I hate majicians sorry if anyone likes them but it one thing i just dont like that is until i watched DYNAMO on the watch channel at 7pm last night wow i have never seeen anything like it he is absolutely brilliant a friend told me to watch him and i reluctantly did and he has totally changed my mind well i would def watch him again i think it is on everyweek too on a thursday at 8 or9 pm i dont know if it watch chamnnel or ordinary tv but am gonna set it up on series link he is so different and like i say i had to keep watching him the things he done were out of this world so give him a whirl. in fact i am now gonna dissapear as got to take my doggy out so acra cadabra and whoosh i am out of the room ..............

love diddle

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  • Yep diddle he is GR8 we have been watching him since he started as you said wow how does he do it walk on water a nd walk down a building :-)

    I have not been to good last few days how are you ? Soft hugs

    ))))) Allan x

  • I hate magicians, too ... that's why I haven't watched DYNAMO. I have obviously made a big mistake, and shall be watching next time he's on!

    Love, ladymoth

  • hi you just have to see Dynamo, he is so fresh and different, not to sure about magic, but he's amazing!

  • i think if he done a trick infront of me it would freek me out bigtime..........bloody clever though xxx

  • hes amazing ( hes on watch on a thursday Diddle x

  • i ADORE magic magicians, stage shows and pantomime anything that tests the grey cells brilliant xgins

  • Hi

    I been following Steven Fraine for years, he is brilliant (that word does not do him justice enough). He suffers from Chrons and get very ill when having flare ups.

  • My partner is a magician! I have to admit I was not a fan of magic either until I met him. The dedication and hours/years of practice needed for card magic is astounding and a skill. Dynamo is good, I like him but he does not invent these tricks, just performs them, those are the clever ones, the ones who come up with the ideas!.. but good for him if it changes peoples minds, like here. :]

  • sorry i was not insulting them in any way it is just not for me lol so sorry bless ya i am sure he is fantastic but i like clarivoyancy etc where you prob hate that i feel bad now lol sorry again diddle x

  • Don't be daft diddle, I laughed when I saw the heading is all..I was the same before, not keen..tho I do think Derren Brown is interesting too.. I'm glad you've found Dynamo, he's doing a good thing for the stuffy image of magic.. As is my partner, 'Anthony Black' :] Remember the name! ;p hehe.

    And again, I'm not offended in the slightest, Sorry if it came across that way :]

    Hope you are as well as can be x

  • no lol it didnt at all i jus felt bad i should have worded blog a bit different lol i will remeber the name i think it is true te old ones are stuffy like you say blesss ya glad i did not offend i would not do that for the world love diddle x

  • :] Hugs Diddle, take care :] Jo xx

  • hugs too and hope your husband gets a break and we see him on tv i am sure he does work very hard take care love diddle xx

  • Although this is slightly off the point I to never liked magicians until we had a new cleric join our Church he has been on Britons got talent , he is doing a spot at my wedding in October, I do like Dynamo. so I kinda changed my mind.

  • fuckheads just make me jealous. I dont see the fun in it, this dickhead tricking me, I dont like being tricked.

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