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Anyone else had this when waking from sleep?

I woke up last night (as i always do after a hour or so of sleep) when i stood up i had a very strange feeling in my arms, from the tips of my fingers to my elbows and in my legs, from the tips of my toes to my knees. they were very red and slightly swollen (the swollen is normal but not so much the redness) and just didnt feel right. they were sort of tingly and numb and felt very heavy compared to the rest of my body. they were also very itchy and the skin felt tight.

this isnt what woke me up and didnt really stop me going back to sleep but it was very strange.

any ideas as to what this could be or what could have caused this would be greatly received!



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Hi Holly,This is most likely to be caused by lack of blood circulation and tingling and numbness in hands and feet is associated with raynuards (may not have spelt this correctly )but i get all of above without the swelling you have described.I get it rather a lot even if weather is mild or warm.I aslo get shooting pains from my elbows to my hands causes a jerk reaction where i drop whatever im holding not good when i lose my coffee.When i have numbness in hands the pads of my fingers crinkle up as if they have been in water for a long period as they shrivel like prunes.I have had nerve conduction studies done and there is no nerve damage so the conclusion is as above .Hope this helps x jo


thank you jo, my hands are either red and blotchy or very pale, white looking. i have been suffering with my hands for about a week and whilst today the pain isnt there there numb, tingling feeling is very bad today and my hands are itching like crazy!

looks like it will result in yet another trip to the doctors for me!

if its not one thing its another!

many thanks



the only advise i can give is get it checked out xx


Go to your GP and ask them.

I sometimes get sleep paralysis when I wake up ... it used to really frighten me but after 5 1/2 years I am used to it and just have to wait it out for however long it takes; I hate getting morning Doctor/Hospital appointments as I often just can't move a muscle to get up - most frustrating and am late too.

Julie xx


Hi. You may have some water retention too with the swelling. If you press into your leg it will leave an indent instead of springing back quickly. I have had these problems for the past year now.

Do take all your symptoms to the doctors for a checkup though OK?

Good luck xx


thanks all, i am back off work for 2 weeks now - holidays rather than sick - so im going to take another doctors trip

julie - ive had sleep paralysis before, not a regular thing but your right its really scary when you dont realise what it is!

fiona - ive tried pressing onto my leg, seems to come back up straight back up but i will defo mention it to the doctor

thank you



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