful that the goverment treat people like this, I may have inadvertantly found a way round it? I thought Id share it with you x x

  • i realised you meant with the system after i had sent the msg soo... sorry i questioned you....its terrible for folk with a mortgage....we are worried sick.. i've just had to remortgage my house then this.... when i seen office workers get tens of thousands of pounds for repetative sprain injury and i got a pittance for the near loss of my arm... and now i'm losing it because these MPs have gone out of their way to fiddle the system in the Goverments favour just as they did with their own expenses until we caught them out.... corruption is rife in Westminster is all i can say.... if only you could find a way soo... you'd be a very popular lady... and i for one would love it if you've found a way of putting a spanner in the works of the mighty goverment machine xx

  • if your not sure soo and you want to tell me in a private msg fire away and i'll let you know if i think your on to something.... or on here whichever way you want...

  • Well done soo, what a brave thing to do.I hope it ends up picking up into something great,you deserve that for your bravery and courage. GO GIRL !!!!!

  • I am currently off sick and receiving ESA (which was initially refused, as always, and am now appealing) but this runs out in November. I have seen in one of my letters about the support groups but they never give you any info about what a support group is and how to get into one!! Surprise surprise!! I have no idea what I am going to do come November if I am still off work as I don't think I will be entitled to any sort of benefits! I do have a partner but he doesn't live with me so I live on my own and own my property. I am totally stressing about how I am going to pay my bills and mortgage. I think I may have to be forced to go back to work in November but I just don't know how I will cope with that. I've worked since I was 15 years old (now 33), paid all my taxes etc and never asked the government for anything until now and I am getting well and truly shafted, like many others of you. Arrgghh!!!!

  • well you've hit the nail on the head LB... unlike any other benefit.. rather than help you they hinder you and try their best to withhold information which is beneficial to you...if you live on your own and have no other income and you get into the wrag esa group then your only worry is reapplying for it every 365 days.... on the same lines if you have other income coming in other than DLA or live with a partner who has any kind of income wether it be job earnings or benefits your wrag ESA stops for good after 365 days... there are a lot of people who dont know this... they will only find out when their money fails to be paid to them... so those in wrag ESA groups need to put an appeal in... normally you only have 30 days to do this but under special circumstances you have 365 days.... after that you haven't got a chance... this is why they are paying you in the wrag group for that amount of days hoping you miss the appeal time... they are cheating on us simple as that... your better off in the support ESA group LB as your partner and yourself may want to live together in the future... complicated i know... get to soon as you can... or there are websites that help... but not the goverment.. and your right.... doesn't matter how much you've paid into tax or NI over the years.... they are trying to cheat us all and i for one will never forgive Duncan Smith who doesn't give a toss what situation this cruel law leaves us in...i wish you well and good luck...

  • i had a sick board for esa as i have been on support group for 2 years since going on sick...well as time has gone on my illness has progressed aswell as having suffered from depression and anxiety from a young age ....i broke my knee dec 2009 and in feb 2010 they diagnosed me with rsd which they did not treat me early enough so have progressed to last stage ......well on day of sick board my friend came along with me and i saw a nurse from atos and she hardly asked many questions as she seen how much pain i was in then few days later i had a letter to say i was now being put in work related group......following day had another letter for job centre interview well not been in town for 10 years and was certainly not going now and the rsd i have is the whole of right leg upto hip and back which i take an enormous amount of tabs per day and always have someone with me out doors which is rare occasions as i prefer inside now as lots of people stare......i have put in appeal for reconsideration and await to hear back it is now almost 2 months and have no idea how long this will take.....does anybody know??? since the first interview which i did not attend they have now sent letter for another on 31st of aug and i am dreading this which is by the was a phone interview and i get nervous and panicky on phone about things.....any advice will help me thanks .......

  • hard to give any advice nic as were all in the same boat.... it is truly discusting what these horrid people are doing to the genuinely ill of this country.... surely it cant go on forever.. at best all i can do is advise you to get in touch with age uk, if your 50 or over C.A.B. or your local dissability rights unit if you have one most help and will attend any appeal if you get that far....... failing that i would get in touch with your MP...dont be afraid of them..they are there to help you... and lastly you can only say it as it is.... try not to worry.. easier said than done i know....i note your interview has gone by....i hope evereything went well...

  • Can anybody help me please I have had industrial injuries benefit 4 over 30 yrs I grt high rate care dla £300 per month my industrial injuries is 96 per wk no other benefits ie housing benefit council tax have to pay private rent how much am I supposed to get to live on per wk ???? I live in x partners house he has mortgage on property ,I have just sent off new claim for esa my apeal took 12 months so had 12 months of reduced earnings allowance lost appeal my doctor still giving me sick note can anybody help me of what will happen next will they not pay me esa because of my industrial injuries benefit sorry its all bit mixed up but not to good explains things help help help needed very much

  • This Government is not only cheating us but is committing offences of cruelty , treason ,and discrimination against the most vulnerable people in society. condemning the disabled people of this country to a life of poverty, physical and mental suffering Human rights are indivisible and are owned by the state to the people. This means public bodies must respect your human rights and the government must ensure there are laws in places so that other people respect your human rights too. example the right to life requires not only the actions of those working on behalf of the state do not lead to your death, but that laws are also in place to protect you from the actions of others that might want to do harm . Disabled people who have not been treated humanely in the provision of health care and other services. Access to justice and a right to a fair hearing are fundamental to the role of law. Brutal cuts to our legal aid system means the most vulnerable are hardest hit creating another underclass of people unable to access the law protection no matter how compelling their claim. THE BIG QUESTION WHAT CAN BE DONE? YES THIS NEEDS TO BE HEARD IN THE E. U. COURTS OF HUMAN RIGHTS . HOW CAN WE GET IT THERE? I CAN CONTACT A MEP SO PEOPLE I NEED AS MANY NAMES AS POSSIBLE FROM PEOPLE THAT ARE SUFFERING.I WILL TRY AND HELP ALL

  • hello davlad i have also have my money stopped will u email me please on i am interested in your knowlege thanx

  • I was only off ESA for 8 weeks now I have to start all over again I was in the support group and now have to have a medical as if depression isn't bad enough

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