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having thought boiler repared no chance now got to check dial every hour has still losing pressure , ,Still cant sleep ,was up nearllyup all night again ,

now post man came with letter from jobcentre plus with the dreaded letter ,about change in my benifits ,,assement over the phone then medical , cant handle it anymore be glad when mentle heath team ring me up , ,so dont no what i will end up with ,not fit enough for work never mind anything else ,no good of filling forms out with being dyslec or understanding quistness , ,

just dig a big hole for me and put me in it , ,everything coming all at once ,

me thinking was going to be a great year ,

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I t means you can get all the rubbish out of the way and enjoy the rest of the year hopefully

2 of my brothers are dyslexic so i understand your struggle

I am sending you positive hugs as you seem to be floundering in the paperwork etc

re boiler how naff , it doesn't sound like you had a very good service from the plumber ( i am being good today re comments )

i hope the boiler keeps working and you stay warm

we have about 6inches of snow here so far and all the schools are shut

Take care xx


hi ,thankyou for ur support ,im just dreading when the paper works comes regarding filling in the forms,never mind mediacal.

yes thank you for yourcheeky coments made me smil thow .ha .

the snow not to bad only 2ins at the moment but going to get bad later this eveing . but flipping freezing outside .,

warm hugs

tink x


just sending you a warm hug (( :) ))


contact the CAB and tell them you have dyslexia, they are short staffed, but telling them that should make sure you get an appointment.



Hello Tink, so sorry you've got all this to deal with my dear. As Sandra says above, if you see the people at the CAB they can help you complete any benefit forms so that will take a lot of the worry away from you.

Make an appointment though because it will take longer than the allotted time.

Take one step at a time, don't worry about the medical for the moment, just get the forms all sorted and sent back.

Take care Tink, we are always here for you. :) (((hug))) xxx



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