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i have to go to job centre for assessment what can i expect


i am going to the job centre today,for back to work assessment,i have been given esa till november.have been very depressed and not slept much in the last few days. but had my stairlift and walkin shower put in, can any tell what to expect at the job centre

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When iwent a month ago she was lovely , she does not want to see me for another month ant told me to apeal for support group xx

I had my assessment on the 21st May this year the female doctor was a sheep in wolves clothing!!! she lied about her typing skills saying she could only use two fingers and said she was very slow!!! Not true she typed very quickly using all 10 digits. she also said "we are all girls together" implying that she was understanding!!!! also untrue, I was in agony as I was having a really bad flare up and could not get comfortable my neice watched her every move from me entering the building, during the actual assessment and on my leaving the building apparently the doctor stood watching my progression throughout the medical. I asked for a copy of the written assessment,on recieving it I was shocked by the lack of her understanding with regards to me having Fibromyalgia she reduced all of the symptoms down to me being in some uncomfortable pain. yet the outcome has deemed that I be put in the WRAG suport group also saying I should be fit to work in the next 18 months????? I was awarded my benefits for Incapacity Benefit and DLA indefinately in 2005. yet all of a sudden I am being told Im being placed in the support group to help me go back to work I will be 59 on July 11th and would have retired next year now thats been extended so I wont retire till I am 63, and I am having trouble finding someone in this area of expertise to go with me to appeal I have tried CAB Welfare Rights Age UK Avisors all of whom are totally inundated with people like myself needing their assistance. my appeal has to be sent back before July 6th 2012 I am going to my Gp tomorrow to ask him for a letter of support. Please dont be taken in by any government employed person their loyalty is to their employers Mr D Cameron/Clegg and Co. Gentle Hugs xxxx

i went down to the job centre and i spoke to a nice lady that told me i will recieve esa until feb 2013 but will i can go on to to different things like learn different options .i to will be 59 on august 4 and was told i will 65 yearsyoung before i can claim my old pension credit. i was also told i may now lose my low rate disability because i have had my home adapted for my use.i don,t know what i willl do with out my car as it is the only way i see any one.i have not slept for months,because of the worry,and there is no feeling from these dss,i feel very depresssed.i was on high rate disabilty and suddenly i was put on low rate yet there as been no explanation why just been told that i could aslo lose that help,is life worth living any more

when i had my assesment at the job centre i took a list in of all my health issues that affect me .. there was 25 of them in all, including fatigue and menopause.... the bloke took one look at the list and asked me why i wasnt in the support group.. he was very nice and cut the interview short as he could see how uncomfortable i was an how much pain i was in.. be honest with them ...

Listen good luck go prepared with all your stuff meds letters ect, everyone has different experiences.

Soft hugs xxx


thank you all for the great advice, it was very good. but i have been told i may now lose my low rate diasabilty.i was on high rate but i was suddenly given low rate without explanation and because i have had my house adapted(walkin shower,stair lift) i was told i no longer need that much help.i tried to explane to the lady at the job centre,that i need help to get up in the morning and at night fell on deef ears.i don,t know how i will manage ,but i guess i will have to rely on my family.but i have now cut my food bill down alot by only eating once a day

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