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What do you take for pain?


I'm taking amitriptyline and my doctor just gave me Tylenol arthritis. It's not working. What do you take for pain?

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I take a low dose amitriptyline and co-codamol, I have adverse reaction to many meds so rely on pacing, I am able to walk, slowly, with crutches so just keep as mobile as possible xx

I take cocodemol 30mg, which is quite good. X

Hi my friend,

For my pain I take Pregabalin, Nortriptyline, Nefopam and Cocodamol. I also use a TENS Machine and have a MediPen.

I am so genuinely sorry to read that your pain medication is not working for you, and it may help to discuss an antiflammatory with your doctor to ascertain if you are suitable to take such medication? As this would be much better for arthritis.

I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you


Hi I take Tramadol, slow release morphine MST and Oramorph for breakthrough pain. It's quite a lot but my body has a huge tolerence for most medicines. Just one Tramadol knocks my wife out!

You really need to go back and discuss this with your GP about the new rug not working. Some just don't for some people like Gabapentin for me.

Best wishes


New drug not rug! Sorry it's nearly six and I haven't slept! Lol

Thank you all For your responses. I hope you all get the pain relief your looking for

6 Targinact (opiate based slow release) 8 Tranadol (4 x2), doesnt cope with RA flares but keeps base pain at a bearable level but still unabld to sleep more than 3 hours absolute max twice a day from 03.0p to 06.00 then 15.00 to 18.00, if dose was any higher i would be too smashed to do anything and have terrible concentration anyway and if dose any less i an curled up in pain and unable to function anyway. Catch 22.

Interesting programme Drugs Free Doctor last night, he interviewed leading Specialists who admitted that most pain free drugs stopped working after a few weeks especially opiates, that is why people keep trying other types and the side effects were not good. It is a very difficult area and I know many find walking extremely painful but it was shown that exercise worked. One young woman was taking numerous drugs and was in terrible pain but after taking Martial Arts lessons with a well qualified leader she was almost cured. The same with knee pain, they took 100 people and made them walk regularly, it was found huge improvements were made to their knee joints. For those who find exercise intolerable it is most important to move as much as one can and maybe push oneself a little more, so keep trying and don't give up.

Yes I agree here, pills alone are not enough to relieve pain and agile..is it possible for you to find a swimming centre that has a Jacuzzi?try a soak and gentle reminder stretch in the warm bubbles then ask your g.p or rheumatologist to find you some hydrotherapy sessions..I.'ve never looked back since doing aquatic.

Thank you for the wonderful advice. I will do my best to keep active.

Hello looking4me,,,,as you have only just started on this pain med,,,give it a little bit of time to get fully into your system,,,,some types of pain relief do have specific ingredients and they seem to not work,,,if they have not helped after a bit longer then the gp can find something that will work better,,,,,ttfn from Karen.

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