feeling sorry for me

I had a really good week last week, No flare ups just normal pain, my mood was good, I said to my hubby I will have a few more weeks or months or years of this. I saw my best friend and my lovely mum (who I hadn't seen for a couple of months) even managed to have brunch with friends. PAYBACK is NOW. yesterday I had extra pain but thought that was what I was expecting, after all we are not allowed to enjoy our lives for too long are we ??? But last night and now is hideous, the pain and how i am feeling is too much. I am supposed to go to my Self esteem group today but i am sure I won't make it and I have missed one already and if you miss 2 then you can't go again. The thing is the thought of having to get ready and sit in the car to get there and then to be there for an hour and half is too much. I hate to let anyone down but I know I have to think about me. Sorry I am feeling very sorry for myself today, life is really unfair and i am so teary today. Really don't want to resort to oramorph because I hate the coming off it ( I try to use it sparsley) I got abit addicted to it last year. I really never thought my life would be like this 10 years ago. What do they say " life only gives you what you can handle" not sure that is true. I do hope those reading this are in better pain than I am.

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  • Oh my dear Metty.

    Life is so very cruel sometimes, I'm glad that you've had a few weeks of normaltivity(if there's such a word) pls go to your group, you will feel better when you get there, being around other's that understand what you are going through will help. You will feel worse if you lose your place and we don't want that. I know it's hard but we care your friends on here. Go on away and get yourself ready and be ready to face the day with dignity and pride, you have come this far, don't give up now :) x

    I am sending you healing, warm gentle hugs, pls be kind to yourself, your one in a million, never forget that. We are all here for you anytime day or night :) xx

    Gentle hugs,

    Elizabeth :) xxx

  • Can't say I am any better sorry. Maybe if you soaked in warm bath it might help. Or try doing some very gentle stretches. My flare has been going on a week this time. Sorry this is going to be short. My fingers feel like needles. Can you call your group and let them know what is going on and why you can't make it? If it's a support group surly they would understand. I really hope you feel better soon! Others I am sure will be here for you!!

  • Hi metty, I posted earlier how wretched I'm feeling too after a few weeks of bring much better. It's not fair is it, but alas not much we can do. Sending you gently hugs.

    Jo x

  • I had that problem when I was having councilling... Happens with most plans actually... But I explained how FM is to my councillor and they made an exception for me so worth a try? Re: pain relief, I never understand why people get so hung up on addiction, as long as it eases the pain and you can keep getting it who cares?!!

  • So sorry, I think it's worse after we have a 'normal ' time and then we arrive back into fybro land with a bump, sometimes you think you're going mad, I do anyway, how can I feel so good one day then feel like ..... the next? That's the worse thing about it I think you never know where you are from one day to he next, 😬 Hope your flare up is short and sweet, and try to remember,

    This too will pass. 😃

    Ps. I would try and go to your group, I think you'll feel better afterwards, have a long Epsom bath and relax before you go.

  • Agree with you about paying for normal activities, all I did yesterday was go out to lunch, after a couple of hours sitting on hard chair I am hardly able to move today xx

  • Hugs Lou hope you feel better soon!

  • Thank you xxx

  • 😊

  • Hi metty

    I wanted to say how genuinely sorry I am to read that you are now suffering and struggling so much. I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this. If things get too bad for you it may be beneficial to let your GP know how you are feeling in the hope that they can give you something to help?

    If you made it to your self esteem group I then I genuinely hope that it went well for you? I also want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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