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Irritable bladder in reverse!! Anyone had this? DR has me worried

So with the FMS, HMS, and IBS comes the irritable bladder. I've had urge incontinence problems for a while, a bladder stretch, I'm on medication for the urge, and everything seems settled. Except, over the past week I've been finding it really hard to go. Like I need to go, urgently, my bladder hurts and feels fit to burst, but when I get to the loo I can't go. I can barely pass any water at all. First thing in the morning, as always, I wake up with a full bladder and need to go and I can only force out a tiny dribble. I didn't realise this was something to worry about until I mentioned it to my mum who told me to go to the Dr immediately, so this afternoon I did.

After a very painful examination, he tells me he is sending me for tests and a pelvic scan for ovarian cancer...

Well yes, a bombshell. Now, he didn't seem to be panicking, but he wasn't mucking around either and says it will be in the next week and I'm just a bit shocked, because of all the things I was thinking, that was not one. I was just wondering, clutching at straws perhaps, to see if any one has had retention symptoms as part of the fybro bag of tricks? I mean if our bodies our capable of expelling the stuff whenever they like, why not hanging onto it? Or has anyone had medication for IB that has sent them the other way as a side effect? Thanks xxxxx

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Oh my word lipbalmadict , I thought I was the only one, yes I have suffered with this for years I have such a strong urge to use the loo, then sit there for ages for anything to happen, there may be a tiny trickle every now and again. I then decide to give up on it, and then it becomes more and more painful then we go through the whole thing again. Sometimes I have sat there for over

an hour determined that to pass water and turn on taps, (I've even thought about bringing straw into the bathroom to kick about and whistle to like you do with horses, but decided that might be a tad eccentric ) etc., anything to get me to pee ! :o. My GP does think that mine is linked to my fibro, in the same way as irritable bowel you can have irritable bladder, so I hope very very much that nothing nasty shows up on your scan and am sending lots and lots of positive vibes your way :-) :-)

Foggy x


Hi fibrofoggiest, how are you?

Interstitial Cystitis is linked to fibromyalgia, its one of fibro's nasty friends. As if one or the other isn't enough...


I really hope that your scan is clear and your GP is just being over cautious, what a worry for you in the mean time though. I also have trouble with this and it can take a huge amount of effort to even come close to emptying my bladder. I am sure it is a symptom of either the fibro or the meds because prior to all of this I has urge incontinence and was always in the loo. I will be thinking about you. Linda


Oh brilliant. Thanks Linda. I've never been so pleased to hear that two of my online friends can't widdle. He never even mentioned it being Fibro related, but isn't my usual GP. I'm going to stick with the positive thoughts on this one since I have no other symptoms xx


Oh PHEW!!! Foggy you are an angel! That is very good to hear. Very good indeed. Obviously not for you and your life wasted on toilet scenario, but for the innocent Fibro explanation versus unexpected systems a-go, alarm bells ringing, lights flashing panic the GP set in motion this afternoon. I've been sitting here a little bit stunned, I wasn't even going to go to the Dr, but my mum made me!

I much prefer the idea of kicking about straw. Will try and forget about nasties xxx


I send you heaps of straw no no luck I do so hope it is nothing for you. I have trouble with my water works to and I have to watch for not being able to pass water. It may be conected to my back . The things we go through . Good luck do take care of your self.



Hi I had this a few years ago. It sorted itself after a while. But I had left it too long before doing something about it and it got increasingly worse and very painful and caused me to get bladder infections, so well.done to your Mum. I had all the investigations and all were clear.

I did have the added complication of fibroids in my uterus but they were benign.

I hope.all your tests are clear.


Hi lipbalmaddict

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering like this. I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution to this issue quickly.

There is a medication called 'Oxybutynin Hydrochloride' that is supposed to regulate water flow. (Don't want to go into too much details) but it allegedly stops you going too much but allows you to go when at the toilet. A doctor in Urology said to go as normal as possible but to push and try urinating again after you have finished to ensure the bladder is empty. It may be worth asking your GP about this?

I sincerely hope that this can help you in some way (but I am not sure) as men and women's physiology is totally different in this area. If not, at least I have totally humiliated myself.

All my hopes and dreams for you.

Ken x

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Ken well done a wonderful answer ! xxgins


Thank you x


Awwwww Ken, thanks. So sweet. It's a big help xx


Thank you and I sincerely hope that your scan goes really well. Ken x


hi Lipbalmaddict so sorry to hear about your experience with the doctor, lets hope that he is just taking precautions, which is great really but I don't think they should tell us the c word until they know for sure, they are used to dealing with it everyday but its a shock to us. I spent nearly 4 months having one cancer test after another, starting on liver, ovarian, stomach, bowel, bone marrow etc so I know the feeling you are experiencing. please take care and know we are thinking of you. trish


Hi Lipbalmaddict. I do hope the scan proves it's just a precaution. Like you, I usually have the hanging onto stuff problem but every now and again I go through a period of feeling an urgent need and then being barely able to pass anything, until a little while later when I go through it all again. This can go on for a few days then rights itself sort of. I've always assumed it's part of the irritable bladder thing as it's much like my IBS only with wee. Gosh, we're so lucky aren't we? Please don't worry about the quick timescale for the scan. Even the tiniest suggestion that cancer might be involved means you get seen within a fortnight. Keeping my fingers crossed for you xx


Oh yes yes yes I have this - I have Interstitial Cystitis (which is sometimes called irritable bladder) and I particularly have more problems with my urethra than with my bladder at the moment. Its as if during the night my urethra has almost sealed up, the mornings are usually worst, but it can happen every time I pee some days, or I can pee ok one time and the next time - dribbling away. When I am in half-sealed up urethra phase, I have vulval pain. When I had some bladder studies and they used a catheter, when I came to pee afterwards it came out like a high pressure hose, I guess i am so used to having to push and the catheter must have opened up the urethra. Oh what things we have to put up with...


My mom 81 yrs old has bladder incontinence and goes to the washroom too often. She feels like she wants to urinate every hour. Is it due to her parkinson's and passing urine too often will interfere with her electrolyte balance in the body.

Her pulse is also low at 50-55 per minute pse advise what I could do?


Hi kondavil

I have read your post with a great sense of sorrow and pain for the worry that you must be feeling, it has brought back some very personal and heartbreaking memories for myself also.

I do not know of your situation, whether or not you live together or if she lives with somebody etc, so I do not want to inadvertently worry you for no reason as this would not be very thoughtful of me.

I was wondering if you have any form of home help or nurse visits to check her blood pressure? If not, I would ask about this as if her blood pressure drops too low and she gets up it can make her dizzy and liable to falls. I know many of the Parkinson's medications can leave her very inactive anyway so sudden rising and movement is not recommended. I think I would also contact her GP and give them the low down of the situation and get as much help as you can for her.

I always remember a famous film star saying 'mother is the name for God on the lips of all small children'.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


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