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had enough now

other day i postede about icthing it turns out aswell to be fleas and carpet ,only moved in the bunglow in jan ,im still icthing ,i dont sleep ,my anxcity levels are stressed ,i cant think straight ,i keep crying and shaking ,got into with council monday told me to stop in bunglow until tuesday till pest control came out ,but was that freaked out i abanded the house with partner and scared to go back in ,the council saying no were for us to go ,even with my medical problems ,got a letter of doc saying not to go back in as im to ill and stressed has it coused me ,but council wont listen ,

ad for fibro its just fatgue the wdh women said ,well broke down infront of them again but cant help ..

our local mp sent them a email stating need to be rehoused but no reply .,,even the council women would not go in house due to health and safty other day ,so at this time on floor at mums .dad and oh2b empty the house ,and im not having the carpets ,or bedding ,couch as it may be infested ,.top it all of little moths flying about in bedroom .im at wits end,and homless ,to scared to return ,my legs a bitten to hell and shaking through this ,dont no what to do know ,wedding in 8 weeks .please advice asap ,

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Oh Tinkerbell,

I was just talking about your problem and you know it is an impossible situation and there is nothing i CAN say about it.

So instead I am sending huge jinourmous buckets of happy sunlight to lighten your life up. It is time things turned in your favour xxxgins


Hi Tinkerbell66, so sorry to hear about this horrendous situation. And to have your fibro dismissed by these two jobsworths like that! What do they know eh?! Plus you have the wedding looming as well! My heart goes out to you, my love. I hope that you get some good luck soon, it sounds as though you are due for some! Lots of love, very gentle hugs, Julie xxxxxxx


{{{{{{{{{{Tinkerbell}}}}}}}}}} very soft soothing calming lavender fluffies and tea tree healing fluffies for the itching. It must be awful for you and cannot imagine the level of stress that it must be causing you and your family.

Please can i suggest some diapragmatic breathing exercises for you to help with the anxiety these are 2 of my relaxation Posts from the Past



A trip to a local advisory service such as CAB or DIAL may be worthwhile for you too as there may be soething that they could do to help you with respect to appealing.

Wishing you wellness and thinking of you at this stressful time any time you'd like to talk there are always people listening and we will help if we can :)

:) xxxsianxxx :)


Hi Tinkerbell66,

I'm so sorry that you've been treated so badly by these jobsworths who have'nt got an clue about what its like to be in your situation (i wont get started on a rant about what i really think of these people).

I will try and send you some hope though.

A good few yours back myself and two young children were put into a temp flat by the council, we moved everything in and and like you i was bitten for england, (lucky my mum had the children so i could get it sorted).

I could see the fleas jumping and it does freak you out, i moved out like you until they treated the flat and then myself and sisters went in and scrubbed the flat making sure we did all round the floors then had a good hover (making sure we binned the hoover bag), we then went out and got another few cans of flea spray and went round all the rooms again...

It did take alot of courage to go back but after a few days and knowing that that the flat was really clean i began to fill more settled, Please don't be put off it only takes a few people to help have a deep clean..

I'm sending you a big sunshine hug.


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Hi tinkerbell66,

I can only send you my sympathies for your situation and hope it is resolved to your satisfaction very soon. Wish I could offer a solution, as I can't will send big hugs :)


thankyou all for soft hugs ,update went to council again today ,said we will fumagate it twice more then be ok ,how it has affected me im really frightend to go back , they had me in tears again telling me go back back but no way on earth i was going to ,and be ctold no properties at all ,so got back home at 5pm got phone call and belive it or not offerd 2 properties to go look at ,my doc told me coz of mentall heath issues and stress not to move back in ,anyway council as put us up again for weekend ,so a nice comfy bed tonight , still feeling like shit ,but at least may get moved ,this time flea spray all round and painting it before we move , got to get intouch with dhss for grant for carpets yets and hopefully get keys next week , keep you all posted xxx


it would be great to hace new carpets wouldnt it :)

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I really hope that's alls well that ends well. Fleas can be treated and the second dose of fumigation is correct as the first time wont catch any that are still eggs. That was an appalling way to treat you though I have a tiny bit of sympathy with council as they can offer nothing if they have nothing. Just shows you have to pester to get results but you really could do without the added stress.

Lavender scented hugs. :)

Oh, and keep a can of spray around for a few months. They will possibly hatch for a while yet. I think you had overwintering eggs and cysts that emerged when the weather warmed up.


Hi Tinkerbell66

I am so pleased it is working out for you as you deserve so much more than being offered a flea infested home, this is somewhere you want to live in. Do agree about deflating first as they need to be totally killed before you move in, I know you can get fleas from new carpets and what you need is some industrial flea killer/disinfectant.

Good luck for your wedding I really hope things work out well for you

Good Luck and kindest regards

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Hi tinkerbell66

I have read your post with so much pain and sorrow for what you are going through and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue.

I really hope that the properties that the council are offering you turn out to be great for you.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Hi Tinkerbell66,

Just wanted to say how sorry I am about whats been happening to you but lets hope things are on the way up from now on and I hope you enjoyed a good nights sleep. Big hug.xx


As much as you have my heartfelt sympathies, you really do, as i know its one of the most awful things to endure.

But if the boot were on the other foot, how does this person cope?

someone not getting income support/housing benefit, but trying to hold down a job, born with disabilities, have no other family but their other half, both trying to pay a mortgage that one salary only just about pays and still has all the usual bills to pay, but they find their property infested, wether it be by rats or fleas or other unwanted species, there is no one to turn to for them. Well not without a hefty bill at the end of it!

I'm not asking you to judge, but to spare a thought that although it sounded like your council didn't care, they have offered to help you. I think i read right that you moved in, in january, but all of a sudden now March /April you are experiencing problems.

Please don't think I am being harsh or rude in any way, i have just read your post from a different angle.

This isn't a hypothetical situation, this story is true and this couple were expected to sort out the situation themselves! No help for them!

I think above there is some great advice, some good deep breathing exercises to help relieve anxiety. Its far better than taking pills!

There are some fantastic good working flea sprays on the market, usually the strong ones come from the Vets.

I hope you are able to moe ack home soon xx


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