pain pains and more pains

does anybody else having shooting pains in the legs , especialy my right leg that i hurt an year ago its just a nagging pain in it the whole time at the mo , and anybody share all the symptoms with me so i can compare.x.x

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  • yep when I go to bed at night it feels like someones running an electrical current through my legs

  • this week mines been 24/7 and cant sleep for it i want to chop it off

  • not good. Mind you I'm probably not the best person to ask this week as feeling p****ed off with the medical profession

  • no how u feel . iv been going back and for for last 9 months and only when i googled all my symptoms and came up with this and they all fit in

    how long have u had it

  • Oh yes I get them and it sends the leg shooting outwards and all over the place lol like I have been electrocuted, hate it, but makes hubby laugh xxxxx

  • do u have bladder problems

  • I do from time to time, my last bad infection was October last year and and I have had a couple of milder infections this year but not as bad. xxxxx

  • i just started all my symptoms 8 months ago , so no sure whats going on yet lol

  • It can take time to find out just what is going on, they tend to rules out other things first as I do feel they prefer not to rush headlong into the 'fibro diagnosis'. Best thing you can do is keep a diary of what is happening to you, when it happens, how long it last for etc. It gives them a good idea of what is going on and it is easier for you too. What I hate is going to an appointment and then remembering something I meant to say while I was in there. A lot of illnesses overlap and I suppose we could all say 'oh yes it has to be that or no it isn't. By doing this we work ours brains up into a frenzy over it and this can actually make symptoms worse. My torubles begam 26 years a go and back then it took four years to give me an answer. I wish you look on your journey and we are here to support you xxxxx

  • so u have any idea what triggered yours

  • Well I would have been twenty two then. It started about 6 months before I met my present day hubby, and I have been with him 25 years, for some reason I keep saying 26 years lol. I was in a very violent relationship(my now hubby was my next door neighbour). My ex smashed me over the face with a safety gate and split my eye open(above the eye) I had a perfectly L shaped cut from the bottom bar. It was stitched but I got a bad infection in it and became quite poorly, so I am thinking that may have had something to do with it plus all the stress of being beaten by him. My now hubby begged me to leave and go out wiht him instead. He is four years younger than me and if it had not been for him I would have married my ex through fear. I have been in pain ever since with the fibro especially as it is chronic but I am the happiest I have ever been. It takes time but you do get used to actually having fibro but you never get used to the pain, I think you just accpet it is there. I do hope you get to the root of whatever is going on with you as nothing is worse than feeling so bad and not knowing why. Please do not worry if I take time to respond, I am not ignoring you in any way but I am also my daughters carer and I do not get on here until between 4 & 8pm.



  • thats ok ,

    god u just sound like me , my ex battered me too and i wonder if it was set mine of as first started feeling shit after it but just this last year after snapping my achilles its got worse , just been for scan yesterday and got something wrong with my kidneys , so more tests next week lol

  • We all have our own private hell that we have gone through. Stress exacerbates fibro so it may not have started it but it will not have helped it hun. I have popped the plantar fascii in my heel so walking for me right now is hell. I should be in a pastercast, great Xmas photos that would make, so no way. Good luck with the tests xxxxx

  • Yes have had for several months. Spoke to the doctor Monday he gave me hrt, i googled the cream it said not to be taken if blood clotting was in patient history or patient on warfarin. I am not taking until doc gets back from holiday as am on warfarin and have had tia's in the past.

  • planter fascitis is bad , i first started with that 10 year ago and flared up 2 year ago again so maybe way i snapped my achillies , or just geting to old to play sport lol

    no nice being in paster hope u dont have it on to long.x.x.x

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