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my cough is getting worse although it is only when I lie down at night.i try to sleep on my right side but still cough a bit then I turn over to lie on my left side which is the only side I can sleep on and am coughing for ages.i wonder if it could be linked to my rib pain-it is my left side where my ribs protrude and are most painful.

I did see my DR a couple of weeks ago because I was coughing at night and he said my chest sounded fine end of story.he said no more as seems to be the norm.should I go back and see a stomach has also got quite a bit bigger in the last 2 weeks and I still don't think it is "gas".I guess i will have to wait until I have my gallbladder op to see if its anythingor not .i am sure my dogs know something isn't right because of the way they look at me and one of them begs me not to go out when I have to.i am not stressed at the moment so I know its not that they sense.

I also wrote back to the practice manager and said that no one had ever mentioned stomach gas to me and if it is that no one has said what to do about it.(or anything else for that matter eg abdominal; lumps )and coughing for so long(since september)and worsening.


(ps pic is of my staffie X gsd.)

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Has your GP ever mentioned acid reflux to you ... That can cause a cough at night as you are lying down acid can rise up with little tiny bits of food and irritate your oesophagus and make you cough. I am not suggesting that's what you have but when I wasn't on my omniprazole I had acid reflux in the day and at night I used to cough. Since being on my tablets my cough and the acid reflux is under control and I don't have either symptoms.. I didn't think it could cause a cough just at night but apparantly it can ...

VG x


hello VG

I have had acid reflux for years and that is possibl;y the cause as it has returned twice when i let my prescription run out and was without them for a few days and have been on omeprazole for a long time .i note what you say but I have never had a cough with acid reflux before .last time I saw my DR he said increase omeprazole to 2 a day.he never said that acid reflux was the cause of a cough but there again he hasn't really ever explained anything to me ,say what something is or verbally acknowledge what I tell neighbour today commented that my stomach was much bigger and that I looked more pregnant than her daughter.


That's a very strong possibility. Hadn't thought of reflux!

You've had digestive problems, anbuma, so maybe you do have acid reflux - it could explain a lot of your problems!

I'm sure your GP would be happy to prescribe omeprazole or something similar, to see if it would help you - it doesn't cause any upsetting side effects.

I hope VG's suggestion leads on to some relief for you - definitely worth a try!

Your dog looks very nice and cuddly, by the way!


Moffy xx


hello Moffy

thanks fro your comments.i have been on omeprazole fro several years,as I said to VG in response to her comment my Dr did not say the two could be linked.

my dog,Annie is very much staffie when it comes to people-she loves people but is a nightmare around other dogs .I wasnt able to upload a pic of my other dog but will try again.


I just feel if I got some definite answers from dr's as to what symptoms are I would probably feel more confident that nothing serious is going on .all i feel is a hard lumpy mass in my stomach and have lost weight fairly quickly recently which could be digestive .


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