The dreaded phone call !

Received a telephone call yesterday 8/9/16 at 14:30pm (2:30 in old money) from Kings College Hospital to say they want to admit me on Sunday evening 11/09/16 to have my heart operation carried out on Monday 12/09/16 (hospital bed being available). I have to admit I am really frightened with all that the operation involves having read the booklet the Cardiology nurse gave to me last week. I know that some of you have said that you or your partner have also had the operation and all will be fine, but for the life of me I have got these weird thoughts in my head that I am not going to make it. I have had strange dreams about my mum who passed away in 1995 and that has not helped as I have never had these dreams before. I have in addition doubled my life insurance and will be attending Catholic mass this Sunday before I go into hospital even though I am a lapsed Catholic.

With Gods blessing I am praying that I will be back in touch in several weeks time.

Have a "Super" weekend all.. Kind regards Ian XXXX

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  • Hi Heliboy...I can really understand how frightening this must be for you, any surgery is worrying but when it is a heart problem it must be extra stressful...Are you sure your dreams about your Mother are not her trying to reassure you and give you strength and comfort....Just think that after this op' life will surely be better for you. I look forward to hearing some good news from you when you are feeling better, but until then my thoughts and prayers will be with you.......

    Gentle Hugs Trikki xx

  • Doesn't matter whether you are lapsed or not cover every scenario is what I say, it might give you in new calm. My Godson had to have the same op. when he was 28 and is in his early 40s now two lovely children and has a job and looks happy and fit. This op. might be the making of you as this problem won't have come on overnight but gradually so you have probably been struggling for some time.

    I think our minds go into overdrive when we know we have to go into hospital and have an op. as we always go worse case scenario. Sounds as though your specialist has every confidence so feed off that.

    Looking forward to your post in a few weeks saying you are fine. I will be thinking king of you on. Monday as we all will😘😆😘

  • Hi Trikki is right, maybe your mum coming to you in dreams is to be a comfort for you. I don't know any of the history leading to this as I'm only new here, but I wish you all the best luck and although it must be scary it will hopefully lead to a new better life for you. Hugs x

  • Hi Ian,

    Hospitals like to keep themselves covered so they paint the worst picture and get you to sign off on it, just in case! Given all your info you go home read it and half scare yourself to death :) It is perfectly natural to think the worst but do keep hoping for the best :)

    My brother in law had his heart operation just before Christmas and he is doing really well now, but as you say, that's him not you!

    You have covered your bases, it's out of your hands so the best advise I can give is to go with the flow and come out the other side stronger and healthier :)

    I try not to worry over the big things in life as you really don't have much control over them and do need to place your trust in someone else, but see that person who left the sock lying on the floor after me asking for it to be put in the laundry two seconds ago.....well they get the sharp edge of my tongue :P

    I will be looking forward to your first post after the op has all been done and you feel a lot better :)

  • I feel like the others that dreaming of your Mum is a good thing , a comfort , so don't worry about that, you will be fine, a heart operation is a big thing so you are bound to be nervous, but think how much better you will feel afterwards, sending my best wishes for a speedy recovery , take care

  • Hi Ian,

    I'm glad that you've finally got a date.

    I've sent you a PM.

    Please try and relax over the W/E with people you love to be with.

    Please when you can, keep us posted.


    GP. X

  • Hi Ian

    Do you mind me asking what operation you are having?

    I had an operation on my heart where I had to be wide awake. I was also on my own as no family could come with me.

    I was absolutely petrified, but my operation was a complete success and I was fine afterwards apart from stitches in my groin which were a bit uncomfortable.

    As Smilealot40 has said, all hospitals now do their very best to cover their own backs and will tell you what every possible outcome could be.

    However, just like the side effects leaflet on a new medication can be as long as your arm it doesn't mean you will actually get any of them.

    We will all be thinking of you. I was petrified before my operation but the surgeons were marvellous as were the nurses who looked after me.

    My operation was at Kings College hospital too. It was a complete success 😊

    Sending you our love and support.

    Lu xx

  • Hi Heliboy911 I am not a praying person but I will be saying one for you to help you over the weekend and to help you through your operation and also for a quick recovery take care and keep in touch when you can Carol x

  • I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I am sure everything will go according to plan.

  • hi heliboy, i have ominous doom dreams and thoughts before an operation, its the mind being weird because your scared, please dont think its premonition, its just fear.

    you will be fine, youll be back moaning about the food in there in no time :)

    take care and see you back here soon.

    hugs xx

  • I am stunned at all the superb replies you have had. They have said everything that I could think of. Please know we are all routing for you and hoping it goes really smoothly for you.

    Lots of things can happen according to the leaflet, but it does not mean that they will.

    I know a Vicar who two months ago had a pacemaker and defibrillator fitted at the same time. He was only in overnight and two weeks later, off to Singapore! And he was really ill. Things are not like they were even a few years ago. I understand you are worried Ian, I would be utterly terrified also, but that would be because I've never had a heart operation, so I would not know what to expect. I think that would behind a lot of my fears. Could it be behind yours also?

    I know you are going to be fine now, because it's sod's law isn't it? You paid all that money to double your life insurance, so now you are bound to be alright...

    Stay on the group, talk to us over the weekend and we will do everything we can to keep you going until you have to leave. Once you are ready to go in, you will feel a lot better. I usually do. We will help and then you can tell us all about it afterwards.


  • It's completely natural to feel that way. I would be worried if you were not terrified lol. I look forward to hearing from you once it's all over!! 🐸

  • Heliboy911 , I can totally understand your feelings as I'm sure I would feel the same way.I wish you the very best outcome with your surgery.I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers, and we both know God is good and answers our prayers.Be blessed. Peck.🐤

  • Hi my friend

    I can genuinely understand your fear and apprehension as it is only natural prior to surgery. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck my friend, and please hurry back to us and let us all know how it went.

    I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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