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Fibro left me in pain and the menopause(M-P) gave me the blues!

Firstly with all that has been going on I am in a really bad fibro flare but I not saying that for sympathy, just so you understand I know what everyone is going through.

But on top of that the change is doing its damage too.

Our heating of late is on full belt for our daughter so there is my first problem, constant heat. It does none of us any good if we are going through the M-P too.

Problem number two is the fact I am still too fat for HRT despite losing 9 stone in just over 2 years, the latest two stone in the last 6-7 weeks. You would think I was huge by this statement but I am not, I have just got back into my 16 size jeans down from a 20, and a size 16 coat I bought in the hopes I might get to wear it one day, down from a size 22-24. But I have a feeling if I hit the target weight the next things will remain against me.

Problem three is after having a mini stroke some years ago it is considered too risky for me to have HRT.

So the result of all this is like most ladies I sweat by the bucket full and I go through so much in the way of deodorants I am sure I could take shares out in some factory or other.

So what was my answer to this. Wear summer pjs in winter, great idea. So out came the shorts and vest tops ready for me to defeat these hot flushes once and for all. So I lay on top of the bed and I had the windows open and it was cold out so I felt a bit TOO cool. So I climbed under the covers, better but still gettting a bit warm too quick but decided to put up with it as I really cannot afford to get too cold.

I got up the next day, soaked to the skin and in so much pain I never wanted to move again. But up I got. Now when I get up I tend to walk around with my eyes shut, if they are not actually shut I see nothing much around me as I am probably still half asleep.

Into the bathroom I go, quick bath to wash away the hot flush. Off came the summer pjs and I suddenly opened my eyes wide and I just stared at my refelection in the face mirror on the wall. My face was BLUE, not through cold, it was DARK BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!! I looked down, my shoulders were the colour of skin, my arms were BLUE, DARK BLUE. Then I looked at my legs, from my toes up to were the shorts ended was BLUE, yes DARK BLUE.

I thought I had some miraculous event going on, maybe I had blue blood after all eh.

I washed it all off and it took me an age I can tell you and thought no more of it. So I went from DARK BLUE to BRIGHT RED with all the scrubbling, and now I was sweating again so bad from all the extra hard work. I gave up and threw some clean summer pjs on and a gownie, I was in no mood to struggle with clothes now.

That night I fell into bed, I had doubled up on my tablets(it is OK as GP says I can from time to time) and I slept solid for 14 hours. I got up, went to the bathroom to get all the damp clothes off and leave the bed to dry out before I changed the sheet and turned the duvet. Looked in the mirror and swore, and I mean I swore. I was DARK BLUE AGAIN, just like the morning before.

I found the cause anyway. Hubby bought me a lovely new duvet set, used twice washed twice but only ever wore full pjs and socks then. I was sweating soooooooooooo much through the night the DARK BLUE dye was coming out of the covers and onto me.

I told hubby what was doing it and he was in hysterics and said he was so glad he had not seen me doing an audition for Avatar lol.

So now it is back into winter pjs, socks on, light pillowcase to lie on and on top of the covers. I do not EVER want to be that colour again.

Any mishaps for you with dyes and things?


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Going to look into everything suggested lol xxxxx


I know it shouldn't be funny but it did make me smile and actually took some of my blues away lol


Well it is funny lol, I had an awful night last night, with other things, I was up every 15 minutes from 10pm right up until 7.30am, I finally conked out and woke up BLUE lol. xxxxx


Hiya, always fancied living on Pandora and plugging into the tree :D Like you I couldn't use HRT as pills made me feel dreadful and I'm allergic to the low-allergy adhesive they use on the patches - looked like I had giant patches of ringworm. I found Black Cohosh capsules and linseeds helped enormously. You can buy linseed oil etc but whole linseeds are much cheaper and work just as well. I just sprinkled a tablespoon of them on my morning cereal so easy to ingest. Hope this helps and you stop getting the blues soon. Sorry couldn't resist! xx


You would all this snow would make me feel cooler lol xxxxx


Hi Ozzie,

I have had to have a towel over my pillowcase winter and summer as my head sweats so much. Have only had summer duvet on my bed all winter as I get so hot.

My latest saying is "I'm so hot, and I don't mean sexy!!!"

Take care

Lynne x


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