Strange happenings in the night

Hi all as my tital says strange things have happened in the night, I have as a problem with my jaw can't remember what its called but a good many of you lovely people have it to, any way my dentist made me a gum shield to try to help, but I seem to be having a small problem with it I put it in last night be for bed and have just noticed it wasn't where it should have been in my mouth so a game of hunt the gum shield then began finaly found it halfway across the bed room I must have removed it in my sleep and its not the first time this has happened and it probably won't be the last, ah well normality restored and so to try to grab another hour or two if possible love to all gentle gugs . Sithy

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  • lol I do this too, my husband says I just take it out and launch it across the room, all whilst i'm asleep!

  • lol I used to have hormone replacement patches and woke up one morning to find it stuck to my partners bum ... you just gotta laugh

  • I do noot use one of these. If I can get up and take all hubbies clothes of hangers a fold them onto the cupboard neatly in my sleep then I feel sure a gum shield would not stay in xxxxx

  • Oh you poor thing Sthandra! It seems a bit pointless to me that the gum shield comes out that easily, after all we can't consciously keep it in once we are asleep. I would have thought it would stick to your gums better. It must be frustrating if it keeps coming out. It might be worth having a word with your dentist to see if a better fitting gum shield can be made for you, one that won't fall out in the night.

    In case other members wonder what the jaw condition you are referring to is, I think you meant this one - TMJ - Temporomandibular Joint Disorder - for more info, please cick on the link below -

  • Yep that's the kidde I used to have one that was a tighter fit and it my mouth something cronic so dentist made a softer one. Sithy

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