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My contribution-based ESA Is due to run out in September I'm waiting for Tribunal date . Is it worth fighting if my Tribunal date doesn't come before September as my husband works.

I've been fighting this for 2 1/2 year The backpack PayPay on this Claim is a lot if I win . Will the tribunal let me win knowing my contribution-based Esa runs out September anyway ?

Thanks Kugagirll

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  • Hi I am on contribution based IB and have recently sent in my form for ESA (4 wks ag0) but not heard back yet as to whether I go for assessment or what. I am a bit confused about it all. You say yours runs out in Sept, I didn't know it ran out or at least the Incapacity Benefit didn't appear to. Also like you, my husband works and before that it has never been an issue so is it now taken into account since all the changes I am wondering? When it was IB it didn't take my husbands earnings into account so I am confused. I don't know about Tribunals etc as haven't got that far yet but if they refuse my claim I will appeal. I think the whole thing with Atos etc is a complete sham and think that you should probably fight for what is rightfully yours and not let them get away with keeping any money that they owe you. My uncle went to Tribunal a few years ago about his DLA and it took a long time but he did get all his money back and it was quite a bit so he done the right thing. I look forward to reading any comments about it all as like I said I am a bit confused by it all. Good luck though and if you do go through with it I really hope you win..


  • Hi ye they switched me from IB to ESA 2 years ago evan though id bean given it fof life the year before. Esa is ether Contribution-based or Income-based . When your tax Contribution runs out As mine does in September You swap to income based . Then depending on your income depends whether you get it or not. The minute They swapped me over they turned me down for ESA , So i have been fighting ever since then. Just need to know now if it's worth it if it running out in September because They owe me so much b ack pay if I win .

    Glad to hear about your uncle i always say fight for it u do t ask u dont get . The old IB never ran out thats why they changed it to ESA so they could put all new clauses in like this its not fair at all when we have paid taxes an cant get any help its disgusting xx

    Kugagirl ??

  • Thanks, but how do you know when your contributions run out then??


  • They right to u an let you know , i rang up to ask them how to apeal & the lady i spoke to tolde what i was on an when it would run out , then i got a letter earlyer this year saying it runs out september x kuga x

  • Regardless of when your tribunal is held you should still receive back-dated payments if successful. The tribunal decision is based on how you were affected by your illness or disability at the time of your WCA and not how you are now or if you or if you have had decision more than 365 days.

  • Thank's x

  • I was on ib for life before they changed me over to esa a year and a half ago. They sent me for an assessment after a few months and the person I saw said that the pain relief im on (pregabalin 150mg, tramadol 100mg and lidocaine patches) was only weak medication. I wrote an appeal letter and they then kept me on esa. I was sent for another assessment while waiting for tests for arthritis they awarded me the work capability side of esa as my fibro is very bad. It may take a while but its worth fighting for.

  • Thank's x

  • See, I can't remember if I've posted this on here before or not!!!!!!!! I am on contribution based ESA, which is due to run out in September. At my recent WRAG interview I asked the lady what would happen when this runs out and would I have to reapply. She checked her comp screen and said I was already on income based ESA! I told her that wasn't what my recent letter from DWP had said. So she made a phone call and found out that I am on contribution based ESA, topped up with income based, as I live alone, am disabled, and I live in a council house. I won't have to reapply for income based when contrib. based runs out!!

    Talk about fraying my little grey cells!!! :-0

  • Its a mine field isn't it x

  • Isn't it just?! XXX

  • I was swapped from contribution based ESA to income based ESA without a problem. There are a lot more benefits with income based (well there used to be) than on contribution based either way you have to fill in a new form every year. I find it is a good idea to keep a photocopy of the form so i that I don't get to confused or forget things I have also been moved from the work based to the support based ESA. I am disabled through FM and all its rotten effects and through C.O.P.D. I have a carer now and luckily she fills all my forms in for me.. hope ypur transition is painless! ! X

  • Thanks for info .im not as bad as u by know means , im actualy trying to go back to work as ive finely got som drugs to help with pain an sleep , only took 4 years ??ive changed my diet aswell my Back an legs are the worst ive got Fasciitis in my feet very painfull but ive bean given exercises an inersoles to help an they help when i can were them need new shoes as they dont fit all shoes ??. But as i say im not as bad as a lot of peoe on hear . The tiednes an mood thing gets me an not sleeping sries me to destraction but im geting used to the pain now like i did with my back an ive lernt to adapt . So it be good if i could win my ESA so i could get finashely strate living on fresh air is stresfull in itself & as ive bean horrendous for the last few years couldent evan walk or shower myself & now im feeling a little beter , i dont wont to put myself back by rushing id like to ease myself back ti work if possible with the right job for my condishen & me . So keeping it for a bit longer would help me eas into it xxkuga

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