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Have received the dreaded brown envelope from DWP telling me they will ring me within two weeks of date of letter (dated 02 May, only received today!) Just wondered if anyone has had this call and had some idea of what they ask. Have been on IB for 5 years and moving to ESA. As I suffer from anxiety and severe depression as well as Fibro and ME this has suddenly thrown me. I never normally answer the phone due to anxiety and live alone with very little support and now am terrified of leaving house incase I miss the call, but equally terrified of receiving it. What a nightmare this all is. Any help greatly appreciated as wasn't expecting them to be ringing me.

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  • Just sending you gentle hugs...sure will be good news for you xx

  • I had the same letter last year, having been on IB for four years. I received a phone call four days later by a male obviously trained to make these calls, as he sounded like someone's favourite uncle, and spoke in soothing tones. He asked a few questions to confirm who he was talking to, then asked if I had received the letter and if I understood it? He then told me I had been placed in WRAG group and went on to explain what that meant and what I had to do etc, and also told me which day of the week I would be paid on, then asked if I had further questions. I asked about appealing the decision and he did all he could to talk me out of doing that.

    The phone call itself didn't take very long, and is nothing to be nervous about, but I would advise you to keep a pad and pen by the phone in which to make notes when the call does come

    Good luck with it all

    Em x

  • Thank you, both for the replies. I will take your advice Em and be prepared with note pad. Just hope I'm not too foggy at the time. Did you appeal in the end and get put in the support group?

  • I appealed, they wouldn't reconsider, so now it has gone to tribunal. My hearing is next week. I'm already quaking at the thought. However as I cannot work, much as I'd like to, I need to go along to try and convince them of the fact.

    Hope all goes well for you

    Good luck

    Em x

  • When I get a call and the caller claims to be from the DWP, I say sorry, I have no way of knowing who you are, under no circumstances do I give out or verify personal details to a voice on the end of a phone. And with that, I put the phone down.

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