Does anyone know if damp patches on your ceiling could make fibro worse?

Does anyone know if damp patches on your ceiling could make fibro worse?

Since I've been living where iam now about a year,I've been noticing what looks like damp on the ceiling directly above my bed and in the bathroom.It started off as one slight patch but has now spread along the ceiling and it's now very black.I have told my landlord previously and sent him a picture today.I was just wondering today if it could have contributed to my ill health lately?Since I've moved here I've been very depressed,pain,fatigue,migraines have gradually got worse and I now feel very weak.It might just be a coincidence but thought I'd ask peeps on here as someone may know.I used to have damp in another place I rented and when my son was born he had a lot of chest infections because of it.Does anyone know or am I being silly? :O

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  • No your not been silly! I'm sure it don't help having damp above your bed, I would keep on at the landlord to get it sorted out and quickly.

    sending you Hugs

    Maz xx

  • I agree with Maz haribo, you should get on to your landlord immediately, there is clearly a damp problem and it is requires that landlords keep their properties in good working order for people to live in. Is it a private rental or so you have a managing agent ? If so contact them and say that the matter needs attention urgently, I have learnt to my own cost how not grasping the nettle early enough has made the matter more complicated. Easily summed up -- inform your landlord or agent immediately tomorrow morning. There are many requirements of landlords to maintain their properties properly and this certainly is obvious in your case !!

    Wishing you good luck and let us know how you get on. :-)

    Foggy x

  • AH HA .....was just researching this - & the main point is:- that if you think it may be affecting your health "talk to your health care provider as soon as possible". Ref MOULD AND YOUR HEALTH

    My thoughts on this is that it may provide some security on the fact that - if you complain u could lose your accommodation.

  • damp and wet always means mold..that's hazardous for your health.

    It has to be fixed, sooner than later..If I was the owner of the house, I would

    want the tenant to alert me to this so I could get it fixed sooner than later.

    The snow is going to fly very soon..

  • I told my landlord a very long time ago when it first started and he supposedly sent someone round to check the roof?not sure what that would have done and he said that he will put ventilators done and then heard nothing else.It was only Yesturday that I realised how bad it's getting and sent him a pic.Do you think I should mention that my health has got worse to him?x

  • Morning Haribo36,

    Here is some advice from Shelter regarding this problem;

    Hope this helps

    Emma :)

  • Many thanks,I will tell my landlord that my health is suffering,thank you :)

  • No worries, I would suggest considering recording everything in writing.:)

  • I don't know how likely it would be for him to ask you to find other

    housing so he can fix it..I see that Mdaisy has some reading

    for you. I will read it as well..

  • Hi Yikes, I don't think we get this same amount of the white stuff here as you do in the states, but the farmers round me in very rural Devon are predicting a hard winter............ Oh joy be unconfined !! ;-)

    Foggy x

  • I also live in a house with mould on ceiling in bedroom and bathroom, I have had two lots of chest infections, throut infection I could not talk!, I have been getting a lot of infections since the house hss been damp, I have even had it so called fixed twice, I am ringing them today having yet again another infection at this moment:( all the best x

  • I haven't had any throat or chest infections just recurring urine infections but have noticed an increase in my fibro symptoms x

  • aww..that's not good. I do so hope that they get a move on fixing the problem.

  • It might just be condensation. You should keep your home warm, but open a window for a while, especially after cooking or having a bath/shower. The dampness always finds the coldest, airless spot and causes mould. Having said all that, I still get mould growing and use bleach to clean it off.

  • Thank you,my bedroom window is now open and the bathroom window was already open but have opened it more.I have spoke to my landlord and he said that he will be putting air vents in and will clean it off x

  • according to those photos it looks like he may have to get rid

    of some of that ceiling and replace those black areas..maybe

    it's not that bad..but if the landlord wants to do the job right the

    first time, it would be better to replace the wet spots..who knows

    maybe it's just some staining of the ceiling..Glad that he is going

    to give it attention through..Good for you for sending that picture to

    him. =))

  • Thank you,how are you today?x

  • I had 3 whopping hours of sleep, not enough. I just couldn't sleep last pain or anything,it was just one of those nights.. My shoulder is bothering me just a tad when I lift it to brush my hair...nothing unusual.

    I hope that you have a joyous's very cold with the brisk winds so I don't think that I will be going outside much. I have a table of crafts to do and the neighborhood women like to join in...I am sewing all weekend. I have kids clothes to mend (for a local charity) The high school kids went and collected clothes for families that need it...some are perfect, just missing a button or the zipper doesn't work so I can fix that stuff up..The neighbor ladies do designer crafts..I envy them for that..they are so crafty like Gins is.. I do not have that kind of patience. =) What are you going to do this weekend? Anything fun?

  • It's my sons 5th birthday so will be taking him out.I just hope that my fibro is kinder to me though as getting out has been a struggle.Will go out tomorrow and Sunday so I will be paying for it double time next week.I can usually force myself out even if fibro is bad if it is for something that I really want to do.Iam not going to let my son down so it will be an early night tonight in readiness for the week-end.Theres some Halloween activities that he wants to go to at his old nursery tomorrow and he wants to go to a huge park where there is a train ride plus will go out for sumthing to eat.What crafts do you do?x

  • Oh,and I forgot that he wants to go to a very noisy indoor soft play area where there is usually screaming kids so not much fun with fibro! :O

  • yes damp patches are very bad for health.get your land lord to rectify it soon as mother in law had same problem in her flat,kept getting chest is bad for your lungs.

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