Hydro is no good for fibro

Afternoon everyone.Was just wanting to share my latest hydro situation. Well the water was lush,so warm, but unfortunately it didn't work out.My second treatment was OK until I got home.My goodness it hit me hard.my whole body hurt.Every bloody joint,bone,muscles,.I honestly thought I had been run over.Went back the following week and told my physio what had happened and I burst into tears telling how I had felt.She went easier on 3 visit but I still felt awful.To top it all I get back to my car to find a blasted parking ticket for not displaying my badge properly.Well I just sobbed,it's 30 miles back home.on a good day it's takes an hour to travel,was the worst journey ever and I feared I would crash my car!!! So I thought about it and told them I wasn't doing the last 3 sessions.I found a sport therepist/masseuse and after 2 treatment of 30 minster each I feel great.She working on a very sore frozen shoulder, which was fobbed off at hydro as nothing, I now have a little movement back and the incredible pain has eased no end.So hydro is no good for fibro,in my opinion. It's getting to these appointments that is the problem,I have so many foggy days,or days when my stomach is so bad I can't leave the house,but yet I got told off for cancelling my appointments,if they understood fibro surely they should show some compassion,instead I got wrong!!Yeah, that really made me feel better...Not !!!!! X

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  • I found our local gym is well versed in how best to help, I did however benefit from the hydrotherapy pool, not for everyone but worth a try xx

  • Hello..I,m guessing you had more than 20 mins your first session? That's too long! A frozen shoulder can affect anyone not just fibro sufferers,a physio will work on muscular weakness..joint pains are usually ground exercise,,did you go to a private centre or an. Nhs hospital pool?? I found the private physio were dragons on me and stayed with the.nhs. don't be put off trying again maybe get someone to drive you? I would live in warm water if it was. Feasible! Good luck using massage my muscles could,t stand being touched!!

  • Hi Millamoo....What a shame the Hydro didn't work for you....I read your post in trepidation as I hope to start Hydro this week.....Maybe it will work for me and I am glad you have found someone who can help you...I agree the travelling part is rotten I sometimes wish I lived in the middle of a city, so much more convenient!! Don't mean that really I love in a lovely area. I will let you know how I get on!!!! x

  • Give it a whirl trikki I,ve been doing it for 4 years (hydro that is)! yes its not for everyone but I would have one installed if I could!!

  • I'm the same 6 sessions granted and the first three I felt worse but suddenly after the 4 th felt improvement and by the end I had much more movement and less muscle pain. The physio said he was sure he could have helped me further but was not allowed to so more than the 6 sessions.

    I was fortunate that it was only about 20 minutes from home and I had OH to drive me as I was actually on another planet for a couple of hours afterwards. I am sure I am related to a fish🐳🐋🐬🐟🐠🐡 as I feel so much better just being near water let alone in it. I unfortunately find the local baths too cold and it just seems my fibro off worse.x

  • Hi rosewine. meet too with the local swimming baths BUT I discovered ours has a Jacuzzi and whilst my daughter has a swim I have a soak in the warm bubbles, I find if we go near closing time (7pm) I,ve got the tub to myself and I can do a bit of the work the physio taught me.. Just a bit down I can,t go today coz I need to, I had my arm/shoulder injected with a steroid today as| grow calcium crystal deposits and that is mega painful , it stops the bone rotating in the joint!! Only 2 days until it kicks in and then SPLOSH I.m in that Jacuzzi!!

  • oh you poor thing.Having shoulder trouble myself I can truly understand the pain you are in right now.Wishing you well soon.x

  • Certainly will. Do you have to start off slowly? I will have a 1/1 with the Physio first who will guide me as to what I should do...Still a little anxious in case she expects more from me that I feel I can do!!! x

  • nothing to worry about, at the end of the day YOU have the right to get out of the pool whenever you like and a good physio will tell you.Mine was actually in the pool with me at first,, in the pool and surrounding there are chairs attached to the floor of the pool, a waterproof sunbed attached to the side that swings you into and lowers you into the water, (that usually for stroke patients or paraplegia) there are floats of many shapes and sizes that the physio will show you how to use, but initially you will learn how to stretch muscles and keep your balance in the water (I had weights attached to my ankles at first to stop me floating off) and I wore a rubber ring or arm bands until I was confident.. There,s not usually any swimming allowed as there might be more than you in the pool but mine used to let me have a swim about (actually I practised a Samba walk across as I miss my dancing) but basically its a 5 minute do as you like until she say "OUt" Good luck tell us how it goes , maybe we can persuade others to try it!

  • How do I find one near me please

  • Hi hun- mine is provided by my rheumatologist and physio, you could google for one near you? my hospital one is on google. I think you have to be referred unless you go to private one-I don't recommend private as it seems they are just a kids pool and are not warm enough for fibro or other arthritic conditions.. Approach your physio/.occ health/ rheumatologist, even if you don't, have an apt write in to them and say people are recommending it, can you get some..good luck I hope you get there and like it.

  • Hi fed up, I was referred by my GP to rhemey doctor where I go once a year.They referred me to the physio team where I had a pain management lesson and from there to hydro.Can take a long while to get sorted with an appointment. It's worth a try as it has given me confidence to go swimming every week and exercise that waye. GOOD LUCK.x

  • Don't get me wrong,Julie my pysio was fantastic and it was one on one but my mental health worsened and bowels played up and i just couldn't leave the house so I couldn't attend.All in all its a 3hour trip for me to get to hospital and home and as I have no one to drive me I had to go alone.So it was a combination of events that made me stop going.Am sure you will be absolutely fine and if nothing else then you can say you tried.xx

  • please do as it would be interesting to see how you get on.Doing the hydro did do me a favour in that I now go swimming in a private pool once a fortnight and can exercise at my own pace.xx

  • millamoo so sorry it hasn't worked out for you it is a long drive for you to have to undertake on your own. I was lucky with mine we were only 20 mins away with a marvellous physio and I had so done to drive me. I actually felt worse after the first 3 but by the time I had the 6th and unfortunately last sessions I could see the inprovement.

    So glad you have managed to get help for your shoulder and hope that the improvement continues.x

  • Me again, at my local hospital we formed a self help group and we pay £6 per session ( 6 in advance payments) so that we can book a slot, there is only a life guard on duty and the fees pay for a Porter to keep the pool clean and a small fee for the guard.. Maybe suggest it at your next apt or to the physios.. we did have to push to Board to allow it but they now have more "paying guests" than NHS.

  • That is what made the physio mad as he said the hydro pool was not being used half the week and he was willing to offer more sessions. If he was ill or wanted a week off they wouldn't even pay for a replacement. It was only a small pool but lovely and deep and so far warm,bliss. Whilst he was packing up he used to let me go for a gentle swim for 10 minutes. One of the other people ha inf hydro send keen they had only gone to shut up their GP or specialist up apart from someone who was ex army who had had an injury and he needed the help of the physio such a shame and such a waste of a faci!ity.

    It seems unless you have an injury or something new entirely you get a couple of sessions of physio, if you are lucky and have someone who will push hydro and perhaps acupuncture and then that is it get on with it. For 6 years I had electro acupuncture at a clinic run by the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital in Birmingham but in March the specialist retired and no replacement so all his clinics finished. I just think k they are so short sighted.x

  • Ive been waiting 6 months for a physio appointment for my shoulder and neck. I used to attend self help hydrotherapy group which cost £6 for half hour session once a week at the local hospital hydro pool so lovely and warm . I found the pool very good for getting me moving and it also helped me sleep better at night, but the getting showered, dried and dressed afterwards was really hard for me. At first I wasn't able to function the next day (sometimes lasted 2 -3 days) but this got less and it was also good socialising with others who understood what I was going through. I had to give it up after a year and half because I lost my job and can no longer afford to go. I miss the people there though and if finances get better I would love to return to it. NHS won't fund anymore sessions for me.

  • I'm sorry for all the mishaps that are happening to you & have been there! Please keep going on. You don't really have a choice but to see it through. ( you could stop but then the stress of feeling like you didn't see it thru would probably wear you down anyway) I hope things improve in your situation & glad to hear you aren't wearing a brace which is detrimental for frozen shoulder. Peace please find you! 🌸🌻🌺🌼🌷💐🌹

  • I am so genuinely sorry that it did not work for you and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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