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Fibro flare new to this site

Hi I have had fibro for app 8yrs it was well controlled with medication but app 4 months ago I was very emotional I went to a new GP as my regular GP had retired she decided that I would be better on a newer antidepressant I was on Dosulepin it was changed to sertraline. I did feel better emotionally but gradually my muscles would not relax my body was constantly tense I just could not relax, I was also on pregabalin the doctor thought I would be better coming off that I was on 6 a day, so I cut it down and she put me on amitriptyline I had been on this previously but had come off it as I was waking up convinced that someone was in my room I thought I was going mad!! and I also had tinnitus because of it, but because I was aching all the time I am prepared to give it another go.

October I had blood tests the doctor called me in she was concerned that it was a connective tissue disorder and not fibro I went to the hospital and the consultant confirmed it was fibro the usual advise lose weight and exercise easier said than done.

I live in Glasgow and my family live in Manchester 16/12 I went home I always seem to have the energy when I am there to clean from top to bottom my dads house and visit everyone, I always come back a few days before I am due back at work.

i was due to work from the 30/12 I was extremely tired I was aching I felt dizzy I got in the car to go and then realised I could not drive I got a GP app I was told that it was viral I put a self certificate in feeling guilty about being off work.

I was so exhausted and still in pain also not sleeping I was off work until Tuesday this week I did not feel better but as it is an invisible illness I felt I should go back I have got a good boss so I am on a phased return just now.

i went back to the GP today she was pleased that I had gone back to work she did say to take care not to do to much. today she increased the medication to 125mg amitriptyline and she has made me a referral to a fibro doctor at Monklands hospital I think it will be good to see someone who specialises in fibro because they should understand everything about how I feel.

I just want the tiredness to go and I want to be able to have a good sleep and be pain free is that such a big ask?

it will be good to join in this community to get advise and suggestions or just support from people who understand.

i hopefully will be able to be of help to others and I dont always write such a lot you will be glad to know.

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Hi there bracken, I'm on sertraline but only half a day, it's just enough to make me a bit better emotionally, I can't take amytriptalin , so why don't you try half sertralin then whn you body has adjusted to it you could go up to a whole one, sometimes I take another half in the eve when I'm feeling rough, it does work , hope things work out and you find what works for you.....gentle hugs...Dee. X

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Sorry I cant help with a lot of that med but I'm on Ami 40mg and its starting to settle down. It makes me sleepy normally but doesn't seem to be touching pain. For me it's early days. That dose looks like its the ami doing it. That's enough for a depressive! Oh, and Ami is not new but is proven reliable. You look like you have a good supportive GP. Maybe go back to your old mix. If you find something that works it's best to stick to it until it loses effectiveness. Hope that helps.

Gentle lavender scented hugs.

or is that lavender scented gentle hugs?


Hi Bracken1

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in this way at the present time, and I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to your issues.

I was wondering if you were aware that Amitriptyaline has a sedative component to it? I was also wondering if it could be this that is causing your tiredness? You say you are talking 125mg, well the maximum dose is 150mg, so you are nearly at that stage!

There is an alternative, there is a medication called Nortryptaline that is just the same but with no sedative added. I was wondering if this may be better for you? It may be something that you could discuss with your GP?

I sincerely hope that you can find the answers that you are looking for.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Welcome welcome to our site it is brilliant. There is usually someone about who can assist and give advice as we all suffer the same good old fibro.

Remember what ever advice you get is personal and you really need to see your Gp to change meds or discuss new things that happen to you.

TThe site offers amazing support and info one of the bet places is to go to sign up for the news letter and check out the info while you are there.

We are all a bit bonkers and enjoy a good laugh or indeed just to lighten our mood so do join in if you fancy



Good morning and welcome to the site I see that you have already been given better advice than I could, I dont have any experience in some of these drugs. Thats the best of this site no matter what usualy some one has been there done it and got the t-shirt Hugs sue


Sue thank you for your kind welcome you will see that I was trying to reply to everyone but ended up instead of a new post I replied to me!!!!! X


Hi, I am from fife and I'm surprised to see that there is a fibro doctor in Scotland. I have always been under the impression that it is only my gp that can treat this illness. I had to fight to see a rhuemotologist, to then be made to feel like I was wasting his time. It seems to have been a constant fight to get a diagnosis and after my diagnosis over 2 years ago it has been a nightmare to find medications that help me. My gp has admitted he had very limited knowledge of fibro therefore I feel I'm not given the best chance of controlling this horrible illness. I am currently on 50mg amitriptyline and recently I have had my pregabalin increased to 600mg a day. Do you know the name of this fibro doctor? I'm now wondering if there really is more help out there than I have been led to believe. X


Thank you to everyone who replied to me I am sorry I was not back sooner but yet again I had forgotten my password this happens a lot to me not sure if its what they call the fibro fog, I have been working this weekend I put in a new password on Tuesday I tried numerous combinations like capital letters etc but no I could not get in. At the health centre now you can book appointments online so I registered everything was ok then I tried to get back in I failed the security question (what is the name of your first school) that should be easy but no I failed!!!!

Cookie I take 150 mg of Sertraline I feel that this is working for the depression but Dosulepin must have had a sedative in it and a muscle relaxant as it is really since the change of medication that I could not relax my muscles.

Fenbadger thanks for lavender scented hugs I just love lavender I buy from Avon that sleeptherapy I think I am addicted to it before christmas there was a sale and its normally between 3 and 4 pound and they had it for £1 i bought 40 could not resist its nice to give to someone as well.

The amitriptyline was not working but when I went up to 125 I feel a tiny bit better. I do have depression aswell so that and the sertraline should make me emotionally stable. If the amitriptyline kicks in I will reduce


ken thanks for your reply at christmas I was only on 50mg the sedative effect I certainly didn't feel I was very tired but just could not get over to sleep in fact just last week I bought herbal tablets to help me sleep (typical they work for 1 day only). I work shifts as well so my bedtime routine is never the same in fact when I do a late shift I finish at 10pm and then I drive home app 30mins then take medication try and unwind then sleep.

Leigh I did not know there was a fibro doctor until last week I will need to travel to the hospital Monklands it is about an hour away I have not got the name of the doctor but I will let you know. I am hoping to get the right medication to relax my muscles and to keep the pain away.

the GP I see now is very nice I try to get all appointments with her as you know now you are registered to a practice and not to a doctor.

gins thank you for your advice as well.

how am I feeling now I work in a homeless unit and when I went back I was told that I could get a phased return so the first couple of days was alright but I have just worked two back shifts 2 were 3-10 instead of 2-10 and then today was early it is usually 8-4 but it was 8-2pm I am off tomorrow and then I am back on Tuesday 4-10 instead of 2-10 I have not had my return to work interview yet just because of the busyness of the place

so I asked what am I doing on Tuesday she said come in at 4pm then we need to look at wrapping it up in other words back to the proper rota.

I am still exhausted still in pain and have yet to bring in the subject of night shift I do not like night shift because it physically wears me out and I get really low but now with the medication I feel that I


Hi braken im quite new to site I was answering people and gettin no response dnt know if ull get this not very good with I pads etc welcome anyway to our personal world cos nobody else has clue boohoo xx


Hi Booohooo

I'm sorry you feel this way especially as a new member but there are many members who do not individually reply to people especially if they have received many replies to their post. I really hope that you won't let it put you off replying to posts in the future.

May I also remind you that your participation on HealthUnlocked should be with respect, honesty, and in the spirit of supporting and learning from your fellow users.

:) xxxsianxxx :)


HI booohoo yes I got it thank you so you have managed with the technology... My problem is remembering pass words I am forever having to change them. sorry this is a short reply I am at work just having dinner but will chat soon. thank you for the welcome xx


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