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ESA assessment canceled for the 3rd time!!!!!!

Again I've been awake most of the night worrying about the assessment and yet again a doctor is'nt available to carry out the assessment..

My better half has a red mist hanging over his head as we was ment to go away today but we canceled as the assessment came up and did'nt think they would cancel again..

What can i say or do this situation is just getting worse by the day, you would think that having PIP DLA it would give them a clue that im unfit for work..

Well its a beautiful day and im chilling in the garden while my partner taps away on the computer with yet another complaint.....

Sunshine hugs to all viv xx

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HI Viv :)

I'm lost for words........... for once!

It is difficult enough planning our time without inconveniences like that happening and the awkwardness between partners when these things happen. Is there no way that you could still get away somewhere?

If you look there may be some late offers available :)

or if it were a day thing you had planned there's still a few hours of sunlight left :)

I'm going to tinker with my garden shortly.............. well Pots as it is a yard :o It's beautiful outside for a change with little wind blowing :)

Sending fluffies of comfort to you both to ease the frustration and angst of it all

:) xxxsianxxx :)


Hi sian

Thank you for kind words...

Lol we are off to beautiful Cornwall in the morning so all is not lost, my partner said that he kicked the cat round the garden a few times and then felt much better.( i'm pleased to say that we both love animals and dont own a cat).

So your fluffies of comfort have reached us.

Yes its a beautiful day and like you i'm potting in the garden with the washing blowing on the line so all is wonderful with the world..

Sunshine hugs viv xx


I am pleased to hear you're still getting away

{{{{{ viv }}}}}

xxx sian


HiBren876 So sorry to here they cancelled your medical again and missed out on your break away Have you considered contacting you MP I have know people who have done that and it has helped you can get the number off the website


Hi there,

I had problems getting a date for my medical so i did contact my MP(Labour) who hates the changes to the beneffit system. within 3 days i had appointment after he contacted them on my behalf and asked why had i had to wait 12 months for this appointment to be sent out. their response was that they had sent appointment for last September but i was not available for that date., even though i had put dates not available on my ESA50 form. they went on to say that they were sorryas not alll information had been recorded correctly on their system and that i had fallen through their net. so i would say for sure contact you local MP and get them involved.

dont let it go contact who ever is making arrangements for yoour medical and lodge a formal complaint. the company that carried oout my medical was ATOS but i know that the are other companies who do this job around the country.

kind regards



Hi bren876

I am so sorry to read that yet again you have been let down! I can genuinely imagine that your nerves are completely on edge all the time due to this?

I want to wish you all the best of luck for when you do eventually get assessed!

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Hi Ken, thank you for your words, I can honestly say that my body hurts from head to toe, i honestly did'nt think they would cancel but we should know be now that they don't really care about disability and what they put us through. Enough moaning we are off to beautiful Cornwall today and i cant wait, not looking foward to the long journey but seeing St Ives will be worth. I hope your having a pain free day. thank you again Ken. Holiday hugs to u viv xxx


Hi fibro 10 thank you for your message, lol I've been in contact with my MP so many time's that I feel i should put him on my christmas card list.

Gentle hug to you

viv xxx


hi bren876

sorry to hear they cancelled on you again we you should not have to involve mp we should be treated properly as a humam beings with health problems not having to be tortured by the goverment and there scemes that are clearly not working but they will not admit it sendigs hugs lilianxx


hi bren876 and everybody who replied and are waiting for those god awful medical assessments by a totally god awful uncareing company ATOS, may they go out of business... Well what I want and hope is that my the time my medical assessment time arrives, I hope the 2015 GE has accured and the new Labour govenment has sacked the ATOS hard noses, and medical details are gained from the GP,s and hospital consultants at the DLA,s time and expense and then we can be informed of the next step, after all the medical practioners who look after us, know us and they don't waste time telling lies and making things up. The ATOS hard hearts only look nat what they see on the day, not caring or bothered about other days and medical problems you have to deal with. bren876 glad to see that go got away, after the problems those sods caused you and yours, Scouser58


ESA is a terrible new benifit and I have found out that the way they have paid mine out is looking totally wrong. Does anybody have any experience of them getting the sums wrong?, on mine they used a payment figure that is Wrong and now the stress levels are getting Higher, taking them on, god help me. Why do the take the DLA personal care amount away from the figures they say you need to live on?, then they say you have £7.53 to live on?? this was not the case with income support, but is with esa, why? The people behind the desks, don't care they just want paying at the month end. When they say have you been able to look for work?, that is after you have got there on your crutches and with your blood pressure up and blood sugar going down,? work i cannot walk some days. Lets hope with the atos sacking that my next trip will be cancelled and i wont have to look at them again, the bloody tories dont care how much pain and distress they cause to disabled people, who they all regard as sherkers and fraudulent claimants, they should try living in our shoes for a year or ten.


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