Blue badge for fibro

Hi guys,

I just thought I would share my good news with you all, as i have been following the posts about bluebadges and fibro.

I had an assessment two weeks ago today, and i just got a phone call. Saying I have been given one for my fibromyalgia.

So please don't give up hope

The assessment lady Sat and listened to how I felt. Didn't rush me,and didn't ask me to walk anywhere.

Thank God it's over.

I wish you all the best of luck with yours.

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  • awesome news. ive been awarded again and waiting for mine to pop through the letter box. there is hope for us all eventually

    hugs xx

  • Yes. Its about time they started recognising that our invisible illness is a real thing

  • Hi there

    That's great news :) It is always great to hear that Fibromyalgia is being recognised more and more for the debilitating illness that it is.

    Wishing you less pain and more peace

    Lu x


  • Thank you so much x

  • Thank you for the post. I have debating applying. I was asked before to come to an assessment but was to unwell to intend then wasn't aloud to reapply for year. I think I may apply again. 😀 Glad you got yours! 👍

  • Great news chuffed for you 👍🏻 X

  • Good news.....I also have a Blue Badge and so does my OH!!! I've had mine for years but OH has only just got his which is a blessing for him as I do not go out all that much and of course he cannot use mine!

    Well done......x

  • Thank you I did have one for 6 years then had pip medical and tgey stopped my mobility, fighting it right now.

    But yes it helps so much

  • Himlvemissy can empathise and wish you good luck. I never ever took my blue badge for granted and am devastated that PIP scored me 0 for mobility. I had the high mobility with DLA for many years, and it's been my safety net, I could never have afforded to run a car if I had to pay tax.

    My husband says that I should know that all they want to do is save all those billions in Benefits and just to leave it.

    Since I had the decision letter he's suddenly noticing all the other people who rely on benefits and are being stripped of them by carelessness like today on the news, the lady stripped of Working tax credit because they accused her of living with a man who is actually dead. My husband is looking at me in sheer disbelief and I say well that's why I'm appealing.

    According to the "laws" of this country people who live with disability can claim PIP. Why bother at all if you're going to deprive the very people it was intended for. We all have to stand by our life story of living with daily pain, fatigue, sleeplessness and a miriad of other things.

    When we get turned down, a lot of us feel like we did when we were first ill and people would treat us as if we're faking it all, we begin to doubt ourselves and the severity of what we endure every single day.

    How can we explain, can we define our pain to someone else? The word fatigue nowhere near seems to give the sense of what our fatigue is like. Or the terrible constipation as a result of the pills which cause such painfull contractions of the bowel, and press on the nerves and cause real pain in the back and tops of legs?.

    You don't want to wish this kind of thing on someone, but it's tempting sometimes.

    I wish real good luck and peace of mind to all who are doubting about re-applying or appealing as I am. We just simply do not live the life we imagined we would before we became ill, that's what I have to focus on, I'm 55 and certain I would still be slim and very fit but for the FM and whoever you are it's the same for you.x

  • Hi hope,

    I agree with everything you said.

    I was on high. Rate dla also. After pip memory 4 points so list badge and car tax.

    I was angry as tge assessment lady didn't listen anything about the fibro, I also have prolapse discs, osteoarthritis

    Said i could walk over 200 metres even though she had letters stating I can't even walk 20 metres.

    All a charade with those people.

    Get a form from your council and apply for a blur badge. Sit and tell them everythingt they did listen. They were the only ones who listened.

    Car tax, I got 6 months while I appeal.

    Im not giving up, I'm going to fight this.

    I believe I am entitled to this help.

    I wish you luck. X

  • That's wonderful news it will make such a difference. I notice it when I take my friend out as it is bliss to be able to park right outside the shops makes such a difference to how long we can stay out.x

  • Wonderful news, very pleased for you :)

    The very best of luck with your mobility appeal! xxxxx

  • That's great news. I'm sure it will be of great benifit to you. I Don't think getting the blue badge for fibro is that new. I got mine about 15 years ago. Happy parking it really helps.xx


  • Thank you so much

  • That's good news ☺

  • Hi question do you have to be on benefits to qualify for the blue badge as I could really do with the badge but a not onanynbenefits thanks 😃

  • Hi,

    I was getting mobility, But with this new pip they said i didnt pass it.

    So I filled in a form from the council, went for an assessment, sat and told her everything about the way I felt.

    And today I found out I got it.

    So no, you don't have to get benefits, and you can work and get one.

    Hope this helps, and good luck.

  • Thanks for the info lovemissy will check out my local council,😃

  • That is absolutely fantastic news my friend, and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I am so happy for you. I hope it makes life a little easier for you now

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