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Can anyone else place a certain event in their life when fibro hit them???? Ive had fibro for years, Docs say its prob due to a car accident i was in when i was 17, I was diagnosed 6 years ago after 12 to 18 months of constant aches and pains. I'm more inclined to put it down to a long.... period of stress from 2004 to 2007. In May 2004 my husband and i bought r first house together, I had a 14 year old son and 16 year old daugeter from my first marrige. I gave up my council house that Id lived in since I was 19, In June 2004 my 14 year old son was diagnosed with Severe liver and bowel diseace, all this while working full time and arranging my wedding to take place in Sep 2004...

In 2005 cracks started to appear in our marrige due to no support from my hubby with my son , in 2006 I left my hubby, put the house up for sale, I went back to live with my parents with my kids to get support with my son so I could keep working. My daughter and myself were on a bed settee in my mums kitchen, my son was sleeping on the sofa in living room. We lived like this for 6 months, 2007 came and I finally got rehoused by the council but had to resign from my full time job so i could be with my son during 6 months of intense treatment. This is when i got diagnosed properly with fibro..

The car crash was quite bad, car flipped over 3 times. I had whiplash, sprained anckle and torn sholder muscle but i was young, fit and healthy. No other probs untill 2004, then the bout of intense stress... I think its the stress not the crash?????

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They say this don't they, trauma stress ect, I really can't say had both of these , I've had this for at least ten years , but didn't get the extreme pain until the last two. I know I've only recently been diagnosed but had two injuries over the last four years both did not heal right at all. I know now it's because I had fibro the whole time. I reckon it's there all time something just fetches it out. Anything can trigger it, if its traumatic enough . If I was to choose I'd say stress,, because it effects the brain and the hormones.


could be the damage from the car crash plus the later stress caused the fibro problems.



Post natal depression triggered mine at 21 also just found out I have had lupus since I was approx 15! Caused by glandular fever! Only went to see the rheumi for my fibro now I'm told about the lupus :( whatever next :( only 43 feel 93 most days!!! Soft hugs Leese x


I was fine until I had my first major op at 24 I just didnt heal right , nerve ending on fire I think the op set me off, I was diagnosed at 25....

But I guess no one knows for sure why it crops up but I sure wish they could find a way to cure it not manage it....

VG x


I think mine was my first major op and not being given blood transfusions during surgery despite being a " little bleeder " for which pelvis's are known for


Hi there

I believe they say everybody has it but as jjjoy says it takes something to trigger it.

I also had an unfortunate car accident in 2003 resulting in my 4 x 4 been flipped onto its roof and turned numerous times I had the children in the car with me :( we were very lucky the children were shaken obviously but fine thank goodness!!! I on the other had subtained whiplash & an injury to my elbow which still gives me grief :(

However it wasn't until 2009 that I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia , I had suffered badly with out realising that something could be done to help me!

My gp is fabulous & really tries I just wish I had not spent 6 years trying to cope in constant pain managing on paracetamol & trying to work a job where the family didn't treat me nicely. I suppose the nicest thing they thought they could do was make me redundant it wasn't what I needed at the time but it proved the right decision in time.

I hope my circumstances throws some light & helps you or others as I'm also curious how fibromyalgia comes about.

((((Hugs)))) to everyone xxx


Yes mine was DEFO down to a fall i had i missed 2 steps off the top of the stairs and hit the bottom wall hard i chipped my cocyx bone known as the tail bone and knocked my vertibrae in the middle of my back ive a curved spineas well, i have had alot of stress as well and thats not helped BUT the fall finished me off. Ive had FIBO i would say about 25 yrs now.Now i trip and fall and lose my balance frequently, ( not funny) and concentration comes and goes as well.Im actually going to learn REIKI in the next few months as that and YOGA and meditation helps me with my symptoms to cope better, that and eleviating as much stress as you can from you life and taking responsibility for who you have as friends, and situations that cause you more flares, i try and get rid of and have a more peace, around me.STRESS is a killer anyway and im more a holistic person, having said that we all need to try and find what works best for us individually both in lifestyle and tablets. Good-luck in your journey. xx


In 2007 i was fit, healthy and full of life. My OH worked away a lot and i worked part time with end of life patients and their families, had 3 children (one with Aspergers Syndrome), looked after my elderly parents and had a full social life...i never sat still.

Easter Monday we had a big BBQ for friends and i remember feeling unwell which was very unlike me. I went to bed while our friends were still here and i slept all night. In the morning i felt so poorly, the light hurt my eyes and i had an awful headache, my OH was worried and looked after the children while i lay in bed. As the morning went on i felt so ill i knew i needed a doctor. My OH came upstairs, took one look at me and phoned the gp. The receptionist asked questions as they do and told OH to get me to hospital fast. I couldnt get dressed and had my sunglasses on and a towel in front of my eyes as i couldnt stand any light at all. I remember casualty sounding busy and i was leaning up against a wall while OH booked me in and thats it.........

I woke up in a dark room with my sunglasses on and machine beeps. I had been out cold for 5 days and i had meningitis. My skin was dark purple angry blotches and i felt in so much pain. The docs discovered i had a brain condition during an mri scan called Arnold Chiari Malformation which basically means my brain stem is too big and it doesnt fit where its supposed too and causes allsorts of problems so ive had to live with that too.

I never really recovered from meningitis, the docs kept saying its after effects until i changed my gp last year. She wasnt convinced that i should still be like this so many years on and eventually i was diagnosed with fibro, which all the docs agree was triggered by the meningitis.

My life has changed so much now, but i know im could have been a lot worse,i just have had to adapt to my new slow pace and get used to pain xx


It could well be a combination. In my experience, for most people, the onset of Fibro is a combination of genetic susceptibility, trauma or illness or an ongoing painful or physically stressful condition and mental/emotional stress.


Mine started in the early 90's, after my abusive husband committed suicide, having done everything he could to alienate my friends, leaving me with two children of 3 and 1. A combination of that caused PTSD and my younger child had ADHD to boot. I brought my children up solo, because I could no longer trust men at anything more than a purely social level.

In 2006 I had my gall bladder removed, closely followed by a bout of shingles, which brought the condition into focus fo my GP. Previously I was just being treated symptomatically.

Cheers, Midori


Both my love,

I had a accident in 2001 when someone came into the side of the bus I was driving and I was thrown from side of my drivers cab to the other then I started stressing because I could not work and I was worried about my bills as I was a one parent family then as I found the strength to train for something new and get rid of my abusive husband . The consultant told me that they were both the cause of my Fibro it stinks I know but one thing triggers off another and then another. Good luck honey

Gentle hugs xx


Yeah both I think


I have cfs for years, and had years of extreme stress..... but they say the fibro started with a car crash and whip lash injury.... The fact is I've had undiagnosed cervical sponsylosis, which was picked up because of the car crash....

I personally think in my case its a genetic thing....and to do with leaky gut syndrome. I personally feel that its all to do with a build up of toxins in the system, which my body can't deal with......and make me unable to deal with emotional and physical stress.....

So what came first? The toxic damage? The stress? Or the car crash LOL.

It seems to me that doctors are just looking at the consequences (the end game) and not the biological causes.

After all .... how many people have major stress and are involved in car crashes and don't get cfs or fibromyalgia?


ive had fibro for years too mine started when my son was 2yrs when my ankle gave way & i almost fell down the stairs,but my hubby at the time was a violent person mind i give as good as i got ... but after a third, divorce i was quite well for a while then as time has gone on i have got worse but the same i have good days & bad , but just recentley ive had alopiecia & now im diabetic too, so i cant really pin point at time as when it started, just that ive got worse over the years i have just moved into a flat but im up on the 2nd floor so have a few stairs to climb but i am right on the new doctors doorstep & just got a new gp so she very understanding & hopefully can sort me out but im not getting any younger i hope your having a few good days too, hugs for you :)


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