Hi guys, I do hope everyone's had a good day today. Thought I would update you all on my long awaited pip assessment today. Unfortunately it never happened. Got a phone an hour before my appointment to say it had been cancelled.. Apparently there was no healthcare assistants in to do my assessment. It has now been rescheduled to next Monday at 3pm. I could have cried.I just wanted it over with but hey ho only a week to go xx

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  • Hi spiritof25, that is really terrible but not surprising. I probably would have cried if it was me... all the stress and anxiety build up, getting flustered etc... it's not fair. I hope it all goes well next time and you get the right decision. Good luck 😊

  • Hi spiritof25,

    I am so genuinely sorry to read that your assessment was cancelled at such short notice. I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with it for next Monday. Fingers crossed for you.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • More prayer time, !

  • Oh dear it's just so awful when they do that. It is soooo stressful when THAT time comes around. Good luck for when it happens. X

  • Hi, this happened to me as well about an hour before the appointment, I had already travelled, it was awful but stick with it and when you do go remember to tell them everything but make sure it is on your worst day, don't sugar coat anything. I know it demeaning but you have to do that to give you the best possible chance of your application being accepted. Good luck and please let me know how next monday goes. soft hugs x

  • Thankyou and I certainly will let you know how it goes.. I've kind of got an idea of what I'm up against so hopefully I'll be ready.. I hope!! I'm at physio that morning too and I always feel worse after that.. xx

  • They phoned me when I was sat in there reception area I told them I would sit and wait they did my assessment

  • How lucky were you?? Hope you had a lucky outcome aswel.. I'm praying to god it all goes in my favor this time as I don't think I could go through it all again x

  • No I had to appeal got there in the end

  • Well I have only just started to try for PIP.. my forms are somewhere in the post! my only advise when seeing a medic or official about your condition is to write everything down, take it with you,, remember the dreaded fibro fog could descend on you during a stressfull interview/consultation.. I often forget to mention something that affects me with Fibro; something quite important , be seen using your notes and slow the meeting down to YOUR pace whilst you find answers on your notes to jog your memory,, one last tip= never assume loss of memory or concentration is fibro, if its bad get it checked out, too much is linked to fibro and can be a very wrong assumption.

    good luck

  • Hi caz, thanks for the info, I have already started to write everything down as not only am I forgetful I get really confused and anxious when I'm faced with someone firing questions at me. I hear them but can't register whats been said.. Hope you get yours soon. Take care xx

  • Hello spiritof25,,, sorry to hear your news,,,getting yourself all prepared and getting all your answers in hand,,,,,,no healthcare assistants in?,,,,it seems as though there is no good rota in operation,,,,very bad management planning,,,,only an hour's notice,,very poor,,,,what would they have done if you had already left to get to the place?

    I understand your frustration at the delay,,,,getting it over with gives your mind, body and spirit the chance to rest for a time,,,,, I hope everything goes well on Monday and 3pm,goes well for you,,,,ttfn from Karen.

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