Bad fall

Yesterday I had a bad fall down the stairs cutting my lip open on the hand rail and also really hurting my back. It meant I spent the night in A&E waiting for a diagnosis of what I had done to my back, they have me examinations and decided they thought I'd broken my coccyx. This then meant I had to have X-rays but they any X-ray your coccyx because they 'don't do it' so they X-rayed the lower part of my back and there was no problems with that but they still think I've broken my coccyx. So they gave me co-codamol to take but they explained I would have to cut out my tramadol and paracetamol which left me a bit worried about my normal routine of painkillers for my fibro. I was even more nervous due to the fact I've never had Co-codamol before and my mum said she's always been sick when taking them before. I don't know if any of you have ever experienced taking Co-codamol? And could give me some advice I'm just really worried about taking new tablets and ending up being sick it's like the worst thing ever to me!!

Sorry to moan yet again!


Charlotte xx

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  • Ahhh difficult one my mum and myself are sick with co codamol .. But then I don't tolerate tramadol either, ..... If was myself and the pain wasnt really bad I would carry on with the paracetamol and tramadol ...... But if the pain is really bad try the medical advice from the hospital and if it does make you sick it will happen quickly after taking them so you can then take your next dose of paracetamol and tramadol at the normal time so will have only missed one dose...

    Sorry not to be more helpful,

    VG x

  • Thank you sooooo much for yor advice it really does help :) I think I'm going to see if I can deal with Tramdol and paracetamol today but if I can't tomorrow ill give the Co-codamol a go! I'm just so scared of being sick I've been so poorly recently as in sick wise with a bad tummy I just hate it!! Thanks again xxx

  • Hi hope this help's i hadcan op last week nothing mager but painful , i take Tramadol & cuprafen for all my elements but hey Prescribed me co codoamol it makes me ill so i told them evan though it is on my notes :( an the nurse said just up your Tramadol & cuprofen i checked with my doc im on my dayley limit of cuprofen but could up the tramadol its worked for me .but got to go wednesday to see how i am an if i can lower it down again . Because as you know tramadol needs lowering slowly , one of the things i had dun was my coccy's Manipulated after braking it 6 years ago so i feel your pain

    Hope you feel better soon kugagirl x

  • Thaaaanks lots :) oh goodness me bless you, I hope your not in as much pain as I am now with your coccyx, its awful I dont know what to do with myself how to sit or anything! Thanks soo much for the advice what I've done is im taking extra Tramadol instead of having Co-codamol, because im so scared im going to be really poorly with it!

    thanks again,

    Charlotte xx

  • Hi charlotte poor you :-( what a nasty little injury!! Breaking the coccyx or tail bone is so paiful and takes a wee while to heal. It makes sitting and lieing down a bit painful for a while. I have been perscribed co- codamol before to assist with the Pain of fibro appedicitis etc but honestly found it useless. Like Vg I would advise sticking to your own meds to manage your fibro which can often flare up after an injury and would treat the coccyx injury by using a rubber ring to help when sitting, a body pillow to help when lieing down warm baths,heated wheat bag applied to the site of injury to soothe and relieve, pain, numbing gels and some otc painkillers which wont clash with your fibro meds- Your pharmacy can advise you on this. Finally the only real cure for this type of injury is time and be prepared it can take between 6-12 weeks to fully heal :-( sorry to end on a depressing note

    Wishing you a good recovery

    Dixie x

  • Thanks so much for your advice it really means a lot :) thank you! I thinly that's what I'm going to do, I know what you mean when I'm up and walking its not so bad it's when I attempt to stand up or sit down I can't get comfy, if I move my legs to go up the stairs anything like that and I feel like I've been shot!! That's what I've been trying hot water bottle and pillows underneath me to stop me putting so much pressure onto it, it's just a bit of a waiting game hey! Thanks so much for your advice yet again :) the next challenge is now telling work I won't be able to work for this week! Wish me luck!

    Thanks again,

    Charlotte xxx

  • I must admit I would stick with the Tramadol and Paracetamol - it's just as effective as co-codamol if not more so.

    Neither will cure your broken coccyx anyway - it's a nasty painful little fracture, but will mend itself in a week or so. Stick with what keeps you comfortable - you don't need to be sick to your stomach on top of it!

    Moffy x

  • Thats what im doing for the moment, thanks soooo much for you advice its helped me make my descision!

    thanks again,

    Charlotte xx

  • Hi, I really hurt myself when I was 15 on a bolting horse. I couldn't sit properly for ages afterwards and did not have to deal with FM. I am more than twice that age now and mostly don't notice a problem except when I have to sit for a long time on a hard surface or a convex cushion/chair such as an office chair. If it is concave I am fine. It is possible to get cushions with a cut out for the tail bone which you might like to get for long term use. I usually sit to one side, on one cheek then the other. I am so used to it I don't think about it until I encounter the wrong seat. Sorry to make you feel even worse, but this could be with you for a long time because of FM. Could I suggest you make sure your Vitamin D levels are up too as this will help with your bodys repairs and strengthen you bones for the future.

    Sorry, meds kicking in and falling into a sleep so not really thinking very straight. Hope I haven't said anything wrong, I am honestly trying to help not depress you, but I find honesty helps in the long run.

    Take care. The bruising with ease soon. Soft hugs

  • Thank-you so much, dont worry about it at all. You've helped me giving me an insite into what I may have to come! ive found myself doing that, like i am now half on my side but not, but yet im still in pain! its just so tricky ive had enough and its only 2 days!

    Yesss i so hope some of the bruising comes out soon ive had none yet only a bit at the top of my back. I've got some voltrol that im going to try i think!

    Thanks again

    Charlotte xx

  • Oh, forgot to say, try an ice pack rather than a hot water bottle. Heat will add to the pain as it will increase the bloodflow. Well, try it anyway. xxx

  • I wonder why they told you to stop your paracetamol & tramadol? I take paracetamol & codeine which to my understanding is what co-codamol is I also take naproxen & tramadol for the pain, all prescribed by the GP. I would call your pharmacist and ask them what you can and can't take, more times than not they have more knowledge about drug interactions than the GP's

    Hope you're feeling better soon x

  • I'm not sure it was all very confusing and I cant say i was paying all that much attention I was in so much pain I just agreed to everything and annything! Thanks lots though I may give that a go :)

    Thanks again,

    Charlotte xx

  • I fell down my stairs last August and did a good job of it 2 fractures to my right collarbone ribs etc. However the Hospital gave me Oramorph a liquid morphine which meant I could carry on with Tramadol and paracetamol.What a shame they didn't offer that to you.

    Hope you soon feel better but I know it will take its time. xx

  • Oh bless you I hope your fully mended now :) My mums a nurse and she thought thats what they would do, considering they know I have Fibro and its all pain releif managed if that makes sense. Its just made thing difficult for me having to switch and swap tablets and cause pain everywhere else as well as my back due to the change in tablets! but oh well!!

    Thanks again for your adive and kind words :)

    Charlotte xx

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