ready to call it a day

as regulars on here will know i try so hard to be positive and up beat, but even I cant cope really. Last night was my worse night ever, I felt so ill, I really wished to just go to sleep and never wake up, the meds Im on are useless, the pain is incredable, its in every part of me body, how are we expected to go on like this. Pain clinic apt today, I just hope to god they can help

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  • Oh Lally huge soft hugs, really give it to them at pain clinic, if you have the energy :-)

    We are all of to see the professionals today cough cough ..

    Soft hugs again xxx


  • Lally think its a bad time for us all at the moment my body is in a bad way to my head has an army marching in it :-( had no sleep for a few days now :-( but i will not give in to this deamond so just fight it please lally as we all are with you .

    Soft hugs }}}} Allan x

  • Lally - i dont know what to say. Not getting sleep is probablythe worst thing in the world. To be in constant pain too makes it just unfair. Both these can make you feel despondant. Our pain goes in peaks and troughs.

    i cant do anything for you other than send you hugs. Make sure you tell them how despondant you feel at clinic today.

    with love


  • Im just so tired, I hate this illness, I hate the feeling of not being in control, who wants to live in pain, for the rest of their lives, Im writing everything down for pain clinic,I will try to rally my troops to fight in there

  • I wish I could tell you it gets better hun, but as you know I've been the same the last week or so and I can't see any end to it :(

    I really hope the pain clinic can help you today .

    Helen xx

  • Hi Lally so sorry you feel so ill and down. I can identify with you wishing you wouldnt wake up as I feel exactly the same very strongly. I do hope the pain clinic is able to help you. There is not alot else I can say except to say I send you lots of love Sue xx

  • Lally u r so special please try to remember that

    the continual damp is getting to all of us and into our. Bones etci know even butterfly hugs will hurt so my blue butterfly of hope and love will fly around you all day today llease try not to SWAT it. Petal

  • Hi lally i know we all know what you are going through there is nothing any of us can say to help you the only thing we can offer you is the true feeling of knowing what you are going through bless ya i am same at min but i know i am doing too much but that is not a good thing as one member rightly said to me she used to do things all the time carry on regardless now she can hardly walk so she told me to pace myself and accept that what i have aint going anywhere i was annoyed at that comment at first reading it but then i looked at it again and i thoiught she was and is so right i told her too in the blog under hers i dont lie i told her my first thoughts but then how right she was i do need to accept it and by running around like a headless chicken it aint going to go and i am probablty heading for a brickwall

    i think we all the same i look at profile pucs and think wellyou look ok and people will say that about me they cant believe there is anything wrong but they are not with me all the time no one is only the dog lo,

    they may see me walk him for 4/5 times a day 15 mins max they dont see me laying on the bed when i shut the door , they see me up the town they dont see me hanging onto the till point or if they do would not think anything of it , they dont see me in bed atnight well i wont even go ther bless ya so we all with you and helping you through withour bblofgs bless your heart but dont let it win it seems easier to sometimes but come on whwre wouldwe all be without our lally ???

    love to you diddle xxxx

  • Morning so so sorry you feel iike this.i too past few weeks have felt this way.

    Dunno what else to say except alot of people care about you.

    So dont give up ever no matter how hard life is.


  • Morning so so sorry you feel iike this.i too past few weeks have felt this way.

    Dunno what else to say except alot of people care about you.

    So dont give up ever no matter how hard life is.


  • soft hugs lally hope you get some results at pain clinic. x feel much the same just living in pain becomes NORMAL! Bloody weather not helping need a script for sunshine!! Do you think nhs will give us a fortnights holiday in the sun? xxx more soft hugs dottiedog

  • hi, how about geting a light lamp, could help.....its same for me massive flare up lots of things having a bigger flare than usual..i blame the cold and damp to, its geting everyone down....try concentrate on something else, like do a massive jigsaw with thousands of peices on the table and when yr feeling this way go to it............i know its early but xmas gets me down with gift shoping....perhaps think about xmas and start yr gift list.......i hope yr flare cools off very julie xxx

  • Aw Lally, its a horrible thing to go through, I have spent many a night hoping it would be my last. However, things have got a little better for me this last few weeks so there is light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully its a stage you are going through and you too will feel a little better soon. Let us know how you got on at the pain clinic and if they were able to help at all. Take care love Angela xx

  • Lally have you tried Methocarbamol tablets? They have to be prescribed by your Doctor or Consultant. I was being driven insane with pain almost to the point of not being able to stand it, I mentioned this to my Consultant and she prescribed me Methocarbamol tablets. I only take them when I can't manage my pain at all, when it gets too much - I take two 750mg tablets and within one hour my pain levels decrease and I can go to bed or rest etc. It might be worth having a word with your Doctor to see if these tablets are compatible with your other meds etc?! It's awful having to manage unbearable pain, we have enough to contend with. Bless you!

  • awwww Lally, I really feel for you, sweetheart. am wondering if it's the damp weather having an effect on us all, cos I've felt more awful than usual recently!

    how did you get on at the pain clinic? was anybody able to assist or at least make recommendations to your GP?

    hugs to you, sweetheart xx how are you feeling today?

  • I just came on today as i have sat, laid and paced all day just trying to relieve my pains. I hurt from the neck to my feet including my arm pits. They are so sore and tender i had to change the top im wearing. I dont know what is going on but it is the worst i have felt in weeks. Could it be this horrible weather we are having.

    As for pain management - have you been before? I was supposed to let you know how i got on. The first 2 i attended left me feeling more positive and it is part of the reason i have not been on here so much. I have been trying to boost my mobility and mental attitude but it is sooo hard. Then you just crash again, it sounds like what you have just done.

    If youre not up to it dont go. I missed one a few weeks ago coz i just couldnt face the happy physio telling me the excrutiatingly painful stretches i was doing were 'a gentle warm up'. If youre already in pain IT ISNT GOING TO HELP!!!!

    Anyway I have now done 5 out of 8 sessions. It is nice to meet others who like you are struggling, it makes you feel less alone. They also encourage you to explore ways of helping yourself and not giving in to your problems. But mostly its all another way of telling you to get used to it.

    Sorry to sound so negative but today is a bad day. but we all just need to hope that tomorrow is not.

    love to all Tina

  • hi lally,

    oh bless i hope the pain clinic can help, as lots on here know it's no joke not being able to be painfree. Lack of sleep also, it's a never ending circle. If we can at least get a few decent nights sleep it does help.

    Am sure this wretched weather id not helping, i always feel better in the sun and don't cope well at all in the cold and damp.

    Take care

    Jan xxx

  • Hi Lally, I feel for you too. Ive been hurting a lot lately as well and the fatigue is so frustrating, I can hardly keep my eyes open from the minute I wake up, and like you said, I hate not being in control.I wish I had a pill for all of you, to take this horrible illness away so we could enjoy life. I think if that happened, we'd appreciate it more than most.Lots of love and comforting huggles.xx

  • sorry to hear your in a bad place Lally, i hope you feel better soon, i've had about a month like that but have felt a little better thelast few days , thank god, soft hugs to you.

  • Hope ur appointment at pain clinic has given you something positive to get u through the hellish situation u r in.

    Medication can cause your symptoms to be worse or work against each other.

    i have pain clinic at end of month...what can i expect?

  • Everyone has said everything I want so I will just add my hopes you get through this .... I agree with the others the damp weather is not helping at all. I hope you get a glimmer of hope from pain clinic

    Helen xxxxx

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