worst fibro ive had up to now

worst  fibro ive had up to now

ive had fibro now for 7 years and i thought id gone through the worst pain with fibro and that was until i moved home 3 weeks ago the pain i felt was like no other pain id had before it felt like i was in a car crash and it wasnt good as i can remember when i got hit side on in a motorbike crash i had ten years ago when my leg was twisted under the car that hit me when a member of the public lowered my leg so the car could back up off me and as my leg came free the driver of the car drove forward trapping my leg and the pressure of the car moving forward twisted my leg and the pain was the worst pain id had in my life but the pain i felt the weekend that i moved home was more that ten times worse, my legs went to jelly as if they were broken and the pain got worse the more i moved about and my arms felt the same it was if someone was pulling me apart and it was agony, even now after 3 weeks im still in sever pain and my legs and arms just give way even if i just do little things and my pain killers dont touch it and my other meds citilopram and gabepentean dont help so has anyone else gone through this type of problem when they have over done things and what did you do to help some of your symtems

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  • Hi

    I had the same thing when I moved house nearly 2 years ago. I didn't think that I was doing too much, but I obviously was and the stress too didn't help. It's strange what can set off a really agonising phase of pain. Like you I felt like I'd been crushed by an attic Lordy, and joints were so sore and felt like jelly and as if they kept popping out. I couldn't hold a thing for a good couple of months.

    Unfortunately nothing the dr prescribed helped the pain, that's not to say it wouldn't help you though. I just had to try to relax and let it take its course and used Volterol gel where I could.

    I hope that your dr can help you with something.

    Try to rest and take care.

    Best wishes.

  • I can commiserate as I was the same when we moved house last November. I had the biggest fibro flare ever. I think we have to do . We do much more than our bodies are capable of and adrenalin keeps us going. When the actual move has been completed it is as though our bodies say "it is back time now matey I am going to really make you suffer for abusing me". I have to admit it was some time before the pain and fatigue went back to a more manageable state. I know it is easier said than done but just try to resr as much as you can . You will slowly get yourself sorted. Hope you are liking your new home.🏡 x

  • Hi aidybaby1

    I am so genuinely sorry to read this my friend, and I sincerely hope that you feel better soon. When my pain becomes too much for me I have two different techniques that I use. I have a TENS Machine that helps most of the time with my pain levels and I have a MediPen that I inhale from (it is a legal cdb inhalator).

    If these do not help me at all I then seek medical advice and intervention. If your GP is not able or not willing to give you anything stronger or review your medication for you, it may help to pop along to your local ''walk-in centre'' and tell them exactly how you are feeling?

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • many thanks for your kind words and imfo, il certenly look into what you have told me,

  • :)

  • When I'm severely flared my Dr does me a prescription for Diazepam. Also when I was diagnosed my specialist told me the main tablets to take were amitriptyline so if you're not taking those it might be an idea to go talk to your Dr 😁!! Hope you're feeling better soon 😁

  • Tired both but have 23+ years amitriptyline no longer helps with Pain at all and diazepam only takes edge of pain when it flares up 😟

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