Pain,pain and more pain

I don't when I have been in such pain!! I have had fibro for 16 years... Today is I think the worse ever I'm reduced to tears and sooo low and fed up please can anyone recommend anything . I take Solpadol ,tramadol vit d k2 magnesium. I would be interested in a combination of anything that could ease this horrendous pain I have today.  I am truly beside myself !

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  • You really need to ring your doctor sweetheart immediately, PLEASE!

  • I will but... Can never see same doctor and to be honest none seem to take fibro seriously ! I appreciate your support hugs xx

  • As healthygenes says if this pain is totally unbearable and the worse you have had in 16 years I think a call to your GP is called for.  Symptoms do tend to wax and wain and the weather has alot to do with it.  It is rainy and cold here at the moment and I sure know it but yours sounds more than that. Apart from smoothing over a pain killing gel or hot rub I honestly can't think of anything over the counter that would help.  Have you a bath and if so could you get your hands on some Epsom salts as when we had a bath before moving if I was having a horrendous day it would be a dep Epsom salt bath with handfuls of it in, some calming music and a good soak and then bed with a good book or some other form of distraction from the pain.

    Do let us know how you are.x

  • Why don't Epsom salts work for me? 😥 xx

  • Isn't it strange I was just saying to the OH how one drug or treatment helps one but not another.  Mind you I nearly used to turn into a Mermaid as I spent so much time in the bath I was like a wrinkled prune when I got out.

    I went to a short meeting this morning about the local library and got talking to a gentleman who noticed I had to keep on standing up as I could not sit for the whole meeting on the hard chair.  He has started to wear a bracelet with a magnet on and he says his knee pain has been reduced by half.  he told a friend about it who is a butcher and was having difficulty with moving the carcasses about as his arms were in so much pain.  He bought one wore it for a month and the pain has disappeared alltogether.  I reckon I will be on the internet tomorrow buying one we all get desperate don't we for even a small reduction.  Everytime I have a flare I think of my old bath but have to be content with a hot shower and a magnesium spray which certainly doesn't have the same effect.

    Are you feeling a bit better today?xxx

  • I too have considered a bracelet but you so

    Will understand when I say during the past 16 years can honestly say I must have spent thousands of pounds on the next cure but who can say this may just work.... 

    Thanks for your encouragement and care. Xx

  • We always hope the next one we try might help don't we but with fibro it definately isn't one thing fits all.  Some have tried that Actipatch with a great deal of success I was lucky enough to have a 2 months free trial and zilch in fact the only thing I got was a rash from the adhesive but at least it didn't cost me anything!  Oh well it is only money, ha! ha!  I sometimes wonder if false hope is better than no hope at all.  I must admit I have seen this gentleman before and the last time I saw hom walking around it was more like a hobble so it has certainly done something for him as that is the only thing different he has tried. Of course he has arthritis rather than fibro but just wondering whether it might do anything for my arthritis pains.  Have some birthday money so might give it a punt.

    Hope you carry on improving a bit.x

  • I too have tried acti patch a little relief at first but short lived.  I agree we must keep hoping for  at least some relief! With regards the bracelet let me know which one he uses if you can find out because sooooo many on market it would be good to know which he uses.  Hugs xx

  • Sorry I won't see him now for 4/5 weeks only met him for the first time yesterday.  Will have a look on somewhere like Amazon to see if I recognise it.  I would not think unfortunately that it is a cheap one.x

  • Bless you. Don't know how much you use but I use a huge amount and don't have the water too hot. It helps if I go to bed afterwards. Hugs xx

  • Yes I used to put about 4 big handfuls in but I always liked my bath deep.  Unfortunately when we moved to the bungalow OH did the measuring of the separate toilet and bathroom (fortunately the only room he measured but the most important one for me) and said there was no problem in getting a shower and a bath in.  I queried it but unfortunately trusted him, oh dear there was only room for a bath with a shower over which would have been exactly what we had before or a shower so went for a shower as he was having some difficulty in helping me out of bath.  The other night I was in so much pain I even considered turning up on my friends doorstep with my bag of Epsom salts and my towelling robe to beg a bath!x

  • Why not I say,  I too have moved to a bungalow recently... My husband has severe arthritis so need wet room but... We jiggled all the bathroom and managed to get bath it sooo thankful. Your welcome to use my bath lol don't know where you live I'm sure a friend wil allow it ! Hugs xx

  • Perhaps that's where I'm going wrong. I do like my bath water very hot!

    I'm so glad you're feeling a little better, and can completely empathise with you. I've had Fibro for 34 years. It is so draining.

    Thanks for the much needed hugs.  A warm hug winging its way back to you.

    Lu xx

  • Perhaps you don't put enough  Epsom salts I nto the bath?    It says to put two cupfulls but I don't think that's near enough, it does say on mine if  very dry skin or excessively painful Joints/muscles to put at least half of the bag which is about 500 and to soak for at least 30 mins. 

  • Feeling a little better but pill popped all day had Epsom salts bath but so weary with this horrid condition xx

  • Not sure if you have been to the pain clinic but if you haven't I'd ask the GP to refer you. Also I'd consider taking wassem coenzyme Q10 and DRibose, both support energy function in the body. When we are tired we feel pain more intensely. If you have any trouble with sleeping this will have a detrimental affect on your pain levels. I usually resort to a hot bath with liberal amounts of Epsom salts to relax my muscles. Tense muscles cause more pain. I also use angesal cream an anelgesic cream to numb the pain. Any chronic health condition usually impacts on a persons mental health and leads to depression. It is important that this is treated as depression in and of itself causes fatigue and cognitive dissonance. While we may feel we don't need medication, often it is only when we start taking it that we realise that we needed it. Depression impacts on our ability to process and rationalise everyday interactions, sometimes leading to social isolation, thinking no one understands you or doesn't believe you. Please don't suffer alone. Talk to your GP about the various professional support you can access.  Big hug sent your way 🙂

  •  Your right in saying uk docs will not readily do the full thyroid screening and think your telling them their job! I do take a small dose of thyroxine as the endro specialist found that I have empty sella syndrome ( pituitary glad flattened) I also take growth hormone but none helps with the fibro! Do you know where I could get the full test carried out,? Xx

  • I am waiting for an appointment my GP for whatever reason has seemed very reluctant to send me!  I am a new patient to the practise as just moved and I believe he just wants to start the who process of elimination even though I have explained suffered for 16 years! So can't wait for appointment to come through. Thank you for your comments hugs xx

  • Hi Pattikinsm

    I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are suffering and struggling so much and I sincerely hope that you feel better soon. If the GP's at your surgery are not too good I was wondering if there was a ''Walk-In Centre'' nearby? As you could pop along to one of these and ask to be seen? I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck. Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Have you tried Cymbalta?  My neurologist is trying to talk me into it & says it helps many fibro patients.  I'm not so sure yet....

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