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The dreaded letter!

Was feeling fairly cheerful this morning despite being in such a muddle.

I had my deep tissue massage this morning, which is the highlight of my week as it is lovely to have expert hands working on all the painful, tight muscles. I'll probably feel like I have been kicked all over by a horse tomorrow but then, once that feeling has worn off, my muscles feel a bit looser for a couple of days until they start to tighten up again.

We then walked our dogs in the muddy fields and, having had some fresh air, I felt fairly reasonable, although I did manage to smash my head on the car door which has given me a headache!

The post had arrived whilst we were out. There were a couple of nice cheery red envelopes containing Christmas cards..... and then I saw it...........the dreaded DWP brown envelope. I knew it would have to arrive one day!

I felt sick when I opened it. It is telling me that I'll get a call in a couple of weeks to ask me some questions about my health. For a start, I hate talking on the "phone. I find it very tiring holding the phone to my ear and often get pins and needles and numbness if I am on the "phone too long.

Then, apparently, the dreaded questionnaire will be sent out. No doubt that will be about 50 pages long!!!! The sight of a questionnaire is enough to send me diving for my duvet! Then I think it says I may be called for a work assessment interview or perhaps it says I will be called. Not sure because I only read it once and then passed it to my husband.

So that is something to fret about over Christmas. I am a born worrier, unfortunately.

Does anyone have any advice to give me? Should I make an appointment to see my GP just to let him know that this assessment is looming? I hate going to the Dr as well. I get so nervous that sometimes I sit and shake. If I am really bad I may s*it and sake!!!! lol...still got a sense of humour!

Reminds me of a joke....What is the difference between a bad marksman and an owl?

The archer shoots and shoots and can't hit and the owl hoots and hoots and can't s**t ! Hope that is not too rude for some of you. mind has gone into overdrive. I shall now be worrying myself sick about this, just when I thought I may be able to start to relax, since I am not having to look after anyone else this Christmas.

Can anyone cheer me up please? I'd be very grateful. I know we are all in the same boat or at least similar boats. It is very much "all of us" against the "powers that be".

Looking forward to hearing from anyone who can be bothered to write to me.

Many thanks.

Saskia XX

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as i write this my form is at the side of me !!!!!!i keep putting it off but i've done a bit each day.there is apart that says tell us about your illness !!!!!!!! i have done this on a writing pad first to save any mistakes must sit and put it on the form tonight because it has to be in by the28th. I know exactley how you feel its demeaning to say the least and probably will result in me loosing my incapacity as it seems thats the way it goes as for cheering you up ...its only 20 pages!!!!!!!! so not as bad as you thought !!!!!!!!! hope all goes ok for you....and remember...WORRY IS LIKE A ROCKING HORSE IT GIVES YOU SOMTHING TO DO BUT GETS YOU NOWHERE......X


rotten timing.

email the admin for the benefit & work info as it helps you with filling it in. - it helped me.

let us know when the forms come. when they call tell them you cannot continue as holding the phone causes you in and difficuties, be firm and suggest they write to you.

Preview of my joke for JOKES GALORE [type it in search at top of page]

What do you get if you sit in the snow?




Hi louda,

I responded to your comment last night but then somehow I lost it!!!!!! Don't know how it happened but I was so tired by then I just went to bed!

Anyway I wanted to thank you for taking the time to reply to my blog.

I am relieved it is only 20 pages! I can understand you doing a few pages a day. Yes it is demeaning isn't it. I think we are all regarded as lazy scroungers. They overlook the fact that many of us have worked for years and paid our NI contributions and taxes. A CBT counsellor reminded me of this fact because I was having trouble with self esteem because of the way we are all treated and he said "Never forget you have worked for years and contributed and you are entitled to what little you get in the way of benefits" The government don't see it that way though and they stoke up hatred against us through the media. It is all very depressing. Like you I am worried about losing IB. I also get DLA but that will all be changing and I don't know where it leaves all of us. FMS is so difficult because it can't be seen. I feel so sorry for younger people who have been diagnosed with FMS. At least I was able to take early retirement at 50.

I like the rocking horse analogy! I always feel like I am going nowhere!

I hope you are successful with your assessment. Please let me know how you get on. I shall be thinking of you. Love and hugs Saskia XX


I'm in the same position only a bit further along. I've returned my form and waiting for the dreaded decision letter to drop on the mat.

I'd already just made an appointment with my GP when this all started so I did warn him about it and particularly asked him to mention all the problems I'd had with side effects from different medications as I gather you can lose points if you don't take pills as they think you're not doing enough to help yourself.

Get the guides for filling in the forms, they're very helpful. You can also lose points for filling the form in yourself (its happened to some of my friends) - the person who usually helps me was away, so I had to do them myself but my hands are so bad at the moment that I downloaded a PDF copy so I could use the dictation software I have on my computer.

Good Luck! xxx


I had a ESA to fill in to not nice right on xmas is it,,,,I did go to my doctors to let her no so she can look out for any letters from them.....With xmas and not noing how long it takes to get a reply back.... Its made me really stressed out ....I am shore thay like us to be stressed out over the xmas hoils

any hope you all have a great christmas and a good new year

soft hugs DEBBIE X


I think I am cracking up! Last night I replied to louda's comment. Then I lost it and it didn't go through so I went to bed. I have just typed another reply to louda and the same thing has happened.

I really haven't got the energy for all this!

I'll see if this goes through.


yes it has !!!! lol.....x


Thank God the above comment has gone through.

I wanted to reply to all of you in turn but I haven't got the energy to type when there is the risk of losing it.

SOOooooooooo.........I'll just have to thank you all collectively.

I really appreciate you all taking the time and trouble to comment on my blog.

Thank you all for your advice which I shall bear in mind when I get the 'phone call and the forms.

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and a happy and healthier New Year.

Love and hugs Saskia. XX


Magic...the reply to louda has now gone through! Must be the computer gremlins. XX


Thje sad thing is that the DWP fall into the sdame category of those who do not or cannot understand fibro 'IF THEY CANNOT SEE IT, IT MUST NOT BE THERE'. I wish you luck hun in getting it all sorted. I never got the dreaded letter before Xmas, I had already had that. What I got was being told I was fit for work on 12th December last year. I appealed the next day. I heard nothing, then in Jnauary my money was stopped, they had lost my appeal form. So I had to start again with the appeal. Told I needed sick note so I got one, they then rang me to tell me 'we have lost it'. Enjoy your Xmas hun and try not to worry about it too much xxxxx


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