Health assessment after PIP award?

I was awarded PIP in November for three years. Today I have received a letter from health assessment advisory service asking me to attend an assessment, has anyone else had this? I do not get any other benefits!

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  • Yes that happend to me to got it in july 2014 for 3 years had my assessment last week waiting to here from it causes so much stress it a joke

  • Not sure if they can call me to an assessment for ESA and then take my PIP award away!

  • I haven't been given PIP yet but had to go for an assessment to get it. I think if you where on another form before then they transferred everyone over and then are filling the re-assessment in between the newbies. But I am only guessing from my experience. HOWEVER, one thing I think I did discover is that they tried twice to give me an appointment miles and miles away from home, but after saying, (honestly!) that I could no way make it to those by 8:30 and 9:00am, they gave me an appointment 5 MINUETS!!! from my house. If I am honest, I am sure, 100% sure they did this on the premis, if I could make it to the first two places in time for my appointment then I could work or I wasn't limited by my disability i.e. a point deducter; forgetting the fact that they already know I work!!!! I am waiting to hear now, and am petrified I wont qualify :(

  • I had to go to appeal 30 miles from where we live! My husband took me, I went in my wheelchair and they made me cry as I felt I was on trial. I had reports from all medical bodies confirming my diagnosis and CAB had helped me too. They are not interested in what is written down they just want to avoid you getting any benefit! I lost my job due to this illness and this was also in writing!

  • They can ask to reassess you at any time but this does seem rather quick to me they usually wait at least a year. Have you been in touch with them about anything that might have triggered this? Good luck with it.x

  • No not been in touch with them!

  • I phoned them and it is for ESA even though I cannot claim it, I did receive contribution based ESA in 2010 for 12 months but am not eligible for it now as my husband earns more than the criteria! They said I still need to attend the meeting as the case is still open!! Does not make sense to me!

  • I honestly think they have their wires crossed. My husband had ESA contributuon based at about that time and like you it stopped when the rule came in that if you had had the award for 12 months and your circumstances had not changed you were no longer eligible. He has never heard anything since. He was on no other benefit as he decided he had had so much stress having to go to two tribunals to get the ESA resinstated he could not go through the ordeal of claiming DLA. I cannot understand why the case is still open. The PIP should have no connection to it as that award is not in any way linked to earnings or National Insurance Contributions. Could you ask them to close the case for the ESA only? I am as baffled as you about this and have never heard of this happening. The only difference between your case and my husbands would be that by the time the 12 month ruling came in he would have been over the age when a woman of a similar age would have reached official retirement age. I only mention that as that is the only difference.x

  • Thank you.

  • Hi JayTon

    That does appear very strange asking you to attend an assessment for a benefit that you cannot have? I wonder what they could have done about it if you said you were not going? Sanction the benefit that you cannot have? :)

  • my brother in law was awarded pip for around 3 to 4 years after about six months he had to go another assessment and was only awarded 2 points and thrown off pip he appealed and won he was awarded around 28 points. if you ask me i think they decide how many ppl there gonna kick off that day and you could be 1 of the the unlucky ones. good luck

  • This is an apt for ESA is that what your bother in law was called to a meeting for? They did not say it was to do with PIP!

  • The best thing anyone can do, where these assessments are concerned is, say you are not well enough to attend. Unfortunately, you need a good GP to back you up on this. In my experience, you need to avoid attending at all costs! Here's how it works..The moment you arrive, you've lost points. When you hear your name called & get up from your seat in the waiting area, you've lost points. If you cross the room & make it to the interview room..same thing! So on & so forth. When giving any details of your condition, it must be based on your worst day! Even then, as in my case, they lie..when writing your report. Mine was 14/16 pages long & not one word of it was true! Just one example was..Mrs Lee has No problem having a shower every day! Firstly, l don't even have a shower! Secondly, l had told them, that l was embarrassed to admit..that a rarely took a bath just the thought of it wore me out. So be very very careful when answering questions & l would hindsight..ask them to tell me what they were typing into their computor..after your responses. To me..your entitled to this information is about YOU!! Good Luck.x

  • I cannot understand why I have to attend a meeting for ESA when I was told five years ago that I wasn't entitled anymore! I have M.E and fibromyalgia plus 17 other, I use a wheelchair so they will not catch me out on calling me in! I have had assessments for PIP before I was awarded and they lied in my report too, my award was backdated almost two years as it had taken so long to get ATOS assessment and the MR then appeal!! If they haven't stated that the meeting is for PIP can they take it away?

  • I'm not quite sure why..your not entitled to ESA, when you ha e so many health problems, but l cannot advise you on your question..l think maybe you need to speak with one of the advisors on here hun. Good luck though.

  • Any idea how I contact an advisor on here?

  • I was in dire straits again recently & had been sent a letter for another assessment. Was little over a year from the previous one..which had taken away my benefits. So l was looking on here ..wondering what the hell l was going to the thought of being dragged through it all again ..just mortified me..that's when l came across a lovely lady named Miriam on here. To say she's been a Godsend would be an understatement. Despite being based in Wales & myself in London, she did more for me in one week ..than all my Social workers, Support Workers etc.. Get in touch with her...she tirelessly takes on pols cases & does her best to fight your corner. X

  • Miriam writes under the title myhealthneeds

  • Thank you

  • Hi there. I was just talking with Miriam & she said she'd be happy to help you. She's really lovely..not that we've met, but going by her messages & the things she says & does...I think she's pretty well amazing! Shall l give her your name on here JayTon?

  • Look on the bright side..a lot has happened concerning benefits in the last five yrs! Maybe they wouldn't give it to you then...but maybe you'll get lucky now! What l will say is, I was told a long time ago, by a friend that worked in a benefits office.. "3 is the Magic Number!" Like many things in this life... there are buffers put in front of us. E.g, when trying to make a claim off your insurance...they have buffers in place & their soul job is to try & fob you off. You have to be determined to fight your way past these buffers & most ppl give up at the 1st hurdle... & that's exactly why they are there. It's the same with claiming benefits. Rarely are you successful on your 1st attempt, slim to none on your 2nd attempt, but if you are persistent & go for the 3rd've a more than 50/50 chance. Sad but true..even the most deserving candidates get fobbed off & even sadder is the fact that most of them give up & accept these outrageous decisions. The problem in my case, l was & still flipping ill..that you haven't the strength to fight the system. That's why l now advise ppl to get in touch with their local M.P. For some strange reason, the benefits ppl seem to sit up & listen ..once they get a letter from your M.P. Incidentally, it also works with Social Workers...but that's a whole other story! All the best.Jan.x

  • I cannot see that they can call me to a meeting for ESA and then take my PIP award!

  • Could they call me to a meeting for ESA and take my PIP award away? Does anyone know??

  • Just to up date you all, I got one of those scary brown envelopes today with DWP on the back, felt sick before opening it, and was a bit gutted when I did because all said was

    'we have all the reports we need about your condition and how this affects you for your claim to PIP.

    We are sorry its taken longer than expected to give you a decision on your claim but we'll contact you as soon as we've made a decision'

    so still waiting to give you the final review..

    however I heard something (and this could be an oldwives tail) but the government are now concerned that by people being award PIP based on the support and care they need from family or partners, that they are trying not to award it on that basis as they are scared that it opens them up for a claim from the carers for support payments... however I don't know if that means they are just wording it so they cant claim or are rejecting people that have someone looking after them????

  • It's a horrible waiting game, I hope they make a decision for you soon. I wouldn't be surprised if they are trying to not pay us people who need care. Will wait to hear...

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