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Hi my fibro friends. Sorry not been on here for some time, Been fighting for a home assessment and they finally agreed. I have my assessment on the 18 th August at 9.00am. I was wondering if anyone has had an assessment done at home, and could possibly give me advice on what to do or not to do. Many thanks in advance. Gentle hugs to you all.xxx

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  • I had my DLA at home, I made sure the person had somewhere to sit. I offered a glass of water and answered the questions carefully. Went well for me. I was asked to climb the stairs which I can do with difficulty. My first thought was to tidy up but I didn't .

    Hope yours goes well.

  • Thank you betty67 for your advice, have taken it on board, very much appreciated. Fortunately I live in a bungalow so stairs I won't have to worry about. Gentle hugs to you Betty67. Xx

  • I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I have not been through anything of this nature but I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your assessment.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you Ken for your kind words and support. Xx

  • I would have refused stair climb as too painful

  • Unfortunately, I have only had assessments at a centre so can't be of too much help but if it is at all possible see if someone can be with you. Best not try to tidy up as Betty says as they will think you can easily do housework. It would be good to keep a log of your day and your difficulties as it is easy to be thrown by their questions and you will have something to refer to.

    Can I just say good luck and please let us know how you get on.x

  • Thank you Rosewine. That is very helpful advice. I will definitely let you know how I get on. Thanks so much. Xxx

  • From all I've read, I would agree you need to have someone with you, and have that person take the notes ~ because it's probably not that easy for you to write, & you'll be able to concentrate on answering those questions. You need to just SIT w/that log rosewine recommends and be sure to reinforce what you can't do, and your bad and worst days ...

    Wish I could be there to help you, sandra80. But most of all ... good luck, and don't be nervous ~ you are ill and you deserve this. Sending positive vibes ... and gentle, soft hugs, bk

  • Just make sure you got some one with you and don't make them a drink they do not offer you a drink when you go to them good luck xx

  • Thank you to everyone who has given me advice, it's really helpful. I will let you know how I get on. Thank you so much. Gentle hugs to you all.xxx

  • Hi everyone, posted my PIP form today, asked for a home visit.

    Every piece of advice helps, good luck with yours😊

  • I'd definitely suggest having a friend or 2 with u as I did for my home assessment. The interviewer even asked my friends how had I been affected by my problems etc ..also don't worry about ur home having things out of place or messy cos at the end of the day ur ill and housework is last on ur list when ur not well... I was told by one person that their interviewer had looked in their sink to see if she had washed up or not lol but mine definitely didn't go looking about like that. And if ur emotional that's fine because at the end of the day this is ur life and it's been rocked by illness and they will then see how much it's actually mentally affected u etc ..

    Also the interview lasts about an hour n a half. They also got me to try to do certain exercises as well because of my problems she only asked me to do a couple of hand and arm strength ones.

    Try and explain to them about ur worst days rather than good days because at the end of the day ur are asking for help because of ur worst days!

    If u would like to ask anything else please contact me and I hope it all goes well for u.. fingers crossed xx

    P.s. I was award higher rate for both for 6 years ..... ☺☺

  • Thank you so much for your advice mimimart. I will have my husband with me, if he is well enough on that day, otherwise I will be on my own. But I will try to do what everyone has advised me. Thank you to all whom has advised me. Will keep you all posted on the outcome. Love and Gentle Hugs to you all.xxx

  • Hope it goes ok for u ..... its sad that when we are generally ill we are made to feel we are making it up and have to endure these horrible interviews to prove we are actually ill.

    I'll be crossing my fingers for u today . It would be nice to hear how u got on if u get the time ... x

  • I will let you know how I get on. Thanks again. Xx

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