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Things that make us smile!

This morning I looked up and I had a visiter he was climbing out of the tree down onto the top of the wall He - well he must have been a male with that poise and proud ownership of his surroundings. He didnt stay long stepped through the fence and gone. What memories he conjured up of my black cat when I was a little girl he was called Set after the sun Gods Cat. Like all cats he had that marvelous presence of place. He certainly brought a smile to my face.

Now what things make you smile? xgins

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Morning gins, there are quite a few things that make me smile, so I will not do what I normally do and ramble on, but say that my little jack russell who is just so tiny, makes me laugh so much, she has a habit when she gets excited if dancing up and down with her front paws, the more excited she gets the faster the paws go, also when we've been lying on the sofa and she comes too from a doze she suddenly rolls on her back and scruffles around getting more and more frenetic and then starts to nibble me, not in a nasty way, but probably like he did with puppies before I rescued her (she was used and had four litters of puppies in five years - she's spayed now!! ) it's so sweet,

Having rambled too much, think I've got verbal wotsit ;-) Foggy x


no you didnt ranble too much you obviously love her! :) warm hugs xgins


Thanks gins, yes, I do love her to pieces, she had such a rough life before she came to me poor sweeeee :-) and she definitely cheers me up, along with Mr Benjamin her hairy friend. Warm hugs to you too. Foggy x


Hey ladies, this is all what I call the free stuff in life. joy and a warm fuzzy feeling that we don;t have to pay for or drug ourselves to get!!!!!

My 12 yr old grandson has made me smile this weekend, particularly with his advances in small steps with reading and writing, he is special ed school, has minor autism and cystic fibrosis, but he is well, loves his school and has a fantastic sense of humour.We were watching old episodes of Catweazle on you tube and also some classical music particularly Carmen Burana, he is spellbound by that.


Catweazle how wicked :) he is very special to have a thoughtful Gran like you spidey just as he is very special:) hugs xgins


Yes my grandson is 15 months and absolutely adorable lol. I have him 3 times a week, and although he's exhausting, the smiles he gives me are so precious. Best prescription out there lol x


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