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Do you really have "Fibromyalgia"?

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As I am unable to create a POLL I will have attempt to do this in a post.

In the year before developing Fibromyalgia were you treated with any

Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics,

this is a list: If you were treated with any of these drugs in the YEAR BEFORE developing symptoms please leave a little information on

The drug used and for how long.

A guess at period between taking the drug and your symptom development.

The symptoms you developed.

Ciprofloxacin (Cipro)

Gemifloxacin (Factive)

Levofloxacin (Levaquin)

Moxifloxacin (Avelox)

Norfloxacin (Noroxin)

Ofloxacin (Floxin)

It is interesting to compare the symptoms of Fibromyalgia with the problems people are having after being treated with Fluoroquinolone's, the stories make interesting reading. The more you search on these synthetic antibiotics the more you find and the more horror stories you can read.

It is more than interesting to google Fluoroquinolone Fibromyalgia.

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Nope! Never had any on your list. 🐸

What are they generally prescribed for?

No none of the names are familiar to me so had to look it up. Very revealing that just the one I looked up warned against having it you had a whole list of other problems or had had in the past eg arthritis which si many of us have. Will be interesting to see what others say.x😁

Wow! that makes some shocking reading!

I don't think I've taken any of the drugs you mention as I only agree to taking antibiotics if I have no other choice.

I do worry however about Statins as I take them, and there are well documented research articles of how this drug affects your muscles. As I had to weigh up the risks of taking Statins i.e. premature death of both parents to heart attack. Brother and a sister and myself with heart problems. I was diagnosed with Fibro before I started taking Statins, and I take the lowest possible dose, but I don't know if my Fibro is affected or not.

I must admit that I always have a very cynical outlook about Pharmaceutical Companies and their lack of ownership of the side effects caused by their pills, so nothing really surprises me anymore.

Thanks for posting this.

GP. 😊😊

Hi Greenpeace,

I was worried about taking statins too. After reading 'the great cholesterol con' by Dr Malcolm Kendrick idecided to stop them. He explains how vital it is to have cholesterol, you would die without it, so when its reduced you can become ill. He looks at all the reports and studies that have been done and conludes that cholesterol doesn't cause heart disease, it is sugar that is dangerous. That's why I'm on a low carb high fat diet. In particular, he says the studies show that statins don't do anything for women at all. Side effects are not just joint/muscle pain, but brain fog too. I only ended up on crutches and have worsening brain fog withim months of takin statins.

It's a very individual decision whether to stop taking statins or not, but I feel I have made this decision armed with all the facts now, rather than those promoted by the pharmaceutical companies and my prescribing doctor. Both of whom make money from statins. I think he said the only benefit is with men who already have CVD who get on average an extra 2 days of life on statins but suffer side effects in the meantime. Countries who have a higher fat diet have less heart disease. Go figure!

That's why I'm now unsure if I have fibromyalgia or not! :-)


No, none. Thank goodness.

Interesting... I was prescribed an antibiotic a year before I think I started with fibro. I had a wasp sting that became infected and my leg swelled up. I also had an awful kidney infection about a few months after that and had antibiotics. But I can't remember the exact med only that I took very very low doses just to clear the infections. I'd never been on antibiotics before then or since.

All the other 'causes' of fibro haven't applied to me - i.e. stress, a traumatic incident, an accident, serious health issue etc - I can't pinpoint what sparked my fibro off.

nope i haven't had any of the medicines on your list. x

Nope I have never had any of them

Linda xx

I have just recently been diagnosed with fibro when I went to pain clinic. I was attending pain clinic because of my oesteratheritis. The dr I saw done some pin tests on my legs etc asked me what was giving me pain. I informed him it was my shoulder,hip,back n neck. It was quite obvious I was a sufferer of mental health issues due to the self harm scars on my arms(which were on show). He asked me if I suffer with depression on which I replied I have unstable emotional personality disorder. He then asked how I was feeling at the moment on which I shed a few tears n replied pretty low not just because of the pain I'm in but had not long had results back from a genetic test for lynch syndrome msh7(mutant cancer gene) n it was positive. He took all this dwn to paper n then came up with the diagnosis of fibro. He asked if I had any questions but to be honest it was late I was feeling low n in pain so I replied "no" n went on my way. On the way home I said to my carer that dr never acknowledged that I had oesteratheritis he only mentioned my prolapsed disc n now he's diagnosed me wiv fibro. Can the pain I'm getting in the new areas neck,shoulder n hip not be the atheritis spreading? My carer's reply was I don't know. So what's does the pin test prove? Is this a normal test done to test for fibro.?I'm already on a few pain killers which only ease the pain not eradicate it. He gave me a script for some chilli cream to rub in on painful areas of which didn't help much. I can't get my head arnd this diagnosis so have asked for a second opinion. Have I got fibro? Who knows Cz I don't know a lot about it what do you think?

never taken these but ssri s and other antibiotics

also muscle relaxant in pregnancy and i never really got back muscle tregth after that . it was called yutopar nasty drug gave me severe palpitations .

Antipsychotics are not nice to take I know that much. I was put on pretty much every one under the sun before they found one that suited me. The side effects were absolute nightmare. Some of them made my MH issues worse. Sometimes you do have to wonder if all these meds are helping or not. I'd like to say they are but I just don't know. I feel bad having to take 4 when I get up then variousness doses of things throughout the day and then six tablets when I go to bed. I'm 28. That's not normal right? Lol x

Very interesting post indeed! However, I have not personally taken any of the above mentioned medication. Thank you for sharing.

All my hopes and dreams for you


I've had Fibro for many years now so it's difficult to remember but I do know that I was quite ill with lots of urinary tract infections and bronchitis, pluericy, glandular fever so if they were around 20 yrs ago I can be sure I would have had them, iv definitely had ciprofloxacin but can't remember when or for how long. When I had really bad infection in my abdomen I was also on antibiotics before and after a hysterectomy so on them for about 4 weeks. It's funny cos I would say I started all the symptoms around this time.

Hope this helps and I'm going to go read the link

Luv Jan

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Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics were introduced in the mid 80's so it is possible. Many people have bad reactions to them immediately but not all.

If you had a bad reaction to Ciprofloxacin I would definitely question it.


had ciprofloxacin ,it is a antibiotic that nearly killed me!!

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