a daily cold?!

Hi, Lots of mornings when I wake up I feel as though my chest is very slightly congested but it's only once I start moving around I have the symptoms of a cold, e.g. keep blowing my nose and have a chesty sounding cough. I've had an x-ray not long ago (for another reason) and that was clear. My nose isn't blocked when I wake and I sleep only through my nose. I wondered whether it is an allergy, e.g. to house mites or maybe the result of inflammation as I do have bursitis in my shoulders which makes sleep painful, also soreness across both sides of my collar bone (the fibro points). Just wondered if anyone has any ideas.

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  • Do you sleep in a warm room or with the heating on? I know if our room is warm or stuffy I always end up with a blocked up nose and it takes me at least until lunchtime to feel unblocked again.

    Piggie hugs xxxxx

  • Hi secondhandrose ~ I get this, along with really sore ears and throat, and shivers on a daily basis, I was referred to the ENT... and the result came back that it was linked to fibromyalgia... Soooo honey... I would get confirmation from your GP... Hugs x

  • Hi, thanks for answers. I do sleep in a room that is sometimes warmish as my husband has end stage renal failure, has to get up very early in the morning and really feels the cold so has to have the heating come on very early, but the problem is not related to heating as I have it in the summer, sometimes as much or more than the winter. Also my nose is never blocked as I am only comfortable sleeping when I breathe through my nose and am sensitive to air not being able to come and go freely through the nose. I wake with a clear nose and throat but a congested feeling in the chest and it's only once moving around that I get the coughing and/or cold symptoms. Then for perhaps half an hour I feel as though I am coming down with a heavy cold but then it disappears! I'm inclined to think that it may be an allergy, perhaps to dust mites or something similar, or maybe is a stress reaction to have had my sleep disturbed by fibro. Thanks anyway, any other ideas/experiences will be much appreciated.

  • Has it been particularly bad this year? My husband and I go through a similar sort of thing every morning. We sleep fine, not locked on waking, but sneezing, runny nose, compressed airways....almost feels asthmaticy, but clears on it's own within an hour of getting up. We think it's the weather. So wet with more funginspores flying around.

  • Yes, that's exactly what it's, my chest sometimes feels congested when I wake and if I start moving around enough to start me coughing then I do cough up phlegm but clear and obviously not infected. Also the cold symptoms you describe and they clear like yours fairly quickly and suddenly. Yes, it has been wet so there will be many more fungal spores. It is like hay fever which I've also been getting since a traumatic fall three years ago which must have triggered an immune reaction, but seems to occur at times that don't fit with high pollen count. Thanks for thoughts.

  • Blocked ! Doh!

  • Doh, no blocked dose!

  • I have started taking Sambucol and it really helps the immune system and shortens the length of a cold. You can get it from a chemist or off the internet. If I get a cold and cough, the pain from sneezing and coughing is so bad and I end up in spasm so this Medican helps.

  • Hi, thanks for info, but I won't take meds as what I get isn't a cold, it just feels like one first thing and then disappears within the hour, after that I feel fine. Thanks anyway for the thought.

  • I have the same symptoms as you when i get up in the mornings,but it also takes me ages to straighten up and move about

  • Hi, thanks for replying, yes I had those symptoms throughout last winter, much better now but have the problem after sitting watching TV etc - I've just been diagnosed with fibromyalgia as well as osteo-arthritis and I'm wondering whether the chest congestion is inflammation another symptom of the fibromyalgia.

  • Just a thought. It could be connected to the mess you take.

    Piggie Hugs

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