I am finally due to move to a bungalow the date i have been given is the 18th March and it cant come soon enough for me. Upstairs have been extra noisy and its driving me even more crazy than normal i feel i am losing control of my life my depression is up and down like a yoyo my pain is the same. My youngest son has to have a stent which i am hoping won't be until after i move as i want to be there for him but he is up in Leicester on his own so i am worried about him having a heart attack as he has been told to dial 999 if he has any signs after collapsing not long ago. He also has out family dog and i think she is close to leaving this world and going to doggy heaven and it breaks my heart thinking about her as well.

Please pray that all these things go smoothly there is some work being done on the bungalow went there yesterday in the hope of being able to measure for carpets but the guy couldn't let me in he did say if i contacted the council they could arrange for someone to meet me there to measure up ( more expense) I asked him what work was being done and he told me some of it but they had pulled some wallpaper off but apparently its only parts that are already off that they are doing they are just filling it in and the rest will be painted over. Along with a border that is around the tope of the walls of the lounge he said his instructions are to paint over it. But i have a friend who will help me get it how i want it anyway so just need to see what monies i have to sort it.

Thank you everyone who has supported me on here for the last year of me moaning and anxious to move I finally have the bungalow and a garden and i may later get a little dog for company but will see.


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  • Good luck with moving.

  • Jackie Good luck with your move and I pray that all is going to be well with your

    son.You sound like the kind of person that will get in there and get that bungalow fixed up!!!🌻

  • Wonderful news as soon you will have your own space without them upstairs disturbing you and a little garden to have a dog in is a bonus. Hope everything goes well with the move.x

  • That is absolutely wonderful news my friend! I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your move. That is quite worrying about your son, and I would also like to sincerely wish him all the best of luck also. Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you all for the support you have given me over the last 18 months it has been invaluable. Two of my sons and my daughter have fibro so they all know what it is like. Obviously i am worried about my son as he is only 26 and i need to be with him when he has his surgery so from my point of view i am really hoping it will be after i move but i have in place that my daughter her partner and friends will move my stuff once i have collected the keys if i have to dash off. It is an exciting time but also a very stressful time for me at the moment. When i have moved previously i have had everything away on day one and push myself to get everything how i want it and then find myself stuck in bed for the next few days but i am happier doing things like that unfortunately because my hands are so bad this time it may not happen that way and having to get carpets etc may also affect how it goes. But in time i am sure i will get it how i want it. I wrote a polite note to the people above yesterday saying i was moving and if they could just for the next couple of weeks refrain from throwing the ball above my bedroom with the dog after 10pm i would be most grateful but that seemed to backfire astray did it late last night and early this morning. I just have to hope and pray now that the 18th is the date i will get the keys as they say it is only provisional which seems a little crazy when they only give you a days notice and if you aren't out you have to pay rent on two properties.

    Anyway fingers crossed it all goes as planned.

    Thank you again for all the support


  • So pleased for you.hang on in there it is now all the noise pain & heart aches get multiplied 100 fold.get a charity support worker to sort out DWP that will help get your benefits right for you..

    Special hugs for you & virtual hugs for your dog...I know how you feel mine has just entered dementia world !!!


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