me out mt reg walk paddy Edited By Admin

me out mt reg walk paddy [b]Edited By Admin[/b]

any one with arthritus pain and fatigue Edited By Admin you genal helath lot better lowere cholesterol level to many folk just give in i say to much gain WEIGHT GET ILL WHEN it ACtualy INMOST FOLK HANDs to DO SOMTHING ABOUT i do for sure still get pain fatigued bit ive lost weight gained muscles that helps with the dodgy kness be postive get go out do much eercise you can pace to hoe you feelon the day but isay Edited By Admin u can get jim salisbury me with me aches pains with my dog paddy on reg walk Edited By Admin allround besthing any one can do scuse typos im dyslecic

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  • Good positive outlook, welcome to the forum x

  • Exercise is so so important. Stretching to walking to cycling. Nearly everyone can do a bit of something.

    I envy you Jim with your dog walks. But I manage 10 minutes walking without too much pain !

    Have a nice day


  • Well done you....keep up the walks with your lovely dog.


  • Wonderful advice jim I agree with your fantastic positive outlook. It is hard not to think about how bad we feel at times but imo to constantly dwell on every twinge only makes us never get past the starting line to help us do what is possible for us to achieve. It never fails to surprise me when I read all the wonderful posts on here how folks fly out on holidays go for trips here and there maybe go to social functions etc. I think sometimes we don't give ourself credit for all the great things we can do instead of what we can't do. Thanks for the post it as made my day to read such positivity. Keep up the great work.


  • Hi Jim,

    I have two dogs and walk them twice every day. It helps me. They are the best reason to get up every morning and keep going. As painful as it is, when you're in the fresh air and 'doing something' it makes a big difference. As long as I have the ability to walk, I will. My dogs are bigguns and one is very protective so I have to watch her like a hawk. I have to see other people and dogs before she does, then steer her in a different direction. They're not allowed to pull - obviously. I have a cholesterol level of 9.4 and it won't come down. It runs in the family. I don't worry about it, just eat healthily. I'm in no hurry these days, just here for the dogs. I had several falls a couple of years ago and have nerve and cartilage problems in one knee and the other was fractured. I'm told the best I could expect was arthritis!

    I was diagnosed with cervical spondylosis two years ago (after years of pain) and recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia although its in my medical notes since 2011?? I've been led to believe its all been wear and tear.....Fatigue goes with the territory and I accept I'm slower than I used to be but I won't accept that I have to stop. Keep up the good work and all the very best to you.

    Gems x

  • spot on. Excess weight doesnt help but when some of us are in so much pain walking and exercise are difficult I sympathise. I am lucky I can still get about and am not disabled.

  • I want to genuinely wish you all the best of lcuk with this.

    Al my hopes and dreams for you


  • I find it difficult to exercise atall now, just stretches and movements. I have lost a lot of muscle in my legs and arms from being solid and stocky. Now I'm left with a big belly which I can't get rid of despite eating very little. I have to be careful walking with my stick now because of my balance. About a month ago I fell and knocked two of my front teeth out. I have a wheelchair but desperately hanging on to walking a bit, though I know the time has probably come!

  • Hi Jim. Well done you 😊 animals make you feel better too. I like to put on music that makes me smile and i have a little boogy and sing along. It helps, long may it last.

    Best wishes manda x

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