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new to fibro

hi everyone

Im new to fibro and trying to understand and see if i have this as my dr thinks i could have it.

I was dignosed with underactive thyroid last year and became very unwell, was also b12 injections

every 3 months and folic acids 5mg and levo 150mg.

i still struggle with my energy level and tired all the time, i have constant backache but had that for years and sometimes it completly goes on me, i have random ache and pains the only way i can describe how i

feel is when you are be coming unwell and you get body aches and like someone is randomly sticking a pin in you, my finger feel tight when i mke a fist and find my joints ache. I feel like i can deal with the body aches but the lack of energy and tireness really gets to me on a daily basis. I wake up in morning feeling like ive been on a night out the night before. I just dont know if i have fibro and i try reading but nothing registers its annoying. When i read your posts i feel like you are all in alot of pain but for me its more annoying aches. Just dont know anything anymore and doctor has put me on fluxotine.

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Most people say its likd haveing flu everyday xx


Hi jayuk

Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. As Cefn48 says, it is akin to having the flu everyday (or at least that is how I feel quite a lot). I ache in my body and I feel chronic fatigue for a majority of the day. I genuinely hope that you can ascertain a diagnosis one way or the other?

Take care

Ken x


Morning Jayuk. It has taken over 5 years for me to be told that it is fibro.The pains are quite bad some days but at this moment in time I can put up with it .But finding it is the tiredness that is bringing me down . It is 6.56 and l should be up and getting ready for work (Just won't to go back to sleep.) .


Hi there and welcome to the sight hope you come back time and time again and share and enrich your days with us. I can identify with what your say when I used to be visiting my doctors regularly with no explanation to why I had the symptoms I had pain tiredness the list can be endless but the tiredness that's the worse. The chronic pain can be tiring in itself as we never rest from it much but a kind nurse gave me to understand that when we sleep the amino acids generally flush out the previous days toxins that build up in our day this helps our renewals and healing process. With fibro this doesn't happen much so we are left feeling tired and it never leaves me I know this. Good old fibro always leaves us with one thing stress affects us and worsens our condition. A fibro management course really helped me understand my own individual fibro and how I can manage it . It will never get better but I can stop it from worsening . I personally have other painful conditions that worsen my stress as pain = stress so its difficult to do much at any one time without it tiring me and leading me to exhaustion but its manageable so I can git through most days and achieve my housework make my own meals and visit my family. Im planning to visit the hydro and relax in its warm pools and visit Avebury my ancestral home. One thing I know for sure if Id known how to manage this at the beginning I could have probably been doing so much more. In my experience if you manage your stress well then it seems to stay as it is but if you push fibro it worsens and never gets better, so if you can manage it you'll keep all the quality things that you have in your life now. Well im rambling a bit so take care and be kind to yourself. xx


Good morning, welcome to the site. :) I see that the others have covered a lot of info.

We are all different in the way that we react to fibro I used to have a lot of pain but now it has settled to aches and cramp like pain most of the time, that i can deal with. But as my pain levels have come down the fatigue has gone up.

Please dont think that this may happen to you. No one can predict how it will affect us in the future and you may start to feel better as you learn how to control the monster.

To find out more info about the site and fibro go to

Hugs sue xx


If you already have underactive thyroid and B12 and folate deficiencies, it is highly likely that you also have a vitamin D deficiency, which may well be the source of your pain, as could issues with your thyroid meds of which you may be unaware. Get yourself over to the ThyroidUK board here in Health Unlocked and the knowledgeable people there will help you.

Do not let anyone give you a fibro diagnosis without ensuring first that everything else that is going on is optimally treated.


Just as an adjunctive I will offer the fact that my Brother has under-active thyroid.

He lives in USA. He went through hell, he was calling me daily, it was only when one specialist Dr (after about a year) suggested he try natural thyroid that he started to improve.

The medication is much more expensive each month but works for him and he is no longer in pain.

As Ansteynomad said,,,, Get your self over to the thyroid site and start learning for your own good!


thanks for your replies. i had my vitamin d tested and that came back ok. My thryoid levels are fine now think they are 0.77. Just feel so frustrated, and feel these days the doctors dont have time to listen and i want to know one way or the other if i have this then i can adapted my life around it, it jjust the not knowing.


Im on same tabs as u with acid reflux and im so tired all the time and its does feel like flu everyday x sometimes worse that other days with me its if im stressed or ive not had a gd sleep xx


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