Does stress make things worse

Hi folks.  I know this may have been discussed before. But as I am knew to this  my doctors still think I am stressed even though Fibromyalgia on my records! Yes I am looking after ageing 93 year old parents independently living! Also have CPTSD husband on autistic spectrum ,  all found out in last 12 months so symptoms seem to have flared as if my body can't cope with the stress and all the symptoms have increased and has become a regular daily thing as it did 3 years ago when we had 4 deaths to cope with.    Thanks for any comments . 

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  • Hi there

    The short answer to your question is a very big yes!

    Any form of stress will flare your symptoms. The more stress the bigger the flare. 

    Considering what you have been going through I am not the slightest bit surprised you are suffering. 

    I really feel for you and wish you much peace in the days and weeks ahead. 

    Be kind to yourself 

    Lu xx


  • Agreed. A big yes. Stress makes many things worse, not simply fibro. I think the mechanism is like stress chemicals deplete our resources so when we have something or something comes along, it tends to be worse. There's little you can do about some things, but avoiding as much as possible (in your case that doesn't seem to be much scope) can help. Even though you may not realise it. Gentle hugs to all of you.

  • Definitely yes,  😟

    I find that I can't cope with things like  I used to, I looked after my parents in their later years and ran a home etc and I look back now and think how on earth did I do it,  don't know if it's fibro or just getting older😟

  • Hi emphatic YES from me too..........over the last year after my diagnosis and on WRAG I was able to get in tune with what fibro means in my life..and I am certain beyond doubt about stress effects on how bad my fibro is!....

    Sometimes  situaltions arise that are awfully stressful, I too am dealing with some life stuff....however I am much more protective of myself now, and am a changed person really, I say 'no' when I can, and am learning to be compassionate to my self too.......its not easy , but I have to try to do something..flares are so miserably debilatating...warm wishes..

  • You have had a lot to endure. No wonder you're stressed! Anyone would be.

    In answer to your question, yes, I think that stress makes the symptoms of Fibro worse, which adds stress, which make the Fibro worse........ 

    I hope you get some help with looking after your parents and hubby. It's too much to cope with on your own. I am sure that you do it without complaint but there will be some help out there. Hopefully another forum member will know more about what's available to you, I'm afraid I don't know enough to be of use 🐸

  • Unfortunately the answer for me is yes. My mental health and my physical health do impact upon each other. I know when I'm feeling down or stressed that I have an increase in physical symptoms. I think its partly to do with how the emotions make us tense up and that increases our problems.

    I'm sorry you are dealing with all that stress its not easy at all. Is it possible to get some restbit care or something like that, just to give you a break?

  • Yes definitely as when we are stressed and you have enough to make you stressed our muscles tighten up and we are blind to feel more pain and more fibro fog which in turn makes us even more stressed so it is like a vicious circle.

    I had to do th same as you and look after two very I'll people just after having had to look after someone else, hold down a job Etc and I was reasonably fit then and sometimes wondered which way up I was so put fibro into the equation. and you are hardly going to be calm.

    Do try to have a little time to yourself as our bodies won't let us burn the candle at both ends without tuning around and biting us. Take

  • Thanks everyone. I am dealing with family but my  body still knows!   Xx

  • First I would like to tell you so sorry for all of your issues. I say yes 100% stressed and I commend you for even being able to put it in a msg.I wish you the very best and may you be blessed. !!! Peck🌹🌹🌹

  • Hi Sunsh1ne

    I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are suffering and struggling and I have to agree with your other respondents and say, yes! I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please look after yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you so much . I have some good things in life and lucky in so many ways  . Funny thing is now all my support is on line for all my issues . Just amazing forums out there  and this one . 

  • :)

  • Yes, yes, and yes! My heart goes out to you with all you are dealing with. It is no surprise that your Fibro is flaring. I went through similar to you with my parents in law, mum lived to 96 in her own home a half hour drive away. Also an elderly aunt twenty minutes away in a different direction. My Fibro really came on with a vengeance during that period, and even worse after it ended. Somehow you keep going through it all, but it does take its toll. Try to be kind to yourself, even if it's a fifteen minute break to rest, distract yourself from everything else with a book.

    Very best wishes 


  • Thank you Mariliz. its exhausting isn't it and I'm so glad someone else understands how ill I feel . And soooo tired I fall asleep all the time . (Except last night when my shoulders kept me awake! Lol  have to laugh or would cry 

  • I sometimes think having a sense of humour is essential, especially with this illness. Take care, and look after yourself.  I hope things will get easier for you soon. MariLiz 

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