Please, please, please somebody help me ppppppppppppppplease?!!I need to make a complaint about my care from my Dr and the hospital!

I have been fobbed off and I'm feeling so down n dejected....I live in south east all I want is to be able to manage my pain and fatigue... live some semblance of a normal life...I just wanna cry.....pain clinic y'day said they are limited by what they can offer me as Gabapentin is making me worse....Petagablin (I think).....I've tried b4 but was Dr is tryna tell me to branch out and see another Dr in the surgery.....P@ssed Off :_(

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  • any complaints about gp write to pratice manager, and PALS for hospital, have you tried baclofen amityrplene etc

  • gabapentine made me loose my balance, but on pregabalin now, its not much help to be honest....if i was you i would try other drs in yr surgery, there might be a beter one who understands yr condition,dont give up i know how you feel and so do almost everyone on here, dont give up try another of luck.take

  • Thanks Lally x No I don't think I have tried baclofen......I've had tramadol, gamopentin, amitryptiline, I've had a beta blocker in my back...I think that's what its called!! I think I need to do some research to find a specialist in my area because to be honest I don't think my Dr knows anything about fibro....n just see's me as a hypercondriac!!

  • Thanks Ginge x x I followed ur advice b4 and have written to my MP about my housing issues and my lack of care from Adult Social Services....just awaiting a response. Yes I'm going to try another Dr...maybe another surgery. Take care hun x x

  • hi just wanted to added..know this prob wont help to much.. but i was referred to pain clinic twice on the demand off my gp as he thought they WOULD help.. when i went they just spoke over what drugs im on.. one being fentaynl patches and oral morhpine( which i feel help[s.. but many others dont.. anyway.. the pain clinic basically said... try going to groupls ect and pace urself.. i felt they were useless.. anyway what i wanted to say is... keep seeing other docs as there will be one in ur practice that at least will be understanding.. know one knows the best treatment for fibro and i know if u get a understanding doc it does help.... i feel for u.. as we all are in great pain and there is nothing no one can do... i send u hugs and hope u get what ur looking for to help u xxx

  • Oh Bless you, I hope so much that you get this sorted out as soon as possible.

    Soft Hugs,

    Sue x x x

  • hi i am new to this but felt i had to say i agree with diane63, pain clinics are a waste of time. all they said to me was keep taking the painkillers, pace yourself and rest when your feeling tired and dont push yourself to much, all off which i knew anyway. hope you get sorted asap. best wishes xxx

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