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Is Fibromyalgia something else?

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I’m starting to really wonder what more there is to this fibromyalgia Dx. I don’t really feel my doctor did a whole lot of investigation. Have any of you actually asked about the tests that were done to rule out something else? All I have been feeling is progressively worst. I was being treated with antidepressants that has eventually caused me problems. More problems than I initially had. My sleeping was worst than ever.

So I ask, do you know what you don’t have? Cause how many of you were on antidepressants before you had fibro?

I think we need to start researching that more. As well as various diseases that are replicate symptoms of fibro. There is so much we don’t know.

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I had it since 1979. I spent $30,000 of my own money trying to get a Dx...& I wasn’t making all that much money.

They told me it was everything under the sun...except what it really was.

A fibromyalgia diagnosis was arrived at using a pressure point exam, and an exclusion of all other possible diagnoses. Nowadays the pressure point exam is enough.

Heart and lungs diseases were ruled out with ECG, scan, blood tests and respiratory tests. Lupus was ruled out with blood test and examination by rheumatologist. Arthritis ruled out by blood test. Rheumatologists (2) settled on fibro via pressure point test and questioning.

I'd also researched online and had it down to either lupus or fibro.

Agree more research is needed into the root of fibro. Personally I think it's a problem with the sympathetic nervous system and possibly a mitochondrial problem.

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Yes your right there are similar conditions, I have cfs /sleep apnea as well so was hard to find the right doctor to diagnose both the fibro and cfs separately, I was on citalopram before as used to get down and felt unwell for many years so who knows was it because of this. If your not sleeping and feeling much worse check in again to see doctor, perhaps a change of meds ? I was on citalopram for along while but been on dulotene one 60mg tab a day the last few months I’ve been more positive, I was told it helps with fibro pain and anxiety I had through feeling so poorly after a bout of flu and couldn’t climb back up . Differently meds trial and error. If you would like to lock your posts here’s the link as only our forum can see for more privacy, take care x

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I had citalopram to

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Sorry what is Dx? Healing hugs xx

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Dx is an abbreviation for diagnosis :)

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Thanks figured that out x healing hugs x

Have you been referred to a rheumatologist at all?

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My GP did tests for lupus, RA and thyroid problems and came to the prognosis of myofacial pain syndrome but also fibro. When I eventually managed to see a pain specialist he confirmed the diagnosis and said K was on the correct medication. An Occupational therapist, physio and acupuncturist all came to the same conclusion.

I found no help with antidepressants as unfortunately none of them suited me.x

My Dr told me each time what they were testing for and what results were yes.

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