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ATOS / ESA50 questionnaire

After failing my first medical, it was overturned (last year) on appeal without going to a tribunal. My health has since deteriorated and I wrote asking to be placed in the support group as apposed to the working group I was in. I have now completed and sent, with medical documents the ESA50 form to ATOS. My question is, will they automatically send me to a medical - or do they sometimes make a decision on medical reports and esa50 alone? I am becoming more and more anxious when going to sort these things out. Thanks, Tess

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hi Tess not an expert but I think you can expect a medical. Not always automatic but think it is nearly always for something like Fibro.

Easy to say but try not to get too stress as not good for you. Gentle hugs.


Hi tessintrouble

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I am not on these benefits so I do not really know the answer to your question. However, I have pasted you a link to the ATOS websites cache on ESA Claims, so you may be able to find the answer there?

I want to wish you all the best of luck with your claim, fingers crossed for you!

Ken x

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In the real world they should be able to make a decision from medical information received. However it rarely works like that they may use logic and make a decision or go though procedures which most probably mean they get paid for a meeting as well!

I have been told many times by DWP staff that I should be on DLA/PIP but they always throw my claim out. I have been told that at my present medical rate of decline without any major infections my prognosis is 6 to 9 years. Because of that I cannot use a dS1500 form which states that you may not have longer than 6 months to live! This is then reviewed every 3 years and a new form required after 9 years. ( how does that make any sense? )

I wish you well with your claim.

Be Well

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Hi hun, I can not praise the following web site enough. With their help I got my husband onto the support group esa with out the stress of him having to go for a medical. He has ptsd among other things.

Hope that helps x


Hi there,

there are times they will do it with you having to attend but this is few and far between. i know that it is easy to say dont stress about it if you have to go and attend take someone with you and request that the assessment be recorded. i did this and it can be invaluable. i am a member of a free site and they have laods of advice on what to do how to fill in forms etc., its called give it a look and they will support you and offer good advice. i used the site to fill in both my husbands and my own esa 50 and he is now in the support group and myself in WRAG but i am having mine reconsidered so fingers crossed.

kind regards



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