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Pain- how do you know what is bad?

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I am new to the forum and I'm wondering if anyone else sometimes thinks they are either exaggerating their pain or making too little of it.

I think I've had fibromyalgia for many years without it being diagnosed, but last year a recently qualified doctor did lots of tests and finally gave me a diagnoses. Unfortunately, she left the surgery and other doctors are not so understanding, so now I'm thinking I make a fuss about nothing.

Reading through your posts I know I suffer with " The Fog" - and have overwhelming need to sleep some days, but as pain is with me all times I wonder if it is just in my head? Do others feel this way?

Looking forward to your answers.

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Morning and welcome to the forum :-)

I completely understand where you are coming from with this. I have had Fibro since I was 17, but way back then it was known as fibrositis and I just thought it was muscle pain that would go away. Years and years of pain, migraines exhaustion and finally not being able to hold my job down I got the proper diagnosis prior to which I was convinced I was a hypochondriac, but the lovely GP put me right on that and everything slipped into place.

Yes, I do still wonder whether I am imagining some of the symptoms, but then I only have to look around here and know that others have and experience the same.

So please, don't beat yourself up about this, it isn't something anyone could make up, and why would one want to........ You have found the best possible place to come for help and support, together with some fun if you are up for it. We find laughter releases feel good endorphins, which can help a lot.

Do also take a peek at our mother site where you will find lots of very useful information.

Foggy x

Morning and a huge welcome.. It is not strange to having days when sleep seems to take over - the best thing really is to go to bed and if your body is saying sleep - sleep!

It happens to me some morning I will be sitting at the computer falling asleep and I have to put everything down and go yo bed!

This is a aspect of Fibro and also worrying about pain, how others perceave it and learning how bad is bad, Now everyones [pain is different . But one thing is fact your pain is real and will vary between 3 and 9 on a scale of ten. You need to keep a check on your own levels and it will give you comparisons to check against.

Take a look at our mother site, very useful info on fibro

Have a good day

x ginsing

Its so common to feel like this. I always tell myself that I am making it up, pain levels are consistently 7 or 8. I know doctors dont understand us, some are quite rude. It is becoming more understood now.

Just know that you arent alone in this. I feel like a fraud too. I have dreadful fibrofog, I still haven't managed to cope with that. You will have to educate your gp. Get in touch with a local fibro support group or contact FMAUK, they can give you a GP pack you can leave with him/her

Thank you for your comments - they really do help. I have support from my family, but you really understand how I'm feeling and how difficult it is to put the feelings into words.

By the way I am always up for a bit of fun!! Lol xx Vv

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Hiya i have put a painscale on tiredalots reply next one down. I seems to be farly accurate to me but may not be for others.

Welcome sue :P

Welcome! you are on the right forum for fun, information and distraction.

I have a habit of downplaying any aches and pains I feel, I think many on here do the same :)

You don't want to be seen to complain, even when you have a valid reason for complaining. A pain chart was posted a while back and it actually made me realise that my pain level was higher than I gave it credit for. I am lucky though, I am not as bad as some :)

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I cant remember seeing a pain chart. :(

Will this one do? problem with this one is that it doesnt take fatigue into account, but then i dont suppose that fatigue is a pain. :O


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Interesting pain scale! :) Thanks for sharing! :)


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That's the one that was posted, then Electricjaws, I think it was, posted an alternative tongue in cheek one more recently :)

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Tired allot, Please see below as this was reply to your post x

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Yes, I think I'm lucky too, as reading through other posts I realise I'm still able to so much, like going for a walk on the beach with OH and my 3 Yorkies - means I'm usually not up to the cleaning! 😊

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Unfortunately for me walking is when I suffer the most. Snails pace and I can usually manage for a while. Housework I do in stages or short bursts :)

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Yes I'm snails pace, although when I start off I try to pretend I'm walking a reasonable pace that my dogs used to expect. Luckily they are old themselves, so appreciate my slowness! My oldest one is 14 and he now barks to go home, and I'm usually grateful to him! Lol housework gets done slowly, now and again, but luckily I have cleaner once a week. PIP pays for that!

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Still have to do my own, work part time so do things as they suit me :)

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I'm retired,but used to run a domestic company, so cleaning the house is a real problem to me, as I can't clean anything as I want it and have great difficulty coming to terms with this. However, at least I do get help and sometimes I really get something as I want it! Thanks for talking, hope you have a good night. x

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It can be difficult come to terms with the changes, I'm still learning :)

Just a note if you lock your post to this community people can talk a little freer. If you leave them open they can be read on Facebook and other places which you may not want. It was a pleasure talking with you. I hope you have a restful night :)

Thanks for the tip, hope I've locked posts now! Night night.

Hi Volatileval

Welcome to the forum and I genuinely hope that you find it useful, informative and loads of fun. I would have to say if you cannot stand the pain then you are not making a fuss. I want to wish you all the best of luck with getting your Fibro treated.

Good lcuk


The pain is not just in your head, and even if it is pain is pain. No one can tell you that you are not in pain, it is you who is feeling it. Whenever you explain things to people always start with... I feel, or I am...... things can make the pain worse and somethings can make it bearable but you are an individual and what works for one person will not work for another.

Thank you kazilou.

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