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can't sleep!! feet are burning

As tired as I am, sleep has evaded me for the past 4 hours. I've tried meditating and listening to relaxing music to combat the tinnitus, but I'm wide awake. My feet have a burning type sensation that is pretty painful and keeping me awake, this happened last night too but I managed to fall asleep.- my back is so tight it is very painful too - even though I had chiropractor at it earlier, and it did feel relieved for a few hours.

What is happening to me? I feel like the fibro symptoms are getting worse. Is it just the tiredness?

signing out with hot sparkles xx

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hi bless you i had a month of that but the last 2 days although i am in pain ihave managed 3/4 hors sleep instead od 1/3 but it is awul i can hardly move my arms today so a big arghhhh as it is so frustrating so i do sympathise with you bless your bones

love diddle x


Hi Suzy, tried all that myself last night but it didn't work for me either so thought I may as well get up. I've watched a bit of Daybreak and last nights Emmerdale on catch up, done a load of washing and am now tumble drying it cos its hammering down with rain here in Wales.

Hope you have a sparkling day but without the hot feet, love Angela xx


hi, I have burning feet but think its due to being a diabetic, i purchased 2 chillows and could not sleep without one for my feet every night as this is one of the things i feel can keep me awake, when i am on holiday i have to sleep with wet towells round my feet and i take a couple of fans to cool me if i am too hot it is a waste of time trying to sleep, i purchaes the chillows from amazon but you can get them on ebay as well i think, its lush when your feet or head is hot just put the chillow undrneath and wow cooooooooooool my huby used to jump if his feet touched the chillow he needs warmth and that was the days before fms now i sleep in my own room in a single bed how sad at (53 on sunday) it is to be in this situation but he needs his sleep in order to work so it was best for both of us for now.


i did not go to bed till 2am but was still awake at 5.40am. feel very tierd but did not want to get out of bed this morning.took awhile to get dressed. don,t feel like doing any thing.


I have had many a sleepless night due to burning feet and restless legs. Until I went camping a couple of weeks ago!!!!! Which was seriously cold :(

However my legs and feet felt much better. Since I've been home in the evening I take everything off the lower half of my legs and feet and keep them as cold as I can. I've found this helps a great deal and while the sensations have not completely gone they are much much milder and I am able to sleep better :)

Much love and hope this helps xx


Hi,sleep is a nasty word as it wages war with me nightly.I have tinitus.I am using a sound emitting machine from audiology.It has a number of sounds e.g sea,rain.I thought silly idea when 1st it was advised but it has had success.I get some zzzzz with machine on timer plus night meds.As another battle with sleep looms I sam trying to relax before I get to bedroom!


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