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how do you all cope with being do very tired


I just wondered if any one had tips on how you cope

With the tirdness.

This is the first time for me that I had the tirdness first

Lasted for two days then the pain all over this time, I

Still feel tired but not as bad as I did, I can't read or

Watch the TV, I have been for a walk well not a walk

More like a limp.

I'm now on my bed as husband is watching football

Work tomorrow.

Hugs Viv

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Hi Viv, the fatigue is horrendous for me especially with two young babies to look after too, how do I handle it, when I find myself struggling I move about do anything to try and stop myself falling asleep, if I'm lucky and my babies are napping I get my head down too. I have heard magnesium is good for fatigue & my doc put me on cymbalta which is supposed to help, I haven't noticed much difference personally but it could be something to mention to your gp we what they suggest for you as I have no medical knowledge only what I've tried or been told. Hope you find sine relief soon. X

Hi there tinker um that fatigue is awful and it does tend to consume one. I have this and its one of my main symptoms of fibro like lots of it and often. I've come to accept it now and its part of my days but what I will say is that I manage it like stress this I find helps as there's different levels of it if that makes sense to you. One of the nurses at my previous surgery told me that part of fibro is our amino acid's aren't flushed properly at night when we sleep as this is one of natures way s of renewing us for the next day but alas as you know sleep isn't exactly quality sleep for fibro people. Ig the tiredness is severe then rest but if it isn't then you just got to fight it as much as you can and then you can find your limits. Then you can learn to manage your own exhaustion levels. Sorry its so boring but that's what I do really hoping a cure comes for all of us one day. xx

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High my dear,you do learn to pace yourself ,it is the only way, only do what really needs to be done ,but put yourself first ,it's not being lazy or selfish ,it's just practical ,and in time and with practice we sometimes manage it ,somewhere on this site there is a spoon theory link ,put in the little green search box at top of the page ,it has helped me ,I have started a pain clinic this last week ,this is suppose to help ,welcome to the site by he way we are at we try to be a jolly lot ,the support here is amazing there are a few away at moment ,but you will get quite a few responses over the next few days good luck ,I quick question are you on any meds , there are drugs they can give you to help! , and are you seeing a rhummie ? I am on duloxtine which is the same drug as T J also folic acid ,and once I have a few more test done hopefully back on hydrochoquinne whic is my wonder drug ,but I have MCTD as well , I just take it a day at a time. Xx

Thank you for the welcome, I have belonged for

The last 5 years and it has helped no end I don't

Comment unless I have a question or I know the

Answer to some ones but thank you it's always

Nice to be welcomed

I have been on cymbolta for about five years I

thought My doctor said it would help with the

Pain but I can't see any differience myself.

I have not gone to the pain clinic, the reason for

This is that being in a job that requires knowledge

Of medication, I know what is available.

I was just interested in how other people managed

With being tired, mine only lasts for a few days, so

I can cope with that and don't sit down for long as

I go to sleep the worst is work, meetings some times

I pinch my leg to keep awake.

I have had fibro for a lot of years and learnt to

Dismiss most of the pain, not allways possible

But you do get used to it, and I have slow release

Tramadol 200mg twice a day and breakthrough

Pain 50mg.

I'm determined that it is not going to ruin my life

Not always possible but mostly I do OK.

How you cope with baby's I don't know it's hard

Enough when you are well I wish you luck with

That and hope you go into a long remission.

Love Viv

Hi you came through to me my baby's are 28 ,25 , 21 , TJ is the lucky one and I think by the sound of it she does an amazing job , I have MCTD ,plus fibro and a few other things my body decided it wasn't going to play any more ,went off work on total rest in Jan and lost my job due to ill health in July still under going health test at moment. I used to find I just slept when home and managed to walk dogs and eat if I could make something , I live alone now so if I can't do it it doesn't get done my daughter is home from uni at moment so that has been a wonderful support ,sorry I miss read your post I didn't realise this forum had been going for 5 years I thought it was quite new ,but all this is new to me although I have been being treated the last 4 I have been in denille until last summer nice to chat x

I have good days and bad, or even runs of good days and fool myself that I am better . . . Then the next day hits.

I too have found myself needing 2-4 hour naps, and this is relatively recent like in the past 6 months or so. I agree with both other replies so far. Limit what you do. Do not push yourself. I do a chore or two in the morning and some days save a small one for the afternoon. It gives me some purpose. At times I set my alarm so I can't stay asleep for more than an hour . . .

Accept that there are times you will feel very weary. May also be depression or something else, so be sure to talk to your GP about all your symptoms. Give yourself permission to be sick, no matter what others may say. It does help to get the understanding of friends and family, so I urge you to do so if you haven't yet. I wish you the best with this.


Hi vivien60

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering so much at this time, and I genuinely hope that you can find the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve.

Unfortunately, when I feel this fatigued it really doesn't matter what I do nothing really works for me? I am prescribed 10mg of steroid daily (Prednisolone) so this does help allay the onset of fatigued quite a lot.

I want to wish you all the best of luck and I hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

I'm still managing the fatigue as best as I can. I find for me (everyone is different) that vitamins, healthy eating, yoga tai chi and any slight exercise help. Energy juice and coffee give me a wee boost. I know all that isn't everyone's thing though.

If you want any more Info let me know :)

Yeah, once again there's no simple easy answer. It's ok if I'm day off, then I just chill out. At work I have to push through it. Easing off wont work forever. No employer is completely on side. If you cant function then you cant.

Pacing and spoon theory - anyone got the link?

I'm not sure about yoga but tai chi works and some physio I was given.

And yes we should all be eating healthy anyway - then only in extreme cases should we need supplements. Energy drinks and coffee (they all contain caffeine) are short term and limited but great for a quick boost. as msBrightside says we're all different.

Hugs :)

Thank you all I suppose that I was looking for the magic

Things that people do and it works.

Never mind there are far worst things than not keeping

Your eyes open.

So sorry you aren't feeling well sweetheart. The bad news is it only gets worse with age. The best thing you can do it go to a pain clinic. Not always but most of the time if you can keep the pain at bay or at least bearable then it doesn't wear you down so much. You'll still get fatigue but it helps some. Hang in there honey!!! xxx Mitzi

I know how you feel I said my partner I can fight through psin but its the tiredness that I cant cope with sometimes I go all day,without a drink and food so his mum comes down n does it for as just as much as making a cuppa and im exhausted good to see you back Ross big hugsssxxx love jill xx

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