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can any one help me to understand .i just recieved a phone call from dwp.it was a voice mail saying this is the dwp calling for my name .I will call you back on Monday .No return number was given so has any one else had this ..confused. found it this morning and bit worried never happened before..having problems remembering how to use the page might be posting wrong

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  • If I were you I would call them on Monday, this does sound odd, they would have every detail about you if you are claiming anything. So many scams about these days. xx

  • Hi there, just call them in the morning (Monday) did you recently have been assses?, if you were, they might like to give you a good news or perhaps need more information, good luck?

  • Be careful incase this is a scam xxxxx

  • I just read an article /blog which says they call people in the support group .

    hope its ok to post this here


    to ask if they are improving etc and future plans.So not sure if this is this

  • I'm in the Support Group and I've been called several times over the last couple of months 'to see how I am'.

    She also said that she wanted to be prepared for when (surely this should be if) I'm moved to WRAG.

    I wish I had never given my number. I so wish I didn't have to claim benefits. These phone calls make my anxiety shoot through the roof.

  • Thank you for answering this .It helps because no name was left ,no number to return the call .just a we will call back on Monday . It makes you anxious .Like you I wish I had another way out

  • Only my personal opinion, but I think the DWP prey on those of us who are ill, because we are generally more vulnerable.

    It's easier than trying to get healthy people on JSA to find a job.

    I've worked and paid taxes for over 34 years, but it means nothing to them

  • BlueMermaid1 its hard been here .Imagine not leaving a name etc just to make some one afraid .Why its too much really .Sorry for all you been through with your illness too

  • I just get so angry that between my late husband and myself we've paid over 70 years worth of taxes of NI into the Government.

    If I could work I would. I loved my job.

    At least you can prepare your answer when they ring.

    I was told how well I sounded!

    I'm not saying make anything up, just talk about your worst day

    Thanks for your kind comments x

  • I live in the states and we have several scams going around. Cyber attacks has left many people with their info released out there in cyber world. They recommend not to give any info to anyone over the phone. Just enough info was released that they only need a few details from you to get money from insurance company. Or your account. Please beware of scams.

  • I d be suspicious its a scam.why call on a Saturday when they only work monday to friday?

  • Sorry no they called Friday 1pm ,I saw the message Sat am

  • I have never personally heard of this sort of thing before but I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Dear Ken ,thank you ..your good thoughts are encouraging. Apparently its true my friend has had a few of these calls and they are checking to see if she is improved enough to be in the work group. She said it used to increase her flare up so please let others know

  • I think it is a total and utter disgrace. I am now an official OAP but if it were me receiving a call like this out of the blue I would refuse to talk to them without proof of who they were. I certainly wouldn't discuss my medical condition with a complete stranger. And I would add that I was too unwell to take unsolicited calls so can they please write to you or contact your GP if they require information.

    If you have the strength may I also suggest you contact your MP. The DWP have got my friend with a disabled daughter, who will never be able to work, close to breakdown. Her MP has taken her case up and it looks like they will back off for the moment.

    Sick and disabled people surely have a right to make what they can from their lives without this persecution or fear of benefit taken away. I'm sorry you've had to have this hanging over you over the weekend.

    Very best of luck🐼xxx

  • thank you so much for your kindness and understanding.It tends to make the weekend seem longer waiting for the return call on Monday

  • Don't worry. It's probably spam. Or someone wanting to rip you off, if you don't know them. Well they are trying to get all your information to steel your identity.

    When they call ask for their phone number, and extension. If they say you can't call in to him, hang up. Don't listen to them, they will try to confuse you.

    Also ask what company they are with.

    -don't give out your information to them. If it is a real business, they will most likely already should have your name, address, phone # etc.

    So good luck.

  • I know that it is easier said than done but just delete the voice mails or get rid of your answerphone.

    Your friends and family will know how to contact you.

    Best of luck,


  • Why i don't have voicemail enabled on my phones that way no one can say i left a message and most phones now you can block numbers/texts also

  • SADLY I missed the call but they said we will call back in the afternoon as I still need to speak to you . Also the number they called from 08000232635 when i called it back it said u have reached the DWP we called you .We will call you back if we missed you ..so waiting really wish i had not missed the call

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