WAIT FOR IT !!!!!!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I went to bed at 11.30 pm last night and i actually went to sleep around 2 am and got up at 4.45 am yes i know it is not long but it is the most sleep i have had for about 4 weeks in one go woo woo

why is it though ntoday i was gonna call the gp to get in this week about my sleeping and last night i sleep better bodies are funny things arent they ? its as if it heard what i said to y partner last night ha ha

anyway i will see how it goes the next 2/3 days and if this was a one off then i will see gp if not i will hopefully get nore sleep

love to you diddle xxx

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  • good for you i went to bed about 9 i couldn't stay awake i slept till 2 so that's not bad dont feel rested but it will have to do xx

  • wow thats good hopefully i will have that tonight 12 til 5 am mmmmmmmm heres hoping love diddle x

  • i dont know how you keep going diddle ,on that much sleep

    fingers crossed you get even more tonight xxxx

  • Hi Diddle, was walking past the Body Shop today and notice they have something new advertised to help with sleep, didn't stop to look but I think it was something to put on your pillow. May be worth a try as it may work and would be better than taking yet another pill if it does work.

    Hope you get a good night tonight and last night wasn't a one off. Love Angela xx

  • hi thanks for that ange01 i have got a body shop and may be going into town tomorrow so will def have a look this week actually i will go on there website now ansd see if it is on ther

    i have ot lavender capsules that you squeeze on your pillow but they do nothing lol will take alook you never know ans like you say better than a pill love diddle x

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