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What do you do for fun?


Ok I,ll kick this off cos I,m not very mobile and due to arthritis creeping in I had to give up a lot of my hobbies... So I got really bored of reading or watching tv every day... Then my son introduced me to a game called Rockband it's available on the two main game consoles... Obviously I can't drum or play the guitar but I can sing in tune and I love singing so after my son showing me how to set it up I created an account and nervously ventured online.... Well it's been such a joy to me, through the microphone I can chat to people all over the world and when we play as a band I sometimes sing so I can be heard other times I use the option sing without being heard now I,m not a brilliant singer but I can hold a tune so have actually got a good friends list of people who ask me to join them when I log on and actually for a short while was number one in the world on vocals for one song... That gave me a real lift.. And I have nearly 300 songs in my library so no getting bored.

So fibro etc has taken a lot of things away but if we look we can find new things that make us feel good


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That's wonderful VG - I think it's a great philosophy that if something is taken away, you can look for something good to take its place. I wish I could sing, 'cos I'd join this, but I think I would crash the whole system!

As it is, I have had to content myself with being a member of HM Secret Service (double-oh- five and a quarter). Nobody notices a quiet old lady, so I can spy in peace.

It's a well-paid job - how else do you think I can afford all the gold-plated knickers!

Moffy x

Stares in disbelief ...... Quiet old lady..... I think not..... Fun bubbly flirtatious lady comes to mind as well as being devilishly clever ensnaring two men with the same name with your seductive charms..... And please wear two pairs of gold plated knickers at a time .... They will make you heavier and I won't feel so fat as your stunt double... As I am cheating to seem lighter and have spray painted my knickers gold

VG x

LOL - you are worth all the gold-plated knickers in the world, VG! x

Thats fantastic Vg, I bet u are rockin it out on ur sofa,

So VG - do you dare to reveal all.....? Or are you leaving us in suspenders?

I am of course, talking about the name of the song with which you reached global dominance!

Lol song title ... The funeral by band of horses..last time I checked I was still at no 2. I was no I very briefly also with a couple of green day songs... My music taste is very eclectic , country , rock , pop, I even do some metal ... How did you know I wear suspenders to sing?

VG x

Doh! i thought you would have guessed that! I got a top secret report from super-spy! (AKA Moffy)

what a great idea, keep having fun vg x

paula x

hi VG

WEll my 12 yr old got a wii and making up our own figures (theres a name for them lol i cannot remember huh)

it mirrors you on TV its bizaare i so giggled with it. i am stressing my little fairy brains trying to think of all the games we did.

theres some i can and cannot do but anyway she ended up wanting to sell it .

last nite we had my eldest son who be 24 in Feb and my 12yr old so winds him up we have such laughs . he went to sit down and she stole the chair from underneath him (cruel but hilarious)!! we laughed so much,

we have dress ups too.

keep on going as VG on rock n roll xxxxx cazzie

Wow very adventurous you guys haha I'd love to be a spy!! Minus the suspenders lol my girls go on the Wii they play just dance 4 they love it there's no way I could join in but fun to watch! There's not much I can do so im thankful for reading my books I didn't get into reading til I first started to get ill I was drawn to an angel signs book and that was it! I have read loads of angel books I love them they have got me through also god and angels help me through each day im so grateful to them xxx

Wow wish i could sing or play bass guitar. That really sounds like fun VG . Since losing my formal life ..my career, social life etc you all know how it is I have been to college twice to learn BSL and spiritual healing. Traced my family back to the 15 hundreds meeting, online a guy who lives in spain , a vicar in dorset both distant cousins. Play scrabble on line . I also helped to start a support group for the NHS and ran it for 3yrs. All with the help of pacing diet and pain relief and the support of my family and friends . I am a very lucky lady .. I count my blessings every day . A new nomal life can be found with fibro it is just b...... Hard work to find it

Warm hugs


Hi all we don't need a wii to get my grandson dancing he does it every time the adverts come on he's only 19 months bless him, he is fun to watch and when he comes in the house he has to press the doorbell and he dances to that he keeps me entertained, I can't play with him as I would like to but he climbs on the sofa and then onto my lap an he will sit for a long time sometimes it up to an hour and we will read books together well I read he listens usually its. The same book at the moment it's everybody in the night garden loves Christmas. He's so cuute he talks along with me as though he's reading as well he can't say much yet but he's picking up words all the time, I miss him it was supposed to be visit Nanan and Pap that's Nana and Grandpa weekend but with the snow we is goin nowhere,so its back to my books and the tv, big gentle hugs for all. Sithy

Ah bless him such a lovely age .. My grandchildren are one if my biggest pleasures in life .. I have one here now . Mum &dad gone out .. I have three grown up all very happy to push me out in my wheelchair bless them ...

How lovely to see an uplifting post,I myself love to sing and would enjoy what you do but I don't have a game consol .Can it go through I pad or the wii .Im a crafter ,sewer knitter and card maker I scrapbook too ,so when I'm well I DIL my life with things to do .on the days that are bad I watch movies which I love so its all good x

I think you can actually buy it for the wii and if you have headphones or mic that plugs into it they work fine


Thank you very grumpy. I don't think you are grumpy but thanks I will give it a go .x


That made me smile on a dreary painful Mon morning when iv hardly slept :0/ good for you extremely grumpy go for it x

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