Dr gave me great news, biopsy report all OK

I have been given so much kindness and support here while waiting for the Dr to give me results of lung biopsy. He said patholohlgy is all normal. I am delighted and overwhelmed at same time. He wants to check by ct scan in September to see what this weird lesion is doing and if it isn't any smaller do some type of surgery. All my pain and weakness being from RA and Fibro seems to hsve all my providers confused. The best part was my stepson came in the room with us and mentioned to the nurse I forgot to ask about swimming. Her and my Dr said in small doses I'm OK, he was thrilled. To learn you don't have a serious lung disease and see that smile on his face brought it a home run. It is very good new, I'm going to enjoy some time with him in the ocean now!!!

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  • Great news you must be so relieved that your biopsy was normal, go on enjoy yourself with your stepson, you deserve it 😃

  • Thank you so much , I hope Your having a good day as well.

  • jewel8888, So glad to hear your biopsy was normal. I'm glad you can go swimming with your stepson.You said in the ocean...do you live in the US??I'm just curious. Have a good day. Peck.🐤

  • Hi Peck, yes in South Carolina, Myrtle Beach. I'll go in ocean tomorrow, he chose the big hotel with lots of slides instead since I can only do a little at a time. I'm still having to talk to rheumatology on Thursday, I hope he gives my methotrexate back. Thank you for all your support and hopefully your day is well too.

  • jewel8888 , That's awesome!!I live in Rock Hill SC.My friends just came home from the beach today. Been there so many times I can't count!! Have a good day.Peck🐤

  • Hi peck, maybe one day we could visit when your here. I lived in NC Bessemer city the last ten yes. Came here cause the doctors here are so much better for me. I wish you a painjess weekend. Take care, talk soon.

  • What a relief! Congrats. :) xx

  • Thank you Tulip its been a tuff journey and sure it will still be but its better knowing I don't have to face that right now. Wishing youv a good day too.

  • I am so pleased it was good news.

  • Good news sending many blessings x

  • Thank you, your support means a lot.

  • Great news so happy for you


  • Thank you Rose. Finally getting to enjoy swimming today was so enjoyable.

  • Really happy for you love great news big soft hugsssxxx jillxx

  • Thanks sweetie, hugs to you too!!!! 🐥

  • That's fantastic news. Waiting for biopsy results is horrible and stressful. So pleased all is ok and enjoy your swimming.

  • Thank you Panda, I sure an pleased and my stepson with me helps to keep me smiling and enjoy some fun things in life!!!!

  • That's good news

    Carol ☺

  • Thank you Carol, it really helps, nie can just cope with my normal illnesses. I hope your day is good too, taje care.

  • This is WONDERFUL news, thank you!

  • Hi Terry, I appreciate your reply, I'm hoping your doing well yourself.

  • I'm not really coping, but at least you brought a bright spot to my day, and for that, I am very grateful!

  • I'm sorry you aren't feeling well I really hope tomorrow ids a better day for you. I'll be a bit sore from the swimming but it was so worth getting to play with him. Gentle hugs sent your way.

  • That is the most wonderful news so pleased for you. Enjoy the swimming.x

  • Thank you Rose, I did have the best day ever! We got to play in lazy river, hot tub, and he even managed me up the stairs and got me to go down the slide. Wishing you a good evening, take care.

  • What fun it is marvellous to see kids and "big kids" enjoying themselves. I bet for hose few moments down the slide all pain was forgotten.x🎨🏊🏊🏊x

  • Hi my friend, I am so genuinely and sincerely delighted for you! It is wonderful news to read. Please take care of yourself :) :) :) :) :) :)

  • Thank you, your concern and support are always uplifting to me. I am hoping you are feeling well this evening, I know it must be difficult handing your illnesses too. Thank you for everything!!


  • Thank you my friend, I am well. Please take care of yourself :) :)

  • That's brilliant news so pleased for you bet your stepson will enjoy swimming now Carol ☺

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